“Alex Jones exposes Elon Musk’s rollout plan to put brain chips in the mainstream public in 2020.”
“In the 1960s they were putting wires in the peoples brains psychiatric facilities, but now they are doing it on a mass scale.”
“Top Behavioral Scientist ..head up groups of DARPA testified before congress..that Google is basically a giant AI social engineering system to control and run our lives and then it manages every faster of what we do, in a giant reeducation camp setting and that facebook is now breaking into reeducation camps…most in the group will be ai bots that talk to you, instruct to you, but you aren´t told that they are robots…they will give people ..free money if they behave themselves in the giant reeducation camp…internal facebook docs…google..how they unconsciously control you and then it´s like a group session aka a reeducation camp..and from Germany to United States many liberal cities are banning single family homes ..and everyone is going to live in group communal..hahaha ..in China they call it the giant leap forward. ”
“Apples big project is brain chips.”
“What was once fiction quickly becomes fact.”
“As this technology evolves can we merge man and machine without losing some of our humanity?”
“So the vampire is telling you this is the end of mankind…all the trojan horsing, all the background, all the oppression, all the control, all, allof this and in fact the cell phones in this country are killing us, making us depressed, making us alone, making us suicidal. In scientific american it is reported that cellphone radiation (Mind Control by Cellphone) is able to be fluctuated to mind control you..the documentary on the cia..that´s what the cell towers are already doing..so we are in a giant experiment. And the people who are running it want to be God, they are psychotic, they are mad scientists, ..every comic book villain is a mad scientist.., the nazis were run by a bunch of mad scientists, they were funded by the United States and British Intelligence and we are just marching into it..there were human clones for probably 70 years.”
“China is giving birth to humanoids, they are not humans, they are called humanoid or human-like creature. That´s not a human.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 22.7.2019: Remember bitchute is also part of the “Cloud14” club…not a serious independent free video hoster…all social networks and video hosters who are under Cloud14 should be met with suspicion, corporate nwo cartel mainframe server, especially for the global Zombiehost Trojan Implants deployed by logging into the criminal corporate plutocratic military shadowgov censor mainframe of Zion called FaceBUG. (Facebook)
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