DARPA Cortical Modem connects brain directly to computer for "electronic telepathy and telekinesis"

Conspiracy Revelation: 17.8.2019: Its original mission was always a Truman-Retardation-Loop-Show joke (nowadays, since 2005/2010, mixed with Fake-Exorcism-Simulation-Implants (aka criminal BCI-Interfaces and Neuro-Weapons, Bioweapons (how weak or “soulless” (cut off from the spiritual and natural world) one must be – in divine terms – to use such technocratic cunningness, military malice against billions of unwitting natural organisms), because USA and Russia were all one NWO Conglomerate from the very beginning…
Instead it mutated into the biggest Earth Infiltration Archontic Terror-Invasion Command and Control Monster in the history of the Universe, to plague humanity with 24/7/365 PPAI Surveillance/MK Ultra/MK Naomi/MK Medusa, Synthetic Dream Reshaping. Dream Conferences, Dream Intrusion and Telekinetic Demon-Simulation Implants that restrict freedom by zero privacy policy, preemptive sabotage cointelpro2 of most successful or enlightened liberation avatar heroes and geniuses in the world (to secure the rule of dumbing-down idiocy by corporate mediocrity and block “competition” (in their paranoid militarized panic terms and envious views) that are 1000 times more capable) and complete overriding of so called “Human Rights”, instead people became militarized cyborgs…all because of their illicit Chemtrail implant smart dust parasitization demonic nanodust plague…instigated by the ZOG GOG Deep State Shadow Gov New World Order Corporate Crime Conglomerate of the Pentagon / Alphabet Inc. Mafiosis.
Conspiracy Revelation: 17.8.2019: People who didn´t experience the negative aspects of this inhuman torture tech and the satanic ritual abuse, surely can´t understand why I use such heavy wordings to demonstrate the malicious potential of these smart dust technologies against the unwitting civilian population.
The Pentagon Think Tanks made sure that less than 3 or 5 % of the world experience these technologies in their most evil and demonic aspects to have the masses of people on their side and let SRAbused people look foolish who were subjected to their hideous human rights nullifying cruel projects…but what they do to the minorities or some tech geniuses – who work better than twenty 3 billion dollar (pseudo (if they were really antivirus they would produce non-dod-infected hardware or hardware firewalls without dod-infected intel/amd chips)) av-corporations together (a little exaggeration (but eventually it merges with reality) must be – to reach the minds of the sleeping hypnozized mass) – might later hit all people in a totalitarian world shadow government..remember.. We can estimate that globally 1 up to 80 million people were hit and abused directly by space weapons (I heard that UK and US Alphabet Agencies are even more cruel because they let AI do the torture for the most part) and abusive eeg cloning technologies without them having done anything wrong, just normal, peaceful people. Attacked, tortured and abused by corrupt USAF/Navy/ARPA/DOD/Lockheed Martin/NWO Global Crime Cartel/ZOG/GOG/Big Pharma/MIC/Big Oil/Big Bank/Big Corporate Alphabet Inc. personal.
Conspiracy Revelation: 17. August 2016: oh okay…that explains a lot….of what happened during the last 5-6 years…we are all their guinea pigs…
“Technology: DARPA Cortical Modem connects brain directly to computer for ‘electronic telepathy and telekinesis'”
“February 18, 2015
DARPA’s cortical modem implant could restore sight loss and provide eyes with a heads-up display Getty Images
A brain-computer interface has been developed by the US Defence Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that is capable of laying a heads-up display over a user’s natural vision.
The “cortical modem” also holds the potential to cure sight loss and enable “electronic telepathy and telekinesis” according to noted futurist Peter Rothman, writing for H+ Magazine.
While still a long way from production, the direct neural interface (DNI) chip would be shaped like a coin, around 1cm wide, and could conceivably cost as little as $10 (£6.50).
As outlined at the Biology is Technology conference in Silicon Valley last week, the interface provides a direct link between the brain and an external device or software through manipulation of the visual cortex.
Phillip Alvelda, chief of DARPA’s Biological Technologies, told the conference how the device could replace all virtual reality glasses, such as the Oculus Rift, by bypassing the visual sensory system entirely
DARPA Projects
‘Flying insect’ drones
Satellite launch from fighter jet
Superhuman ‘self-healing’ implant
Search engine more powerful than Google
The project builds on the work of Karl Deisseroth in the field of optogenetics, according to H+ Magazine which was in attendance at the California conference.
Optogenetics involves the controlling of light-responsive proteins within the brain through targeted light emission.
DARPA has led the way in a number of futurist and transhumanist projects, including a tiny implant that assists the body’s organs in healing themselves when injured.
The secretive agency was established by the US Government in 1958 in response to the launch of Sputnik by the USSR.
DARPA described its purpose in a 2005 document as follows: “DARPA’s original mission, established in 1958, was to prevent technological surprise like the launch of Sputnik, which signalled that the Soviets had beaten the US into space.
The mission statement has evolved over time. Today, DARPA’s mission is still to prevent technological surprise to the US, but also to create technological surprise for our enemies.”
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Source: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/darpa-cortical-modem-connects-brain-directly-computer-electronic-telepathy-telekinesis-1488476

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