“Eurdis Gonzales: vor 4 Tagen: FINALLY! SOMEONE HAS THE GUTS TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS. THESE ARE #WarCrimes #CovertActsOfWar to deliberately get away with #Democide and #Genocide.
asif Syed: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): this seems like behavior modification program made in hell, everyone is forced to act against the target including the so called family, friends, relatives etc. just about everyone. this country is run by violent laws made by lunatics.
nico napo: vor 4 Tagen: Neodinemagnets N52 attenuates Transceiver Implants and reduces or eliminates pain. Also reduces gagging impulse in throat.
May require multiple magnets.
Anne Lane: vor 4 Tagen: CIA invented mental illness as a cover to get away with all crime. All evidence proving there is no mental illness is stolen by them. They and everyone who conspires thru them and anyone they promote, all will be in the same lake of fire when they meet God. They’re going to wish they were mentally ill and could take a pill to make God go away.

asif Syed: vor 3 Tagen: can never hear Melanie Vritschan: . low audio level. she needs to use a headset.
Eurdis Gonzales: vor 4 Tagen: Also, #LegalAbuse
Julia: vor 4 Tagen: The idea of #ostracism has been long in presence during the history of human brains (see old Greece political arena).
The tactic isn’t an exception now, today even if is alghoritmically-software-wise implimented & so we are made to dance the game of ‘life’.
Those “psychologists” out there that don’t understand ‘the game’ that’s in actuality played out, should take a dive into the past and inform themselves, at least.
celestial sense: vor 3 Tagen: Thank you ladies for voicing these horrible crimes against humanity. May Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your families with his love, peace, protection and provisions.

Tanya Bauer: ​hi all from Australia.
Nitram Case: ​g’day mate.
Michele Mcguire: ​it’s exactly what the chemtrails are doing..breathe in deeply and then say you don’t feel any different then before.
Don Lovell: ​layering of chemicals, a spiritual component (hallucinogen), a social sexual hormonal component (endocrine disruptors); along with neural and organ degeneratives and corrosives, seem to part of VOC\.

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