News to Watch (Part 2/2) (Stop007)

“News to Watch (Part 2/2) (Stop007)”
“okay, now this is important guys, okay, so listen carefully, now put aside this whole thing about monarchy versus Republic okay if you ever want to
know my personal stance off on this of course having a republic and having the people decide is the way to go right a monarchy is not just an anachronism, it
is the definition of organized crime right, so, sorry British royal family, but that’s just how it is, it is you are deriving a rent by taking it from others telling everybody that you have a god-given right, okay, that is a mafia right, so it’s a mafia system and in that sense without you know preferring to particularly the current incarnations of the royal family, right, any royal family, any monarchy traditionally is the leading organized crime families that manage to ward everybody else off, so kill off all the other psychopaths and stay in power right now, not a really nice accolade to have in the 21st century, so of course I am you know totally in favor of a republic and apart from my few years in in the UK, I have never lives in a monarchy ..neither communist Romania was a monarchy, now Germany is officially not a monarchy, but actually inofficially it’s a still a military occupied zone, controlled predominantly by British, the British Military and by the American Military and the curious footnote is that the Americans aren’t earned stole a crown colony so actually Germany is controlled by Britain and by its crown colony America, so Germany is controlled by Britain and it’s factually a monarchy, even though most people don’t know, but Switzerland for example never was, but then again Switzerland still is a monarchy, in a sense, because behind all this the country is run by the Jesuits which are controlled by the Pope which again is kind of like monarchy, so if we look carefully we’ll realize we still have monarchies everywhere in the world, even in the places which..pretend to be a republic like the US right or like Switzerland like Germany, but anyway, so that aside let’s now think about the current situation…”
“25th of November 2019 and the timing is like boom, okay, and let me explain why.. what you have to realize is that the Guardian… this newspaper here is basically
MI7, okay, now, MI7 was military intelligence section seven in the first world war in charge of propaganda and then at some point they just disappeared
off the screen you know off the surface of the earth did that really happen, well, of course not because propaganda is one of the most powerful things, so what happened to MI7? Well, MI7 morphed into the BBC and.. newspapers like the Guardian, okay, so I would say the best way to think about this is that think that the Guardian is MI7 and if she wants supporting evidence look at Luke Harding. Luke Harding was identified as an MI6 agent by the by the Russians during his stay in Moscow and they started to harass him, okay, like a foreign agent, now Luke
Harding also got right at me when I phoned him and I told him about targeting and he just laughed and he said what nationality are you? And I was one of the perfect scripts that was played on me at Oxford. I was like… I agree with the KGB that you are little shit MI6 agent that’s what I thought at the time, but also Luke Harding then went on trying to
smear Julian Assange at a very crucial moment, right, so you can read up about all that and you know find out the whole Luke Harding during a sad story but as far as I’m concerned, yes, Luke Harding is MI6 or much from rather .. better put MI7, okay, he’s military intelligence section seven in charge of propaganda, okay, now when you have the Guardian
being mi7 and mi7 suddenly says let’s get rid of the monarchy that’s interesting isn’t it? Because suddenly it implies that mi7 is not there to protect the monarchy any
more like mi6 and mi5. I mean, I just group them together, it’s like British intelligence stops protecting the mant monarchy, but then who are they working for well there’s only one
contender and that is the Vatican right or the City of London which is owned by the Vatican and the Vatican is not just a probe in those are you know pedo Cardinals the Vatican is also the entire network of Jesuits and secret societies, so in other words when I refer to the Vatican, it’s this parallel society, it’s a parallel army, oka,y and those are the
people that mi7 suddenly switch aside to work for, right, I mean if they even have to switch sides they probably worked for them all along but now they actually are audacious
enough to put this in writing and say let’s get off our knees …asses and abolish the monarchy. Wow now you might say okay am i implying
that this lady is mi7 well first of all she could be second of all that’s not even necessary because these sort of even necessary because these sort of
ideas and I get thread let’s get rid of the monarchy they cropped up in Britain all the time I mean you will come across these comments when you just talk to British
people you know and sooner or later they will just say well I don’t really see the point of having the Queen and all
sort of stuff right so those ideas that come up naturally..”
“Because I’ve been saying for a long time that British
intelligence or any Secret Service never really worked for
monarchy, they are the modern incarnations of the Jesuits, of the Vatican’s military intelligence enforcement arm and what this means is that we have Vatican Intel speaking here ok and what this means is that the Vatican is now looking to abolish the British monarchy and this was published on the 25th of November 2019.”
“What we are actually dealing with is that this organized crime cartel that’s trying to destroy the monarchies is also
trying to genocide us all okay so if we want to get the hell out of this the Royals can only save their life with
public support and the public can only survive this genocide with royal support because it’s the Royals who have the
networks and the armies and the money do you understand and this is what’s so fucked up about this situation okay that
is actually the real amusing crux and all this is that neither the populations of Europe they can’t cut loose the royal families because the royal families then have absolutely no backing to pedal backwards and get the hell out of the Vatican Intel Satanist child sacrificing, adrenochromee harvesting bullshit system.”
“if they don´t have the full support of the population,
they again will be going down with the Vatican, it’s a lose-lose for the royal families, okay, so the only way to turn that into a win-win is to work together and shut these organized criminals the fuck down, okay, hard as it is right that’s the only way gray than gray what’s more black and what’s more white okay now all the royal families traditionally going back throughout centuries right have been
pretty much the most brutal you know people the most brutal organized criminals which is why they survived and because all the royal families think that they go back to the pharaoh so anyway let’s go back far enough so that it’s not emotionally bound with you know the current royal family.”

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