Russia: Worlds Largest Virus Lab has exploded.

“Russia: Worlds Largest Virus Lab has exploded.”
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“In Russia, near Novosibirsk, the Vector State Virology Science Center, which has one of the world’s largest collections of dangerous viruses, has exploded.”
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“Twitter is blowing up about this: Russia is a third world nation when it comes to this sort of thing, they shouldn’t be allowed to play with stuff like this.
I wouldn’t trust a barber in that country much less a scientist or doctor, another Twitter post says: Great this is where the true Walking Dead will start and the
zombies will eat…if there was any zombie justice, another Twitter post: Didn’t every zombie movie ever made start with something like this?”
“Now they said, as noted, biohazard substance at the time of the explosion were absent in that room, in mid-august a building of a chemical plant caught fire in Blanca, near Moscow.”
“The center also contains the Ebola virus…vector is part of some Russian complex I assume and I’m not gonna even try and pronounce it, yeah, biological weapons and they have an explosion that blows out all the windows of the building, but everything is ok, nothing to see, please move along, yeah..”

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