“hello everyone this is dark journalists. today I have a special interview with geo engineering author Elana Freeland, now Elana has been researching the
emerging technology menace, known as the space fence, which was created by military contractors Lockheed Martin, in her book under an ionized sky from
chemtrails to space fence locked down she describes a process where the planet itself is weaponized and the air we breathe is converted into an antenna, so every human being becomes a walking electromagnetic Tower, the space fence was introduced as far back as the 1960s but was first deployed as part of President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI Star Wars, president Trump’s moves towards a space force that will weaponize space and the launch of 5g technology towers are clearing the
way to making the space fence fully operational, is this the global control grid let’s go ask Elana Freeland…now I really understand how doomed humanity really is..”
“what millimeter waves do and and what what phased array antennas do because that’s those are the two the two really unique aspects of the 5g technology as it’s being presented,.. I mean nobody’s talking about the fact that something has already been introduced that is very serious and that is the cell phone, the cell phone is a
military weapon I don’t own one purposefully I make a joke that I’m not that important that the military needs to know where I am 24/7 but I really feel that it’s being used primarily with the internet of things in the cars in the houses to to really pulse us with frequencies that are mood altering thought altering and all of
this is getting us used to being plugged in and having the frequencies in someone else’s control we don’t know that we think it’s us and that’s that’s a real first step to getting us accustomed to being run remotely without knowing it. (Elana Freeland)”
“Fascinating, so we in fact become a digital pawn or digital player in the Internet of Things and we don’t even realize that’s what’s taking place…”
„Now imagine just picture whatever kind of supercomputer is on board that rocket is in touch with the space fence, I mean that this space fence is in touch with everything, I mean every thing, every computer, every supercomputer, ..D wave computers.. it is key and that makes sense that it would be Lockheed Martin running it, because Lockheed Martin is not what it seems, most people just think of it as a defense contractor corporation, oh no, no, it is far more than that, if I were to look for where Darth Vader lives, I would look at Lockheed Martin and with you know with maybe spending weekends Raytheon. (Elana Freeland)“
“Of course we would love to have a machine that is intelligent that could maybe do some of our workload like our cars do, maybe you can zip 60 miles and you know almost 40 minutes and whereas someone in a horse and buggy would have taken days to get there, so the machine is our friend, but it’s taking over now and we don’t have to wait for AI to get here to do that, it’s already taken over many people, it has sapped their will and the will is something we don’t talk much
about in America despite the fact that many Americans are very willful, but that’s not quite the same as having your will to so that you can do what you think is right and good while you’re here you have the energy, you have the drive you have the intent to do, that’s the will and so by handing our will over to machines and becoming lazy or entitled, like, if I have the money I can I can do that, right, yeah sure, well, who said that where’d that come from
what is that I don’t I don’t see to me it’s a non sequitur what is how much money you have to do with you can do anything you damn well please, I don’t think, so Steiner was clear we had to all deal with the machines, but that it would be our Ahriman’s nature to bring everything way too soon and we are unprepared we are absolutely unprepared and as we all know what happens if you’re unprepared on a large-scale, disaster is looming, because this is going forward and it’s not just going forward on the machines will, there’s something behind it and that’s where a lot of people want to bring in the aliens, I don’t feel I have the need to bring in the aliens, I think I can bring in the elite, who have run this planet for centuries, I think I can bring them in. (Elana Freeland)“
“New people who are a little bit courageous, maybe have a relative who’s been saying for years, the CIA is tracking me and hasn’t been believed maybe has been in psych
wards of course that’s part of the thing with targeting is they want to get you in the psych ward, so that then your record will be ruined..and then you can really be destroyed, so to me this is the worst, the worst, the worst aspect, right up there with pedophilia, these two things are the most hidden and certainly a lot of families hide the pedophile thing, because they’re ashamed of it and they .. they’re protective of loved ones..and then the targeted people they’re not believed, because everyone’s ignorant of what this technology can do and how do you how do you catch secret guys that can’t be caught. I mean and then you catch them, maybe you catch one well who do you go to .. the police department? Oh, that’s a joke, really, yeah, they’re right on it, I mean, this is a federal operation, we
all know the police have to stand down, whether they want to or not in a federal operation, so this is a huge, huge, huge thing that is absolutely silent, it’s unbelievable to me how silent it is and this will be the surveillance Society it’s not just the cameras and tapping your phone and your computer is no it’s what’s going on right in front of you with torture and you you’re not recognizing it come on and you have nowhere to turn and I mean even myself, where would I go to get help for someone and if it were me where would I go to get help? There is nowhere: Going to the Hospital that’s not gonna work, I’m going to the psych ward if I go there and say this..this to me is such a great crime I can´t even believe it. I mean I have now facing I’ve written over a hundred pages about the smart city to go in the book and I’m like and am I just getting carried away here because I hate the technology so much you know how much could I write in a synthetic biology, well,… because that’s where the synthetic biology drama is going to happen that is where it’s going to happen and it’s happening through these targeted indidviduals. (Elana Freeland)“
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Space Fence
5G Technology
Synthetic Biology
DNA Manipulation
Ionization of the Atmosphere
Dark Journalist welcomes back Geo-engineering author Elana Freeland for an incredible tour through the murky world of the weaponization of the environment using 5G, Nanotech, DNA Surveillance, Synthetic Biology and the multi-decade technological terror known as’The Space Fence.’ Developed by shadowy Military Contractor Lockheed Martin for the US Government ostensibly to protect Earth from Space Junk, Elana reveals that the Space Fence is being put in place to create the conditions of Full Planetary Lockdown where every person on Earth becomes a walking microwave tower that is trackable down the DNA level.
The Space Fence: The DNA Control Plan
Elana”s classic book, Chemtrails HAARP & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, is the definitive book on these suppressed subjects. Her latest book, Under An Ionized Sky: Chemtrails & Space Fence Lockdown, is the first major in-depth examination of the covert program that has been under development since the 1980s under the Reagan Administration where it was a major aspect of the SDI Star Wars Program. It continues today as a key feature of President Trump’s Space Force.
An Ionized Atmosphere: Space Fence Deployment
When the Soviet Union Fell on December 26th, 1991, it was widely assumed that the SDI program was abandoned along with this historical event. In fact it appears that all of the research around Star Wars was reintegrated into a covert initiative for building a Space Fence that would serve as a Major Global Surveillance and Control Grid. What was missing in the 1980s to realize this vision, came along in the 1990s with the development HAARP and the successful efforts to Ionize the Atmosphere. With this being achieved over the last two decades, the conditions are perfect for the full deployment of The Space Fence and all of its terrifying implications of worldwide dominance over communications and a new paradigm of Space being Weaponized to control life on Planet Earth.
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“By Catherine J. Frompovich
If my readers want to REALLY understand what’s going on within the new world order of governance and technological dominance, researcher and author Elana Freeland lays out much of it in her interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt.
Elana dives into the Space Fence, 5G, Nano Transhumanism and Vaccines as being tied into one ball of wax to effectuate the ultimate ‘wet dream’, i.e., eugenics and destruction of the Natural order according to the Law of One and Creator Source, i.e., God.
NATO countries are signed onto participating in all of this calibration for a digital global civilization, electromagnetic infrastructure and controls! Hello, Lockheed Martin! Does Darth Vader live there?
The Space Fence is surveillance down to the DNA level. Try wrapping your head around that one!
The Space Fence is in touch with everything.
Elana lets the “cat out of the bag” about wind farms, while thinking that “green energies” eventually will become weaponized. How does that fit in with the new socialist party policy trends?
She thinks solar panels eventually will become ‘weaponized’, as will most technological advances using microwaves, millimeter waves, including weaponized ray waves. Think 5G!
Are technological ‘machines’ now taking over human lives, our free-thinking minds, plus activities?
Who is Ahriman?
What’s the D-wave computer?
Will “smart cities” become ‘human rat cages’?”
“How about “virtual reality”? How scary will or can it get?
Are we humans morally and physically ready for all this?
Do you know about “Targeted Individuals” [TIs]—1.5 million U.S. persons who are being targeted with electronic weapons, which Elana discusses in some detail?”

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