Randy Cramer: Uncensored, Uncut Randy Cramer, Captain K, July 7, 2015

“Randy Cramer: Uncensored, Uncut Randy Cramer, Captain K, July 7, 2015”
“Replicators in todays society, they are just not here on the ground…”
“Essentially that medical technology makes every single, I say it again, every single aspect of current medical technology we have completely dark ages obsolete: Pharmacology, invasive surgery, X-Rays, MRIs, all of that is antique dark ages technology compared to these holografic regenerating medical beds. Non-Invasive, no pain, no drugs, no messing with your body chemistry, just telling your body..keep growing or repair this, it just tells your body to fix this, using this cellular resolution holografic resolution technology, it is pretty incredible.
Project Moon Shadow. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”

“Yes, they basically can cheat death in so many ways.
(Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“Even if I am retired, I haven´t done anything for years, I am 90 years old…I could be 99, an old man. “We need you for something, hey guess what, we have another 30 years old body for you, how about it? And like: Who wouldn´t trade that? But the Truth is I am legally obligated, so tbh, as long as I am alive they can call and say do this and that..you are in the reserves until the day you die.
“Q GC: Your take on what is really going on with the Harvesting of Souls on the Planet, that you can talk about?”
I hate to say, but I am sorry, I don´t think there is anything I can´t comment or say about this at this time, other than that we know that it happens. We are concerned of the illegality of it and there are investigations to work the problem, but it is a complicated problem. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“GC: Especially if they are trying to extract the Souls…”
“I think that there is no question that we are in a war with us, ourselves, as earthlings against other earthlings,.. do we want to consider the cabal still earthlings?
We started conflicts against ourselves: Humans against Humans…it´s a chessboard, with many things happening…
Practice your patience people. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“GC: A lot of people don´t want to hear about it and don´t want to talk about it.”
“GC: What is your opinion of people that just meditate all day long and they are not in their physical body,
basically, they are elsewhere, you hear that all the time within the community: oh I just want to get outta here.”
“I really want to smack those people upside the head. I just want to really Bitchslap them really really hard and
say: Why are you here then? Like if you came here to get the fuck out then why are you here then put a bullet into
the head and go out.. If you are one of the people who came here because you knew you had something to do to be a
problem solver and not be a part of the problem then learn to be here and live with that… Sometimes it sucks,
but you know what that´s being in the battle field, you are here to fix stuff, you are not here to feel good and
make tea and cakes for everybody. We have “specialists”… As much as I respect someone who can like spend that
much time in that sort of spiritual meditative state…What have you done lately?.. What have you done for your world,
your community? ..As a practical impact on the world around you. I slap you.. what are you doing?…quit wasting
your gifts and your talents on.. making lotus blossoms in your head and not actually doing anything…Well,.. a
number of teachers who I have met, particularly from some Yoga schools who really teach this very very detached
stuff..I really want to like smack those people. Look, We all live here and until we can fix here, none of us will
leaving. So those of you who think who can just spend all day long under a Tree and you are going to leave, and the
rest will stay behind, no, you will not leaving, until we all leave. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“Why are we here? We truly are on a Mission…I have a mission…we do..we have a Mission..would you pick this
place to go on a vacation? (NO) Come on Folks. We didn´t come here on a Vacation. I mean I love Mother Earth, don´t
get me wrong. I mean it´s just spectacular gorgeous…done severe damage.
“She is..in Crisis, so it is not a vacate place. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“GC: It is really a time where the spiritual messiahs are reunified.”
“Cellular cohesion. It requires a very very very tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny little sliver of the original subjects souls to make that clone live…that creates a maximum clone threshold. … Canon Fodder Clones… they can make 10000 of them..they wouldn´t just hold together, because the soul wouldn´t allow any more slivers….they only have this little tiny fraction of Soul in them. They are very difficult to
train, they are not very disciplined… Clones without Souls in them are not very usable…but basically because we can transfer the consciousness of an entire soul of a person from one body to another….I don´t know the exact number of time my original body was destroyed and I had been put back into partial clone body…so I do know that this body that I am in right now is not my original, it was a cloned body that I got put back into when I was returned from my 20 years tour duty, but it as much mine as anything else and it as much me as it ever was, because my real Soul and my real consciousness is in that body…it is still you. (Randy Cramer)(2015)”
“GC: The Soul is You!”
“..I used to weigh more. (Randy Cramer)(2015)” (In the Original Body)

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