OSHO: PRIESTS & POLITICIANS – The Mafia of the Soul

“So your so-called greatest scholars are continuously proving their slavery to the establishment. None of them is a rebel. They are hankering for the prizes and awards the establishment can bestow upon them: respectability, honor. They are all desiring to be Nobel laureates, but to get the Nobel prize, you have to sell your soul. You have to accept a thousand and one things that no intelligent person can accept. You have to support the status quo, the people who are in power, who have the money. You are just a puppet to them. Yes, it is a very mutual conspiracy: they give you the Nobel prize, they give you honorary doctorates, they make you world famous; in return you support their exploitation, their oppression, and whatever nonsense they are doing.´You have to become a protecting wall. And of course the world is going to listen to you because you are a Nobel prize winner, honored by Oxford, by Cambridge, by Harvard. The ordinary people,
the common masses are bound to listen to you. If you are supporting the society then naturally there is nothing wrong with the society; there is no need to change it.
The problems are not created by the society but by the “anti-social” elements. And who are the anti-social elements? All the rebels are anti-social elements. It is these people who provoke the masses, steal their souls, make them aware that they also are human beings, not cattle. These are anti-social elements; they have to be destroyed. Either they have to be purchased in some way … give them a Nobel prize, and purchase them; give them honorary doctorates and purchase them. If they refuse to be purchased then society has all the ways to condemn them. Their books will not be published by the great publishers, because those great publications
are owned by the vested interests. Their names will disappear from the newspapers, from the magazines, from the media.
They will live almost as if they are not, as if they don’t exist. This is a far superior way to destroy somebody than crucifying. At least when you crucify a person you give him immense publicity. Two thousand years have passed: Jesus is still hanging on the cross. He has become almost
an eternal advertisement. Wherever you go you will see the cross – on the graveyard, on the churches, on the vehicles of the Red Cross Society. Now the modern status quo, establishment, vested interests, are far more clever.
If Jesus comes back he should not be afraid that he is going to be crucified again. No, this time it is going to to be worse: he will be ignored. To be crucified does not take your dignity, but to be ignored … Nobody bothers about you, nobody pays any attention, nobody is for or against you. This is real humiliation that is being done. But intellectuals are not capable; they don’t have the guts, they can’t have, because all that they have is borrowed.
They are easily purchasable, cheap. But they become a very significant protective wall around the establishment.
People look towards them with respect People think that if a Nobel prize winner is saying something it must be right – as if by winning the Nobel prize one attains to enlightenment, nirvana! It is a political game. It is all politics. Once in a while they go on giving a Nobel prize to a Russian scientist, to some scientist whom they would like to get out of Russia; his being in Russia is dangerous for them.(Osho)”
“I have always wondered why they call this topmost criminal place in the world the White House. Perhaps unknowingly the idea came from their unconscious that everything inside is going to be black, but from the outside you have to keep a white face, everything clean. One person reaches to the White House, ninety-nine to the black houses. So, there are people who are not courageous enough to take this risk – ninety-nine percent possibility of failing, and only one percent possibility of succeeding. They want far surer ground. (Osho)”
“forsaken: vor 1 Jahr: Upload more essential Osho talks instead of saving for future uploads , it is time that the world starting to recognize osho and a new world will be formed.”
“A Rebel: vor 1 Jahr: Just watched Wild Wild Country, Netflix Docu-series. There are many important facts that have been ignored deliberately by the producers/directors just to spice things up… to put Osho in a bad light.”
“Pablo Paul: vor 1 Jahr:…1990, but still alive… You become finest human when you know OSHO. He came to this earth for us.
Romi Schneider: vor 1 Jahr: I Love you Osho! Your wisdom knows no limits. You are infinite. What an inspiring being! <3. Thank you <3. Prateek Mishra: vor 3 Monaten: In India, both politicians and religious leaders have only one thing in their arsenal : Religious fear... But I don't blame them... If we Indians are ready to be fooled in the name of God, religion, desh- khatre mein h etc etc and ignore unemployment, water crisis, air pollution, quality of life, etc etc, then why should they change themselves???... I guess that's why not many people liked Osho in India..."

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