Report #143: Interview with Chief Daym. J.: Updates and Investigations

Report #143: Interview with Chief Daym. J.: Updates and Investigations
Conspiracy Revelation: 1.8.2019: I don´t post the video, the audio quality is too bad, impossible to concentrate on..the comments are much more important, but I can tell you that the Ziontube-Alphabet-Crime Syndicate attacks regularly my computers. Youtube is a corrupted and U.S.Military infected Nazionistic NWO shadow gov corporate crime syndicate platform, full of little nasty, bad-mannered, brainwashed nsa/cia/dia/dod/arpa/usaf/navy/alphabet inc. cyberterroristic script kiddies (with full government support and sponsorship – criminals in control and true righteous investigators are left fragmented and without large organized support groups), never forget that..
God/dess is here and every attack of these ignorant imbeciles is an attack against the holy mother, it will add to their miserable karma account and they will all get a karmic exorcism – sooner or later – catharsis will catch them – then they will feel their ignorance. They attack and hinder the holy spirit and surely they will fail and can therefore be called villains/rogues/rascals/miscreants who will fail miserably if they do not get purified they will suffer massive consequences.
AmerGirl2312: vor 4 Tagen: With this type of surveillance technology, every criminal in the Country should be in jail. Such abuse.
Sherry’s Summaries and Reviews: vor 4 Tagen: …He has some great info about how the power works in law enforcement and how they partner with different community partners when targeting people.
ernie mcIntire: vor 6 Tagen: .. Unfortunately the police are trained to be the NWO enforcers while being trained by Israel.
This false war on Terrorism is designed to bring in a police state.
Stop For Profit Prisons In America Matter: vor 3 Tagen: They’re using Sonic weapons on teenagers in PA. to keep them out of parks at night.
Stop For Profit Prisons In America Matter: vor 3 Tagen: We should all go join up for Citizens Corp…..and then expose them.
david ginchereau: vor 6 Tagen: This guy state a lot of factual information but doesn’t seem to be compassionate for the ti…keep calling him out about the innocent targeted citizens.
Stop For Profit Prisons In America Matter: vor 3 Tagen: Everyone should look up the #JesuitOath and just see how evil they are.
Lazarus Issass: vor 44 Minuten: I just don’t find this guy credible. Sorry.
Stop For Profit Prisons In America Matter: vor 3 Tagen: You also have the #FiveEyes and Netanyahu said there’s really six and that they’re #2 on spying..and they just hired a Orthodox Jewish woman to hear our NSA.
nico napo: vor 6 Tagen: LAPD is going to hire clinical psychologists to jail or institutionalize civilians on contact immediately.
AmerGirl2312: vor 4 Tagen: Wow. Hmm. If law enforcement has so many gadgets for surveillance, you’d think they would be able to see that someone is INNOCENT in no time instead of targeting an innocent person for years and years.
Bryan Tew: vor 1 Tag: As satanically awful as this mobbing stalking torture program is, currently, I would rather know about it being on the semi-ground floor level than to be clueless like the 318 million US citizens who are still wearing their rose colored misguided patriotic glasses.
People will soon be unable to exist, work, play, live, worship, receive an education or even medical care without participating in deep variations of mind control technologies.
Every man, woman and child in the industrialized world, and most of the so-called third word, is infected with nanotechnology and biotechnology through the food chain and water supply, via the hydrosphere. The governments of the industrialized world have been spraying the nanotechnology into the hydrosphere for the last twenty-five years, and still are continuing to do so. It filters down into the water supply and food chain and now most of humanity is infected. Governments just won’t tell you yet. Don’t believe me. Go to a Toxicologist and ask the doctor to run a nano-patch in his work-up. He can show you the nanotechnology in your body and the bodies of your children and grandchildren.
However, nanotechnology, adhering to the neurotransmitters of the human brain, interfacing with electromagnetic low frequency waves, is not necessary for CIA/DIA Mind Control technologies to work effectively. It is, however, necessary for training research and development to work effectively in a real world environment through the torture and assassination of innocent men, women and even children, currently known as ‘TARGETED INDIVIDUALS’.
For those of us, as current targeted individuals, who already have knowledge on how far this corrupt perverse and depraved American Government will go to violate even basic human rights, we can at least prepare ourselves accordingly, mentally and spiritually, before this satanical program (satanic ritual abuse, neuroscience, psychology, etc.) evolves into becoming an ultimate beast – worldwide system, consuming everyone in its path.
To those who have yet to awaken, it will be a rude and dreadful awakening that will surely leave them more vulnerable to the government’s slave mind control systems and fear tactics, simply because the ‘sheeple’ won’t even have time to prepare themselves and know what hit them until it’s too late!
Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment is now to large in scope and scale to escape the notice of local and federal authorities. The Intelligence Agencies are behind it. This is because Neuroscience is no longer just a field of medicine. It has crossed the threshold of medical science and is now a chief weapons platform for the major intelligence agencies of the world. It’s too late to stop it.
The problem is that for many targeted individuals it’s already past too late. When the cognitive model (copy-cat parallel twin personality) is complete inside the database that the victims brain is remotely tied to, death will come quickly, not slowly. First social death. Then emotional death. Next psychological death and, finally, physical death. In that order. It would have been better for them to have experienced physically death by itself than to lose their eternal soul (Will, Intellect and Emotion) in the process.
The spirit of man is metaphysical. Not the Soul of Man (personality), which although possessing metaphysical elements, is intrinsically tied to the neuronal circuitry of the human brain.
If governmental authorities ask you to harass, stare at, distract, interrogate, and otherwise torment seemingly ordinary people, then know for a certainty you are willingly or ignorantly helping to physically and spiritually destroy innocent men, women and children for training research and development in mind control technologies and God will cast you into Hell for it.
Gods Word guarantees it!
Former U.S. DoD Contractor (ITT Industries) Bryan Tew
Gary Rayner: vor 1 Woche: DJT-phoney clouds.
J P: vor 1 Woche: GOD help us.

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