The Global NWO Zionazi Cartel (Stop007)

The Global NWO Zionazi Cartel (Stop007)
“Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007”
“Assange “struggles to say his own name” as he appears in court
– Assange told the judge he is up against a “superpower” with “unlimited resources” and appeared to be fighting back tears as he added: “I can’t think properly.”…
Melanie Shaw facial asymmetry indicating brain mutilaton…”
MI5 ‘really DOES have a licence to kill’: Spy agency has secretly allowed informants to murder, kidnap and torture
for decades, tribunal has heard.
Four human rights organisations are taking legal action against the UK Government over a policy they claim ´purports to permit MI5 agents to participate in crime´ and effectively ´immunises criminal conduct from prosecution´.

1500 Directed Energy Weapon torture cases sent to all governments by John Finch…”
“A big fat Intelligenzaktion…
Intelligenzaktion, literally that´s what this is: It is action aginst anybody who is intelligent by total thugs.”
“This Daily Mail Thing is a globalist thing, controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, that runs the Genocide
that´s been execute by the MI5.”
Onnika Brown: vor 3 Stunden: They want to sabotage you by giving that date.

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