Transhumanism: the big fraud-towards digital slavery

“Transhumanism: the big fraud-towards digital slavery Salinas”
“Abstract: The transhumanism is an international movement that states that adding technological implants and inserting DNA will improve the human being. However, the transhumanists hide two subjects: the use of technological implants as a weapon against the citizen and the method they are developing their dangerous projects with, which is suspected to be illicit human experiments in the world. Technological implants like brain nanobots might cause… mind control and thus, the carriers can be controlled by others and lose their autonomy, they can be spied permanently with the cerebral internet and can lose their privacy their memory can be deleted and they can lose their identity. Thus, the humans who carry technological implants can be permanently spied on, mentally controlled and they lose their identity, becoming a human slave at the service of the transnational companies and the economic powers. An objective analysis reveals that transhumanism is only an intellectual swindle that leads to digital fascism, a society where a millionaire elite will govern citizens with technological implants, who will be digital slaves at the service of an oligarchy.”
“Keywords:scientific fraud, slavery, nanotechnology, crime, internet, dna, artificial intelligence”
“Introduction: The transhumanism is promoted according to the World Transhumanism Association as a philosophy that advocates for the use of technology in order to be able to overcome our biological limitations and to transform human condition. This movement is promoted as a benefit to society, as part of the natural evolution of the human being, or an extension of humanization1, and even as a “revolution”.. The transhumanists state that adding technological implants and inserting DNA in human beings will improve their condition; man would leave biological evolution and would begin an evolution based on technology, the post-human species would be born. The essence of transhumanism is applying the so-called four emerging technologies that include the nanotechnology, the biotechnology, the information technologies and knowledge sciences in the human being (NBIC). The transhumanists do not only seek to improve health, to eliminate the disabilities or to cure the diseases but also to produce stronger, faster, more athletic and more intelligent human beings with technology. For the transhumanists the time has come for human beings to take control of their own evolution, this evolution based on the technology will open the doors to create a new species descending from the homo sapiens. The human beings will be replaced progressively by “trans-humans” (H+) or “post-humans”(H++) who will live 500 years.”
“The almost delirious statements of the transhumanists include: Why not having a more resistant skin? Why not adding the type of bat vision with ultrasound? We are going to “remake” ourselves.“ The human body is not designed for the modern age; we were designed with an endoskeleton, the world would be better for us if we had an exoskeleton…gradually we will integrate technology to our bodies.” The transhumanists consider the body as a deficient and obsolete object that shall be thrown away like “scrap” or “excess luggage” to replace it with a “better container” , for that reason, the transhumanist symbol is the cyborg, that represents the man whose body abandons nature; for the transhumanism, nature is considered an adversary. The objective is that your body has “as little carbon as possible”; it shall be indifferent to the laws that rule the carbon, as the transhumanist promotion summarizes it in Latin America: We are going to reinvent our biological constitutions and to introduce silicon, steel and microchips within us. The transhumanist cyborgization according to its promoters will allow: “Eliminating the death, improving the senses, having an infallible memory, increasing the intellectual capacity, having a greater physical performance and controlling the emotional responses.” Another aspect of the transhuman is that the transformations produced with the technological implants in the body will practically make their sexuality unrecognizable, the transhuman will practically be an asexual being. Transhumanism, is a term introduced by Julian Huxley in 1957, in the 80s, the first self-described transhumanists met formally at the University of California which became the main center of transhumanist thought then forming the World Association of transhumanism. This movement is funded with a billion-dollar investment by the big companies of Silicon Valley and, in particular, by Google that created the Singularity University in 2008. Transhumanists have formed political parties in several countries such as the United States and Spain and even some churches are adopting their ideology.”
“t is necessary to emphasize that the transhumanists that make these almost delirious scientific statements do not give these expressions result from a psychiatric disorder and they are not fiction writers, the transhumanists statements are made by prestigious scientists, economic powers’ most important universities professors. Probably the main icon of transhumanism in the media is Ray Kurzweil. He was working with the Army Science Board in 2006, Kurzweil has been called “the successor and legitimate heir of Thomas Edison” and was also cited by Forbes magazine as “the supreme thinking machine”. In 1999, President Bill Clinton at a ceremony in the White House gave him the National Medal of technology of the United States’ highest honor in technology; Nick Bostrom, is Professorial Distinction Award de la Universidad de Oxford, Donna Haraway has been awarded by Yale University with the Wilbur Cross Medals — the school’s highest honor — for un alumni of this university and Aubrey de Grey is Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology’s professor. The transhumanists affirmations are public and are made with conviction and security; the surprising security is the most mysterious aspect of their statements since they even lead to express dates close to the launching of their implants in the human being massively. The transhumanism uses a series of advertising cliches, being the main ones: “innovation”, “evolution”, “excellence” and “digital citizen” and different advertising campaigns in which the most promoted intellectuals and businessmen like Elon Musk. Larry Page, and Nobel Prizes like Mario Vargas Llosa, who promote human robotisation participate. Most amazing is that in spite of the unrealistic and almost delirious affirmations of transhumanists, their theories are promoted and supported at the highest official level in the world and are promoted daily by the press, and most remarkable is that they practically do not have more opposition from scientists or intellectuals who even spread their unrealistic postulates. Thus, prestigious institutions like the United Nationes, US and European universities, and governments are adopting the transhumanism as a part of their government plan. Thus in Peru, the national register of identification system is already promoting the transhumanism with campaigns like “the digital transformation” and public lectures in universities that seek to subliminally prepare the Peruvian society so that they consent to the invasive neurotechnology like brain microchips and nanobots as citizen identification system replacing the current identity card known in Peru as DNI (Figure 2).
“Contents: In spite of the millionaire promotion and support of mass media to the transhumanists and in spite of considering “a philosophy”, the science of love of wisdom, they hide the truth, the most important information: The harmful effects of the technological implants in the human being and the method their almost delirious transhumanists objectives are being developed with. It is striking that the transhumanist postulates have been analyzed from different philosophical, sociological and religious points of view, as symbolized by Wikipedia’s summary on transhumanism, however there is a surprising lack of questioning about the main high point of transhumanist thought, and that by common sense, they should be the first to interrogate the transhumanists, the method with which they develop their risky and almost delirious transhumanist projects and the adverse effects of their technological implants. In relation to the effect of technological implants on the human being, transhumanists only promote brain nanobots as a benefit to society, the transhumanists do not inform that the brain microchips and nanobots can be a weapon against the citizen; they would make us lose our mind control, the citizens would be controlled by others and thus they would lose their autonomy, turning us into human robots, they would lose their privacy due to being permanently spied on with the cerebral internet, they would lose their identity since their memory can be deleted with brain nanobots. Thus, if the citizens are spied, controlled mentally and do not have identity, they would become human slaves at the service of the transnational companies and economic powers. (Figure 3) Probably the best proof of the transhumanist scam is that none of transhumanists use the dangerous brain implants and the technological innovations that they promote. In the massive public lectures they perform, they do not perform the “mind uploading” with the brain net, which allows a person’s entire private life to be made public. It is necessary to highlight that Michio Kaku, the main promoter of the cerebral Internet, has expressed that he only reports on technological innovations in humans in their books of scientific divulgation and public lectures such as the brain net, when prototypes already exist. Kaku says: “I make all these predictions based on what I actually see in the laboratory” José Luis Cordeiro is another of the promoters of the cerebral internet and transhumanism, he shows in his exhibitions only with an external brain wave reading device, similarly Neil Harbysson, the promoted “first cyborg” , who shows an antenna that is only inserted in the skull, not in the brain and who uses it for health reasons…”
“The human brain is considered the most complex object of the universe; nowadays there is no human model of the brain or a way to obtain it. In 2013, DARPA, IBM’s funder, revealed publicly that there is no technology that can pick up signals that inform the scientists what is exactly happening inside the brain.. there is a big silence when the main representatives of the transhumanism like Google CEOs are asked on details about how they are going to achieve their unrealistic transhumanist objectives.”

“For that reason, for a person to be part of the almost amazing transhumanist experiments like that of brain fusion so promoted by them, recent research provides evidence that transnational technology companies would be resorting to criminal methods: violence, swindle, extortion or organized crime 20,34–36Probably the main swindle is the overestimation of the artificial intelligence without scientific support, this include the millionaire promotion of singularity, a term very promoted by the transhumanism; this is defined as the moment when the machines acquire an intelligence superior to the human one and it even can govern us. This points to be only an intellectual campaign to intimidate the population and to induce it using the brain implants, as well as the recent campaign of “the threat of robots” that for being “very intelligent” or “super dangerous” “they will leave us without jobs” or “they will exterminate us.” The solution for “the threat of robots” is “the technological innovation”, the use of invasive neurotechnology; thus, multimillionaires like Elon Musk promote this solution to “the threat” of the Artificial intelligence as follows: “The humans will turn into cyborgs or will be irrelevant” “The humans shall turn into cyborgs to survive” Obviously, these affirmations have no scientific support. It is clear that the transhumanist experimentation of this new technology in humans is high risk, the big transnationals like Google, the main transhumanist promoter have publicly expressed their refusal to carry out biomedical projects in countries like the United States. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google has mentioned in a newspaper: “Generally, health is just so heavily regulated, it’s just a painful business to be in. It’s not necessarily how I want to spend my time. Even though we have some health projects, we’ll be doing it to a certain extent. But I think the regulatory burden in the U.S. is so high, I think it would dissuade a lot of entrepreneurs.” The newspaper reinforces Google CEO expressions: “The sentiment – disruptive innovation is hampered by sluggish regulations- isn’t new.” Due to the high regulation that protects its citizens in rich countries, these dangerous experiments are probably carried out in poor countries such as those in Latin America. The technology transnational companies as Google transmit a message in their lectures that reveals an uncontrolled and dehumanized ambition towards technological innovation development in Latin America, probably due to the great economic power and the poor control that they have. In the recent meeting of technology transnational companies in Latin America, the following messages are taught as basic lessons for innovators: “If necessary, cannibalize” “Kill something that works to create something that may or may not work” The almost amazing transhumanist experiments like fusing the brain of a human to that of a machine, using bionic eyes, making changes in the DNA, using implants in the own skeleton, all dangerous experiments that harm or put in danger the health of the experimentation subject, would be developing in Latin Americans at the expense of their health, honor, privacy and in some cases their lives. This suspicion is reinforced by recent researches alert on the existence of a global organized crime network to develop illicitly transhumanist projects using nanotechnology in order to create human weapons known as “nanomafias”, mainly in Latin America”. For that purpose, the citizens would be intoxicated with drinks and foods, contaminated with brain nanobots or even would be kidnapped to install brain implants in them like the cortical modem or artificial hippocampus without their consent using the hospital surgeries mainly the neurosurgery, and the victims who have suffered brain mapping and a robot has been constructed with their own brain algorithms would be beheaded to fuse their heads with those of robots created from their brain mapping. This mafia of the transnational technology companies and the corrupt governments involve administrators of hospitals, corrupt health unions, rectors, professors, librarians and universities students, mafias of police, prosecutor’s offices, judges, intelligence services and especially press media and its extensive network of journalists who develop an insolent campaign to promote the use of technological implants.”
“In Latin America, one of the main companies suspected of secretly and unlawfully developing transhumanism is the Peruvian health insurance company ESSALUD (Figure 5) Based on evidence from recent investigations..Transhumanist experimentation would have begun in 2009 during the administration of US President Barack Obama, and as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, both would have coordinated the organized crime with President Alan García Pérez and this in turn with the President of ESSALUD Fernando Barrios Ipenza. Barrios would have developed it secretly with the research units of Peruvian hospitals, the National Health Institute the Peruvian state institution that gives the official certification for biomedical research in Peru and the APRA, the party that governed Peru in that period. (Figure 6) The research units of Latin American hospitals would be camouflagingly developing their million-dollar transhumanist projects, swindling patients, such as the research unit at the Sabogal Hospital where neuroscience research projects, funded by Bill Gates, are developed, that aim to be the camouflage of experiments. Transhumanists of mental control and cerebral internet in this hospital. The Alberto Sabogal Hospital is located near the only military base of the US Armed Forces in Latin America, the NAMRUD-6 (Figure 7). The suspicion is reinforced because ESSALUD currently develops a massive transhumanist subliminal advertising, this peruvian company has adopted as a new logo, the “humanization”. It is necessary to highlight that the transhumanists affirm that their movement is an extension of humanization. ESSALUD has also placed several advertisements with the word “control” that which aims to be a subliminal promotion of mind control (Figure 8). But, the most serious is that ESSALUD, a company characterized by its apathy in the care of insured patients He is making amazing mass surgery campaigns, operating around 20,000 patients in a short time, campaigns that use transhumanist clichés.”

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