The Anunnaki Cannot Be Fully Understood Until You Know This EXTRAORDINARY Information

“The Anunnaki Cannot Be Fully Understood Until You Know This EXTRAORDINARY Information…
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“Adama who also received Wisdom, although as a gift instead of a disgression was refused immortality just as Adam and Eve were forced to abandon their perfect home and
continue their lives as mortal humans. The problem with both Adam and Eve and the myth of a Adama was the assumed competition between the humans and the gods. Yahweh did not want his creations to be equal to him, Ea also did not appreciate the idea that Adama would have all the benefits of godhood – this myth is a story about keeping mortals in their place and maintaining control of power.”
“..and gave some tips on proper behavior when visiting the gods domain EA leads Adama astray with bad information however because he doesn’t want to risk the King getting a hold of the food of life that would grant him immortality. EA suspects that Anu will offer these things to the man and he can’t let that happen.”
“The main character was quite wise and shared his wisdom with surrounding people. It seems that the gods and goddesses and many cultural and religious histories created human kindness compatriots and mere equals, however when push came to
shove the deities grew fearful or arrogant enough to deny the people godlike immortality. Enki understands that human beings cannot be like the gods, because that
would upset the natural order. Adma must remain mortal must stay in this place for creation and function as it should be. In another story the atrocities as you are about to see is established that humans are created with
limited lifespans by the will of the gods, in offering immortality to Adama, Anu is upsetting the natural order, but he makes the offer, because of his compassion. He feels it’s a disservice to adopt to have them wise enough to
recognize his mortality, but unable to do anything to escape death. This compassion and understanding are characteristic of Anu, as he was seen in Anu,,,where he tries to bring peace through diplomatic negotiation instead of continued war. The atrocity.. of the Great Flood in a story that predates the judeo-christian
Testaments, the Babylonian civilization shared a dramatic tale of a massive flood delivered by the gods with the
intention to kill all humans and other life on earth. The later biblical tale of Noah and the Ark follows the plot quite specifically in the story of a trois a man by that name received a warning from the gods to build a gigantic boat for himself his family and animals that lived on the land following the gods directions this man toiled to construct the vessel gathered together the people and animals as requested and climbed aboard to weather the massive storm.”
“It would seem like a worldwide disaster to the people of the time, in truth flooded rivers are not
all that odd there’s archaeological evidence that clearly indicates the people living in that region had to deal
with floods on a relatively regular basis. These natural disasters may have continued to fuel the story of the
great flood through the generations whatever someone suggests that the floods were actually more widespread especially in conjunction with the biblical Noah’s Flood geologists and other scientists are quick to step up and mention that there’s no genuine evidence of flooding that spread far beyond the Mesopotamian valley. The stories themselves follow the same basic structure, it all started with the gods, creating humankind help them do the work of keeping the earth running as necessary, in these ancient cultures different tiers of God’s existed, the older ones were generally more powerful and could make the younger weaker ones do tasks for them. When the young gods got fed up with all that heavy toil, a few of the older deities got together and created 14
people equally split between male and female unlike the latter judeo-christian stories in which God created just
one man and one woman, it seemed the Mesopotamians thought it more appropriate to start off with a
larger community of helpers for the gods. Finally the gods could relax and leave all the heavy lifting to the
people who lived on the ground. Unfortunately the people procreated too quickly and ended up being noisy and
annoying, this led the top God Enlil to attempt to reduce their numbers first with a drought famine and pestilence
and finally a massive flood. One of the chief architects of humanity a god named Enki took pity on the wise one at
rasa’s and tipped him off of the impending doom, the details about how atrocity and subseuqently Noah survived
on the ark for so long with all those animals on board are dim it fast, most of these morality tales involve
more pointed meeting than explanations. Intricate descriptions of the storms and the reactions of the gods and
godesses filled the time between the first raindrop and the final deliverance of the saved humans and animals, many
of the gods and goddesses considered the flood to be a bad idea and mourn the loss of their human creations.
..after quite a bit of discussion the deities agreed that they’ll just make people who cannot create offspring
quite so fast: infertile women, dedicated virgins and demons who will steal babies, the legendary descriptions of
these final got the decisions undoubtedly explained away some of the natural phenomenon associated with low infant
mortality and fertility in general, in those early days most suffering ended up with more profound meaning than
simple biology.”

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