The Connection Between 5G, Chemtrails & Morgellons

“The Connection Between 5G, Chemtrails & Morgellons”
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Crusader for Christ• Channel: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Chemtrailing has really changed the weather. For the last two years here. We have gotten more rain than sunshine ☀️. We are not known to have that much rain ☔️ here in N. Virginia (by DC). Also, it’s snowing in Minnesota. It’s hot, then turns cold ???? enough to snow there. It’s almost June! These Elites love playing god. It’s a game to them. they fail to realize that God doesn’t like games, and they will get theirs???????????? in the end.
Research HAARP also. It’s connected as well.
Crusader for Christ• Channel:
vor 4 Monaten — I think their headquarters are in Alaska.
Crusader for Christ• Channel: vor 4 Monaten:
Hugz from Heaven — Yeah, Satan and his minions are working feverishly to accomplish their goals. I assure you of that. Time is running out for them…
Sacred Geometry: vor 4 Monaten: That’s to suppress the vitamin D with that vitamin D and Flames are nervous system among other things but with the 5G that’s coming that’s going to fry us and lack of vitamin D will help going to anti-inflammatory diet for sure an anti mold.
Mold and oxalates cause inflammation
Tina Laude: vor 4 Monaten: We will NOT be super human we will be SUBHUMAN AND CONTROLLED
Mega hz: vor 4 Monaten: I tried telling people… But, I’m crazy.
Jan Brennan: vor 4 Monaten: This Transhumanistic Agenda is Evil and Straight from Satan. Thanks for tying 5G, Chemtrails, Smart Dust & Morgellons together because they are all connected to this evil agenda.
Sacred Geometry: vor 4 Monaten: Yes the transhumanism and transgendered also.
Jan Brennan: vor 4 Monaten: Yea it’s a real Transapocalypse these days.
child of YAHWEH: vor 4 Monaten: Funny how when God reveals the truth to his children its consider conspiracy theorys…like no! That’s Satan invented word to keep us away from Gods word and the truth…
Love Givens: vor 4 Monaten: God’s word and Will is bond.
trappedinroom 101: vor 4 Monaten: There was a film where a psycho billionaire showed nano dust and said it “would make people do what he wanted them to do, and buy what he wanted them to buy”. I can’t remember the name of the film.
They always openly tell us and declare their intentions (to make it legal)…but they use a loophole and put it in fiction!!!
Jack Torrance: vor 4 Monaten: It’s actually got a name. Revelation of the method. Cheers.
Chakka Kon: vor 4 Monaten: Check out the movie called : Bug. Where the military secretly infects people with a weaponized bug. Morgellons.
Wade Morgus: vor 4 Monaten: I believe the movie you are looking for is ” Gamer”.
Love Unconditional: vor 4 Monaten: trappedinroom 101 Yes it’s part of the universal laws. By them telling us and hiding truth in plain sight and then bring in free will. Therefore it’s up to us to see truth. It comes down to free will and it’s time we take control of our lives.
HeedfulGibbon: vor 4 Monaten: Chem trails have always been sprayed over Toronto but over the past couple years planes will be spraying grids and crisscross.. we never have clear skies in Toronto anymore. 13signsastrology talked about this many years ago!
Sacred Geometry: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Yes I noticed huge grids to and the Chemtrails are much larger and thicker than they used to be the last two years and Sacramento and then before the fires they sprayed the are real heavy in Northern California. Sacramento and Shasta head the heaviest amount of chemtrails I believe cuz that’s where they say th.
Mega hz: vor 4 Monaten: They sparyed it all over the world already, we’re interfaced with our digital components… That’s why it seems like the phone, TV, people are sharing thoughts.
chill shit boyy: vor 4 Monaten: It’s happened many times where I have a thought and then the person next to me says exactly what I’m thinking or answers my question that I thought of but never actually verbally asked anything.
debra Berry: vor 4 Monaten: Beware of anything with the Word Smart…in it.
Tina Laude: vor 4 Monaten: Can we just shoot down the chemtrails planes ✈️ after all they are harming humanity.
Rich Hornburg: vor 4 Monaten: This was also an episode of the twilight zone from the 80’s.
Mary Hay: vor 4 Monaten: Get rid of your Wi-Fi and Smart Meters. The microwave bursts will still be in the environment but Scalar technology is effective against this. Research this as their are products available on line for self protection. The best protection is the Lord God as your personal saviour.
hop Scotch: vor 4 Monaten: Mary Hay: obviously god is not the best if you are touting scalar products which would be redundant if god protects you.
Mary Hay: vor 4 Monaten: @hop Scotch God will wash away your sins but you still to take a shower to clean your body.
OurGreedyCorruptGovt: vor 4 Monaten: LOL, they had to include an Encyclopedia Britannica blurb on Contrails underneath the video to make sure you don’t believe in Chemtrails.
PICKLEJUICE X2: vor 4 Monaten: Thoughts have already been transferred into clones.This is nothing new.
Robert Miller: vor 4 Monaten: I bought a 350x microscope and checked my arms and those of my friends and family. EVERY ONE of us had those fibers on our skin. In our skin. Partially in and out and yes they bunch up and make “networks”. I think a high % of the US has it as I live in a major city, LA. I just think it irritates people differently. But out of maybe 20 different people I checked from OC to LA everyone had them.
Thomas White: vor 4 Monaten: President Trump ain’t nothing but a zionist ball drainer.
Blackjack Videos: vor 2 Monaten: @Q Anon The Khazarian Mafia Rothschild selected Drumpf.
Luke Skywalker: vor 4 Monaten: Royal Rife Machine is our only defense to short circuit the dust.
Barney Fife: vor 4 Monaten: TVs, computers and cellphones are known in the occult world as ‘black mirrors’ for spirit(s) can move freely through them. In Isaiah 14:14 we learn that Satan wants to become like the Most High God; all knowing. The coming 5G/Tesla technology will be totally controlled by A.I. allowing Satan to become all-knowing. Black mirrors ‘are’ the ‘image of the beast’ for they both speak and live.
Jair Bear: vor 4 Monaten: Vrillex sounds like an MK handler.
Petro Phishhed: vor 4 Monaten: 5G towers & transmitters should be destroyed as fast as they can put em up. Welcome to the new revolution. I believe the diameter of the Morgellons nanotubes works with the half-wavelength of the millimeter-wave frequency’s of 5G. I’m trained in electronics and that’s just my belief…
Green MarineFive-O: vor 4 Monaten: Good God that makes me so angry! …
Alexander Afxendiou: vor 3 Monaten: WiFi/3g/4g/5g/chemtrails/moon creates artificial fake afterlife realms created by technology soon the moon gets destroyed and soon many supervolcanoes will erupt simultaneously by default causing thousands of regular volcanoes to erupt simultaneously by default causing the pole flip by default causing mass amounts of energy from the sun to enter earth directly during the pole flip process and this combination will create superstorms every single day for Decades non stop like millions of lightning strikes millions of tornados millions of hurricanes millions of floods millions of avalanches millions of snow storms millions of sand storms millions of typhoon’s millions of monsoons etc non stop for decades this will obviously vaporize all pollution including all chemtrails quickly globally permanently and destroy all technology all synthetic artifical materials quickly globally permanently meaning soon all the artificial afterlife technology will be destroyed and by default all the artificial afterlife realms will be destroyed and all beings existing in the artificial afterlife realms will instantly cease to exist like pulling the plug on a computer good riddance.
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.10.2019: Wow..Mr. Afxendiou great idea…to shove people new motivational hope down the throat..

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