Secret Space Program | Psionics, time travel, Nazi advanced technology | Penny Bradley & Sean Bond

“Secret Space Program | Psionics, time travel, Nazi advanced technology | Penny Bradley & Sean Bond
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“Hello everybody linearly welcome to the show I’m pleased to welcome our guests and also I’m her guest on the show by penny Bradley she’s known from many many things and can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what’s your story and how you got here? You’re doing this life your mission sorry there’s a lot of questions yeah
the order you’d like..”
“okay when I was four the CIA picked me up from my parents house and drove me across country to Langley where I was their guest for the next five years with a side trip to Montauk and by the time they were done with me I had 2200 alters and they were trained as various… well everyone that’s that was in my generation in the SSP has a sex slave alter, at least one, so you start with that what do you say everybody from my generation in the secret space program has at least one sex slave alter so that’s where that’s the baseline that’s what they start you with as part of the mind fracture process and so you have that if you have alters that are trained to be assassins you have alters who are trained to be ground thumper soldiers you have cultures who are trained for or whatever specialty that they’ve decided you are equipped for in my case it was navigation with hyperspace drives, so I spent five years basically being tortured and trained and then I was sent to Mars where I was turned over to the Germans and they put me in Schule for ten years which is their version of what we would call school they teach things very differently than we do here on earth and the last year or so I’ve been looking into what I was taught there versus where I was taught here and then looking into was what I was taught on Mars, actually, objectively, factual and I’ve I found that 90% of it was and only about 40% of what I was taught in California schools work what’s objectively factual, so I’m tending more to trust what I was taught there than what I was taught here and once I had gone through 10 years of Schule, because they wanted their people to be intelligent then I as I was a fighter pilot for another 15 years and the war on Mars ended in 1990 earth time and at that point I was transferred to their military fleet which they call Nachwaffen and I was a navigator there once I made that transfer every altar that I have had served and knocked button has been a navigator the ones I’ve had served in other factions have been other things. (Penny Bradley)”
“a lot of them had to start off their own two feet because they each faction wanted their own form of supremacy or elevation into a way where they could multi-purpose reach goals in some
things as such as under the guise of protection of the planet at the solar system, forming mining colonies, forming self-sustainability, forming break away from the drama having their own belief systems into what’s going on here and how things should be run in their own vote for what happens in Earth’s future so there’s a lot to go into but there’s many things one can research going down this rabbit hole and how they got this reverse engineered technology and what et groups they worked with Vrill, the Nazi bell, the new Schwabenland, the concepts of Inner Earth Antarctic of bases and the fleeing of the Naziboats after World War Two and the whole MOC thing that the Germans when they broke off from the Nazis and the Germans
their whole perpetuation of like oh we the ad Wars ended and the Nazis essentially continued their war under the guise of secrecy why we have continuation of our wartime flag war
time we never ended World War two with the Nazis it was just mostly went underground or into space or like things that were kept in the idea that you asked somehow USA won and that’s okay if people want to believe that if they want but you know ultimately things meet up in evidence and factors that will come into their reality in the future and there’s a bunch of evidence that determines otherwise.”
“So the Vril ladies were correct that the long hair does help
with the telepathy. (Penny Bradley)”
“I met an NSA agent online on Facebook and we were friends for about three years when he invited me to come spend a couple of weeks with his family. This wasn’t this
wasn’t as bad as it sounds but he sent me the money for the round-trip plane ticket and he paid for everything while
I was there and he used my personal remember code from my
programming, so when I came home to Lou it was like it hit with a vengeance. I was actually okay until I got on the
plane to come home and then the first thing that hit was the paranormal effects the I had been a devout Christian before and all of that just fell off me I still remember it all I still remember having faith but I don’t have faith anymore and I was lucid 24/7. I still AM if I don’t take something to sleep with, so this is since April of 2013 and my memories came back in this big lump, it was all in German and I speak to him in like a little kid in my earth life… and no one in my real world speaks German so my I understand when I read it I understand less when I hear it and I can barely speak it. I can’t remember the verbs I can’t remember the genders of the nouns to be able to do the declensions and conjugating verbs is difficult. (Penny Bradley)”
“so it’s like this part of the Amnesia barrier and I was like reading to a whole bunch of the systems of a block, because like part of the altar is to bring into the awareness, because it’s like all the knowingness is kept in that alter and so it’s like if you’re relearning it it’s it’s kind of kind of weird because it it’s it feels like you’re working extra hard to relearn the same thing does that sound familiar.”
“a big blockage… if somebody remembers all their alters it would change the timeline quite dramatically and be able to speak all that but there’s people that have been able to bust through that barrier so people that wake up with sudden
savant syndrome and they are able to speak an entirely different language whether it be from a past life or
something interacting with this life kind of stuff.”
“I’ve been working on learn relearning the German and I’ve been reading it to be learn it I would probably relearn it a lot faster if I had someone local here and now that
spoke it but I don’t so since I don’t use it on an everyday form my theory is that if they picked me up dropped me Germany or Austria or Switzerland in the german-speaking areas that went by the end of three months I would be speaking like a native but in the meantime this stuff is sitting there and I’ve managed to work out the stuff, the memories from this pile that were in simple German, the parts that were in technical German are still sitting there waiting to be weeded through… the drive they are calling the emdrive, we called it a copper microwave drive and the effects are in an atmosphere, it builds this beautiful
teardrop shaped field and if you’re inside that field, it’s safe to create a portal, if you’re outside that field, the
portal will suck the atmosphere of the planet, so those are the kinds of things I remember, but I can’t tell you how to
build it, so strange things. (Penny Bradley)”
“I have reintegrated 30 alters out of 2200 and I have used Native American shamanic soul retrieval technique to do this and then sat Jungian shadow work style beside the other alter as we slowly merged together and the hard part of that is making sure that the here and now penny stays dominant, some of these have been very strong altars that if I had not struggled they would have become any it’s a particular altar that was on Mars was that strong and she would have been sitting here speaking German to you and she was very Teutonic and liked to toy with people and in the group there are days when she pops out and I will find somebody that’s being it’s just being an ass and she will sit there and pick at them sometimes for hours on end just pick at that person and then Penny will be back and her name there was lieutenant Penelope Belkin and when the lieutenant is out, the rest of the
admins in the group sit there and laugh because they know
she’s going to torment someone and usually it’s the one being the biggest ass of the day. (Penny Bradley)”
“Okay, I can tell you from the German point of view, because this was something they taught me at Schule, they discussed there being almost 3,000 years of persecution of the German tribes by authorities based in Rome. First it was the Roman Republic, then it was the Roman Emperors and then it was the Vatican and at the end it was the Jesuits. That this entire, at least 2500 years that the German people were being consistently persecuted and at times there were actual genocides aimed at them and so when they were offered the
opportunity for the technology to leave, the aristocracy accepted and it wasn’t in the Nazi era, it was back…
(Penny Bradley)”

“They were in the Queen Elizabeth the first era, the 1600s John Dee and Edward Kelly were the first to make
contact with a group that they called Angelics or I forget the exact name they called the language, but this was Enochian, you’re right, and so this was the beginning of the Tech Transfer. We’re not talking about 1910, 1930, we’re
talking about 1600 was when this stuff started and they had blood rituals that were required in exchange for the tech, because the particular beings they contacted were addicted to adrenochrome, so this is the beginning of how the Germans got the technology and the persecution was the reason for it, so
John Dee and Edward Kelly got in trouble with Queen Elizabeth and over what well they were being accused of magic and this was in a time where witches were were burned at the stake, so they took refuge in Prussia. Well Prussia had been the territory of the Teutonic Knights up until a couple
of hundred years before that and they had been there conducting Crusades against the pagans who were in Prussia,
Latvia, Lithuania and they got cocky and attacked Poland and the King of Poland in his army basically wiped them out and they stopped being a military order after that, but they had basically created the blueprint of Prussia as the dominating force of Germany, so where did John Dee and Edward Kelley go they went to Prussia along with the ability to contact these beings that were giving tech, actual, real, physical tech, in
exchange for adrenochrome and about that same time there were a couple of Jewish guys that were coming up with this with
what became the religious basis for the Illuminati, so they were also wandering around here at the same time, so I’m sure
there was cross pollenization, after all Bavaria is on the border of Prussia and they came up with the Bavarian
Illuminati, so you’ve got neighbors doing similar things. Now today what John Dee and Edward Kelly were doing would be called CE5, but in that time they were summoning angels and writing down what they were told in the era of the American Civil War they were calling it spiritism or spiritualism and there were a whole range of people involved with that for 150- 200 years, so this has never gone away, they just
changed the name every so often and Madame Blavatsky was one of the practitioners that they called it spiritualism had she renamed it to theosophy and tied Eastern faiths into it, so you’ve got this whole history here and the Prussians are right at the forefront, because John Dee gave it to them in the 1600s, so who were the master engineers of Europe, the Germanic peoples. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, they were the ones that that were the engineers anyway before they got this technology was going to people who could implement it and they had a motive, because during that same time well just before that between the time the Teutonic Knights were were wiped out and the time that John Dee showed up the
Inquisition had gone through. The Jesuits had gone through all of Germany’s and I say it that way because they were
independent kingdoms, but the Inquisition had gone through the entire region and were wiping out anyone that they called
a witch and there would be entire regions that had no population at all and they were killing off the women in the places that they left people there would be entire regions little countries little valleys that there was were no women and most of the men were also dead by the time the Inquisition got done and if that’s not a genocide, I don’t know what you would call it, so then they get to the point where they were they had the kaisers coming out of Prussia and they wanted to unify all the german-speaking countries. Now, yeah, they had a big ego and and they were they
were little Emperor types, that’s why hey called themselves Kaiser, because it was for Caesar and so they were trying
to unite all of the Germanic tribes, but what they said in Mars was that it was because if they were United the Jesuits
couldn’t keep trying to kill them, so then we get to the end of the Kaiser period and World War one, where they were still working on uniting all the Germans. Well, at the end of World War one the treaty was so bad and the government had
been eliminated and they were given this liberal democracy that the Weimar Republic who had no clue what they were
doing and the bankers at the same time were printing more money than was even remotely cost, remotely reasonable
and so all the people who were on pensions.. the widows, the veterans, those people they were on these limited incomes that suddenly were nothing, because the money was being printed faster than it could possibly adapt and, so you had a large proportion of the old, the sick and the weak who were literally starving to death, this was becoming a genocide after World War 1..I mean after World War one and the aristocracy was who was in the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Gesellschaft and their women were were in the Vril Society, Vril Gesellschaft and they found this guy that they thought would what would be a good puppet for them and they
created the Nazi Party, as a way, as a vehicle to put him in power, but the Nazis were never actually in charge, the Thule society was, the aristocracy was, the aristocracy brought down the Weimar Republic, because it was killing the people.. because no one was allowed to give Germany money and he came up with his own currency that was based on hours of work, instead of on gold, so it bypassed the bankers and both ideas were absolutely genius and he literally saved people who
were being starved to death and after that it didn’t matter what he did they would have followed him into hell and back and they did…when you see that going on when you see people around you dying because there’s no work there’s no food
the money’s worthless and this crackpot shows up and actually fixes the problems that’s why he got the response that he
did now we’re watching similar issues in America where there is work but it’s so low paying that people are having to
have two or three jobs to cover bills, you can’t afford to have kids, in my state we’ve got a tremendous problem
with homelessness and most of those people are dead in the first year they’re homeless, so we’re looking at
similar problems in America well Hitler decided to make an enemy of the ethnic group that were the bankers which were the Jews, he externalized the problem and so all of the people took all their frustration and aimed them at the bankers and their people. Now this was wrong but at the same time we’re watching the American government now is doing the same thing to the Mexican immigrants who they are blaming for the criminal activities. (Penny Bradley)”
So it’s exactly the same process… where Hitler took the dissidents and put them in the Camps too, so, you know, you get the whole backstory and there’s also evidence that everybody in Europe already knows, it’s only Americans that
don’t. At the end of World War two most of the German veterans surrendered to the Americans and the Allies because
they thought they’d be treated better than if the Russians took them I’ll tell you the Russians took they’re the ones
that surrendered to them they put them in prison camps for either 10 years or 20 years and then turned them loose
what did the Americans do they built pins and put them in and they did not give them food or water and when 80 percent of them are dead, they buried all of them with caterpillars, bulldozers, all of Europe knows this is not a secret, anywhere else but here..(Penny Bradley)”
“The US government covers up so much and they are just like we’re the best country in the world and we can write our own history and you all believe it and whatever.”
“There were three genocides in Germany in the first half of 20th century two of them killed Germans and one killed Jews, so I’m seeing both of those peoples were victimized and you’re right, we still haven’t ended World War two
they still have a treaty they have no rights even in their own countries and it’s not just Germany, but also Austria and Switzerland and all of those little countries through there. They don’t have peace treaties, they don’t have rights and yet whenever that the Germans managed to escape into space, the Americans built solar warden to come chase them down, taking world war two into space, all the Germans wanted was was to be free. Now I told their side which has been forgotten by almost everybody. (Penny Bradley)”
“The races that I know they contacted right away, they got the Aldebaran who did talk to the Vrill ladies, they got a variety of gray that is from Zeta Reticuli and the American government calls them EBENs and they claim to have created us. They got, later on, they got Draco, there are at least 25 races in space who claim to have created humans with their own DNA and they all expect us to kiss the asses and because of it and the Germans told them that they were bad parents that we were not going to give them honor and I don’t blame them. So if they had wanted honor they should have been better parents, that’s what the Germans said. (Penny Bradley)”
“She (Orsic) disappeared before the end of World War two and a lot of people think she went to Aldebaran, she had an
invitation to go there. I’ll tell you the German ships who followed her later, they got instantly vaporized as soon as
they hit their system, the folks at Aldebaran are not friendly… I know about that as a navigator I know that there is a wide space around it that is a no-go zone. You just don’t go there unless they let her in they’ve never let
anybody in, they don’t want to have anything to do with us. (Penny Bradley)”

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