David Icke Lays Out The Non-Human Endgame

“David Icke Lays Out The Non-Human Endgame”
“52,008 views Dec 4, 2019”
“You can track back this indifferent cultures…The same common theme is there, again and again and again, under different names, but the theme is the same.
That a non-human foprce came in and started to hijack the human world and their plan is to assimilate human consciousness into itself…Ai this Ai that and Ai the other…but what is Ai?
.. there is one level of this artificial intelligence that is actually the force that I am talking about..Kurzweil…the utter fraud Elon Musk…We will become superhuman, no we become subhuman…the assimilation of human consciousness, the end of human mind as we know it…the totalitarian tip top..step by step by step… We have been infiltrated by artificial intelligence..Taking over more and more of human society… I am 67, born in 1952, I have a radar, I know what it was like before and I can see what it´s like now in comparison,…the young people and the kids being born today, this is all they know, this is reality to them, this technological AI insanity..the idea why they got the young addicted to smartphone…the next step, which is already underway, is getting in the body… (David Icke)(2019)”
“You talked about it 30 years ago, I talked about it 25 years ago, it´s all admitted, that they make humans obsolete…People don´t know how to communicate anymore, the language is shrinking, we are dying…This isn´t empowering us.. Elon Musk…He said a few months ago…the AI won´t take over your brain right away and started laughing.. I know a lot of military guys have gotten brain chips..I was told about that 15 years ago, it was declassified 10 years ago.. From the Intel I have got a lot of the guys already have chips and are also on a lot of drugs and that goes into the culture of silicon valley of giving up their humanity. (Alex Jones)(2009)”
“Well, Elon Musk is a total fraud. (David Icke)(2019)”
“How we can reverse this and… there is not just evil in the Universe, there is good, how doe we exposie and fight this. Where is the good path in the future…(Alex Jones)(2009)”
“The Deep State in America at its core is controlled by these Sabbatean-Frankists and the israeli government, I am not talking about jewish people, I have said in the book about than 3 times, no one needs to read this book more urgently than jewish people to see how they have been scammed by these infiltrators. (David Icke)(2019)”

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