Forbidden Archaeology They Would Rather You Didn't Know About

“Forbidden Archaeology They Would Rather You Didn’t Know About”
“These bizarre artifacts might indicate ET beings may have visited our planet in ancient times. These strange discoveries belong to an unknown culture so old that it may have given rise to the rest of the pre-Hispanic cultures we are more familiar with. The artifacts have engravings that could be an alien language. Victor visited the area where these enigmatic pieces were found and he’s seen the remains of an ancient settlement that seems to be from an advanced civilization. He has spoken with the people who found these enigmatic pieces and met a collector who has more than 1,200 related artifacts.”
“Al Murray: vor 1 Monat: Please do not forget that the majority of established scholars will resist any findings which challenge the status quo. As their reputations and income depend on the said status quo.
We are discovering more and more sites every day, especially with the aid of space borne mapping equipment, and the old guard is being challenged, They [the established scholars] have the funding and support of the governments who may not want these questions answered at this time.
Our history is far richer than anyone could have imagined, I hope in time, that more open minded scientists and researchers do due diligence to these new findings, but the going will not be easy, and the blow back will be severe.
Much respect to those who dare.”
“Ilkka Friman: vor 1 Monat: Lidar technology revealed maya civilication much more wider that they been telling us. Jungles are full of cites and pyramids.”
“Red Dead Ultimate: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): It really shows how pathetic and corrupt our current system is, constantly having to rig history because it´s not what society wants it to be, sad stuff.”
“Sparky Runner: vor 1 Monat: Don’t worry about your English we don’t even understand each other sometimes !”
“keith king: vor 3 Wochen: Mexico’s government doesn´t deny Ufo’s or most governments for that matter. The problem is the USA.”
“Angela: vor 3 Wochen: You’re brave to face the spiders and scorpions.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 28.77.2019: Stones don´t lie….

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