Reptilian in my Living Room – Reptilian Conversation – What did he say?

“Reptilian in my Living Room – Reptilian Conversation – What did he say?” 1.078 Aufrufe•02.09.2019

“Donna Sunshine: My rebuttal. I have personally spoken to a
reptilian and he told me they are sick and tired of being blamed for things that humans do to each other.”
“So today what I’m going to do is I’m going to talk to you about my EVP conversation with a reptilian..
“I don’t know if you notice or not when her and I were standing up here and looking at each other we both my hair is standing up everywhere I have goosebumps everywhere right now and when she stood up here I don’t know if any of you caught it but the lights were flickering, so there’s a lot of energy up here right now so when you see it conversing I’m just like woo…”
…I’m going to talk about this EVP conversation with what I fully believe was a reptilian in my living room, now EVP is an abbreviation for electronic voice phenomenon and this you can use a free audio editing software program and a lot of dedication and a lot of persistence, you can communicate with loved ones in spirit, spirit people, spirit guides and extraterrestrials, my hobby honestly, since the death of my daughter in 2011 is to just find to the ends of the universe what the heck is going on and what lies beyond our physical body and where my daughter is and everything about the world outside our human perception so it´s that what drives me so far….”
“A search of WikiLeaks which is a whistleblower website pulls up over 250 emails between top government officials around the world which clearly indicate people with top-secret clearance know full well that extraterrestrials live on and visit planet Earth.”
“Each time he talked I would go back and listen to the EVP a few times to what he was saying before I would ask my next question. The reptilian was very interesting and he taught me about
things I had never even thought about before the main subject the reptilian was concerned about was the destruction of planet Earth by the humans, the reptilian explained to me how many entities share the planet Earth while living in multiple dimensions, these beings live full-time outside the range of human frequency perception, think of an ecosystem but only but since that refers to the world we see in the interactions of plants and animals and food chain and that kind of thing so think of it just as an analogy but outside of our perception our physical limited sense perception that is only like one percent of what machines pick up, right? There exists entire interactive dimensions where there is full living beings that share the atmosphere of this planet and depend on the atmosphere as much as we do, their continued ability to live here so here are some quotes what the reptilians said about this crisis he said planet these are quotes planet Earth is not in good shape,m right now, everybody thinks they can just keep doing what they’re doing, but when they kill the Earth’s atmosphere, radiation will take over and kill everything, the humans must stop immediately with the destruction of planet Earth, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy themselves, it just means that they need to learn to live very simply, stop polluting the atmosphere, if everybody would just live simply then we can save the planet I hope that you can tell them.”
“I said when the humans discovered they have destroyed Earth’s atmosphere they will not be able to recover the planet and then they will never be able to repair planet Earth and if the people of planet earth do not take this seriously then they will be annihilated Donna it does not help to say anything that scares people if everybody would just take care of the planet we would not
face the extinction of the human race.”
“Okay, so the reptilian, okay so move on from the climate which is very very important to him, that reptilian also referred to humans that build spaceships and think that they are going to go find another planet to live on quote this is his quote: it doesn’t matter if anyone tries to leave they will not be allowed to land. There is not a place that would take a human after they have destroyed the planet, so I believe that the main reason he was coming through what is this climate crisis, he calls it a crisis…about the atmosphere, he also then addressed some
false beliefs regarding reptilians: He stated that humans tell many stories about reptilian which are false, these stereotypes cause fear, these stereotypes are engrained in us through movies and stories and it is worth considering that somebody somewhere benefits from maintaining that fear in you, by repeating these stereotypes often enough that they become part of your belief
system, his quote: what people say about reptilians is not the truth they do not think humans are their enemy, he also said that reptilians do not like being blamed for the bad actions that humans do to themselves and to each other, that is insulting to the reptilians to blame them for human activity, other things he told me he said reptilians were on planet Earth before humans were ever here, they have been here the entire time…another thing is that they’re able to control the frequency and vibration of their body which is why you’ll hear sometimes someone glimpsed reptilian and then turned back and it was gone because they can change the way the frequency the vibration and the molecules vibrate in their body and so they live it just outside of our range they can come into it and it does sound like them some sort of rule about not showing themselves to humans because humans are often frightened by things they don’t understand.
Where did your people originated from? And he said: Orion. That is where his species came from.”
“EVPs and how interesting they are…”

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