Dolores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth

“Dolores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth”
“Dolores Cannon: 128.000 Abonnenten: The 2010 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference once again presents Dolores Cannon, author, hypnotist and past life regression pioneer. Her work is based on 40 years of research into metaphysics and discoveries of the unknown using her unique QHHT method of hypnosis. In this video: Discover how it all began. The creation of our World and the development of our species. Understand your role on Earth. Are you one of the Volunteers that came to help Earth with her transition? ”
“It was really Time Travel.. they found me in the Hills..nothing is ever of coincidence.. As I developed the technique I worked in the deepest possible level of Trance.
(Dolores Cannon)”
“Strange things happen there…”
“And it is like going through Time in a Time Tunnel, the Person is there, they are that Person, they are totally there. So to me as a curious person this was really a wonderful way to research history..People say, they think I am a Psychic or a Channel. I am not…I am a hypnotherapist. I consider myself to be the Reporter, The Investigator, The Researcher of Lost knowledge…I began to get information that had been lost, never known or forgotten and I was supposed to bring it back into our time period…and more and more information is there…and where the healing and my work comes from is this power… having a past life regression, anybody can do it, that knows how, that is the tip of the iceberg… and that´s why I go to the other source… I call it the subconscious, but it´s not the subconscious the way it´s defined by psychiatrists, that´s a childish part of the mind, that´s the part of the mind that you use when you are doing habits: Stop smoking and lose weight…you may is the over soul, the higher self, the higher consciousness, it is so big and so huge, it has the answers to everything, it has total knowledge, it is so full of love, it´s so big, but yet it cares about each and every person, it´s beautiful to work with… I am just the facilitator, but I see Miracles everyday in my office now, because I find a way to call it in during the sessions, it is beautiful to work with and this is where the healing comes from…and it does the healing and I have seeing it happen instantly. I have people now coming from all over the world. I see a lot of cancer cases.. we are the collective, that sounds like the BORG on Star Treks.. I have been told The ascended masters are just like you, they are beings, they are people, like you, they don´t need to come back to earth anymore, they are over there and doing their job…what I am speaking to is way way above that and it is full of love…you can feel the love in the room…and the energy is tremendous. I did ET work for 25 years..I got a lot of information there, because I speak directly to the ETs…the conculoted universe theories…All your questions will never be answered..these more complicated metaphysical theories and concepts. Some knowledge is more poisonous than medicine.. there is nothing in the human mind that can handle the totality of all´s the mind..I am so full of questions I want to know everything. (Dolores Cannon)”
“We have tapped into something that knows every single one of you, knows everything about you, there are no secrets at all, that´s how it knows why you have the problem and it can handle it…And I saw a lot of cancer patients they dissolved the tumors instantly, this is what´s amazing, I have seen it happen again and again and again…Why does this happen? Because the ideal state of human body should be perfect health at all time, you should never ever be sick, the human body is a miraculous machine, it has been created to take of itself and heal itself, if we don´t interfere..I have doctors coming to me as clients, I have psychiatrists coming, every walks of life you can possibly imagine…everybody has got a problem. (Dolores Cannon)”
“We are finding out …the doctors are telling me they are getting out of medical profession and they go to alternative and natural healing… This is to me the way we are going…They say it´s the therapy of the future, it´s the natural. So if you make yourself sick, your mind is that powerful, so it is also powerful to heal you. (Dolores Cannon)”
“When something is taken out, we can´t put it back…they encourage the use of natural herbs. (Dolores Cannon)”
“They are so wise…if you digest that I will give you a little more. (Dolores Cannon)”
“This is the worst case scenarios. This will what will happen if you don´t do something to stop it… And we wanted me to go all over the world and tell people the power they had to change these predictions. If you know the path you are going down you can do something to stop it with the power of your mind, because he said you don´t realize the power of your mind. If the power of one mind is able to change something,
imagine the power of group mind…They have Metaphysical Groups..Any kind of a Group, if they could just take 5 minutes out of their meetings and focus on Peace and Harmony that would be the world we would create…and I think we have made a difference, because the worst has not happened. He saw time as not a straight line, he saw time going off in many different branches of all the probabilities and possibilities that are possible. From the worst to the least of any situation, it all depends on what people do. The same is true in your life, you come to crossroads… He saw all the possibilities…if you knew which line you would traveling down and you knew where it was going you could make changes by focussing on the opposite of what you saw…According to the prophecies..but I believe know we went into one of the lesser paths that he saw…we just went into another timeline that has taken us away of it…know we are heading in the time of the great geniuses and computers…all the things he saw about computers. We have avoided the worst. (Dolores Cannon)”
“It doesn´t matter, they come from everywhere. As they travel along the Universe they collect cells…they collect animals, they collect anything, because they would be used for future seedings on other Planets… They didn´t care of what it was going to look like, as long as life would be established on Earth…Because it all depends on the primeval soup in the atmosphere and the chemicals…the species develops according to the line it goes..we developed along the mammal line, other planets developed along the reptilian line or the insectoid line, it doesn´t matter, some are combinations…they come back from time to time checking on everything and he said: You have no idea how fragile life is.
Life is so fragile, they have no idea how important life is and how delicate it is…Human, something that have knowledge and intelligence. (Dolores Cannon)”
“Start building house…They are out there hunting and gathering..this is where your legends of the Gods came from.
They lived as long as they wanted and they lived with the people to give them the knowledge they were going to need as they went along. Every culture in the world has the legend of the culture bringers and the culture bringers always come from the sky or from across the waters… They all have these god they had worshipped..why are they call us gods? We are just beings and they were just there making sure everything was going to be okay. (Dolores Cannon)”
“This was supposed to be a beautiful beautiful Planet with a species that would never get sick and never grow old, this was supposed to be a perfect species, maybe that is where the idea of the garden of eden came from, I don´t know, but it was supposed to be a perfect species. They said: Give this beautiful people intelligence and free will and see what they do with this, many planets in the Universe don´t have free will, I have had people going to ghost planets and it is a totally different way of living, if you don´t have free will. Some of them were really glad getting out of that life. …so they give us free will.
We were never supposed to grow old, we were never supposed to die, we were never supposed to get sick, but something happened that spoiled the Planet. A meteorite hit the Earth and when the meteorite hit the Earth it brought in bacteria for thr first time that created disease, before that there was anything and they were heartbroken…There is 2 kinds of life on Earth: Bacteria and everything else…Bacteria was the foreign element, that didn´t belong..and there was great sadness in the councils. It was like: Oh, What do we do? Do we wipe the whole thing out and start all over again or let we keep it continue develop the way it was decided that so much work had been done to allow it to continue to develop. (Dolores Cannon)”
“They are bringing us back to the perfect state we are supposed to be…so there is no negativity in what any of them are doing… We can´t do anything to you as bad you do to yourself. (Dolores Cannon)”
“Of Course now it´s got to the point that they can´t live amongst anymore, there are too many people..the next invention that is developed is put into the atmosphere..whoever gets it that´s fine with them…
And then the prime directive of Star Trek is very very real, non-interference, you cannot interfere with a developing species..So I said: alright, you are coming and giving these things to these people, isn´t that inferference? No, that is a gift that we are giving when the time is right. What they do with it, it´s up to them. A lot of times they don´t use the way it should be used. They turn it into a weapon or use it into a negative but it was intended for good. (Dolores Cannon)”
“See Human have been on Earth for so long, making the same mistakes over and over and over. We are caught on the wheel of Karma and they know this..the Karma, over and over and over. They don´t learn.. If Iesus came to save us from anything what I found out was he came to save us fromt the wheel of Karma, because we were just going around and around, making the same mistakes instead of moving up the ladder
and he was showing us how to live through love but people didn´t understand and killed him. (Dolores Cannon)”
“These kids can´t even take care of their own lives, they can´t take care of the world…they will blow up the world. Now the law of non-interference just goes so far, they are not allowed to interfere, unless we get to the point we could destroy the world, if that were to happen, it would cause reverberations throughout the whole solar system and into other parts of the Galaxy…and it would also going into other dimensions and interfere with life on other people with other planets it would be an undeclared war…then they would have to step in and this happened countless times in history. (Dolores Cannon)”
“Your perception of God is just a tiny thread…think of those people who do not have that much understandinf like metaphysical people…First of All: God is not a man…God is not a man, you got to get over that, if anything he would have been a woman, because women are the creative force….It is a power, it is an energy that absolutely incredible..a huge bright light..some say: I am being in the Sun, I am being in a huge sun, but it doesn´t burn…this huge, enormous light..and when they are there it is so full of love that they don´t want to leave…Some describe it as the great central sun…Being, Souls, Essences and they don´t want to leave. (Dolores Cannon)”
“We can´t come in and say: stop it, you can´t do it. That´s interference…A brilliant Plan..Alright, we can´t interfere from the outside, maybe we can influence from the inside. So they came up with a brilliant plan. The People on Earth aren´t doing it, they are too stucked in karma, too stucked on the wheel. We are going to have to bring in other Souls, that have never been here before and that are not stucked on the wheel of Karma… Pure Souls that have never been contaminated Earth People..and the call went out for volunteers.. and that is why the whole story is coming together about the three waves…but now that it is coming out through the radio shows and project camelot. I get E-Mails..all the time: I am the First Wave, I am the Second Wave…now it makes senses, I finally understand, but on your conscious level you don´t understand… Earth is in trouble. We need Souls to volunteer and help, we need to help Earth.
The Meetings they are holding in the spiritual world… (Dolores Cannon)”
“Go and learn my children, learn everything you can and bring it back to me…talking about the supercomputer, it is really very much like that, because it collects information, it want to know everything.. it´s all information, experiences and learning…at the end when you graduate you bring it all back to God, it is kind of downloaded..We are all like cells within the body of God who will return with all the information. (Dolores Cannon)”

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