Females mostly run ritual abuse, gangstalking and human trafficking. There I said it.

Conspiracy Revelation: 11.7.2019: They erased/censored your video about abdominal swellings induced by directed energy weapons…they want to erase their evil traces of how they try to genocide white people…the Zion-Nazi-Bolshevic-Alphabet-Pentagon Inc evil of the World. God/dess will get them anyway. The Holy Spirit is on Mission and Karma and Nemesis will come to them. They also erased the Video of Jeff Rense from 2010 about the Satanic Evil Plot to destroy Christians. Whereby it is clear that most EU/US-Christians are part of a nazionistic satanic cult and not followers of Christ/Krishna Consciousness and True Enlightenment.
“Females mostly run ritual abuse, gangstalking and human trafficking. There I said it.”

“Katrina Maria:
Am 15.01.2019 veröffentlicht
The decency of a society mostly rests on the culture and attitudes of its women. Women have been inverted and blinded therefore our world has too. They are the real Trojan Horse behind these covert crimes. Jezebel spirited gang stalking and ritual abuse. Also the correlation with kids bullying other kids as a result.”
“If you’re not mentally strong you can become very depressed…it’s all being done on purpose and I know that they’re going after who they consider the divine Queens or divine goddesses which is really basically just revelation 12 or 13 the woman with the Sun Moon and stars basically the Queen of Heaven but not the inverted Queen of Heaven that they worship it’s the woman who’s god-fearing and who you know has a good heart and you know just does the right thing all the time versus a revelation 17 woman who’s the harlot and the whore, it’s just a battle between those two for dominance you know and unfortunately one’s got the Jezebel spirit and it’s just out of control
and it also has to do with going after the seed of the of the woman ..the earlier revelation woman
a good woman who they consider the moon goddess I figured out this correlation between the earth goddess and the moon goddess now I’m not a goddess worshipper at all, I’m not into all that stuff but this is just how I’m seeing it from like the cults perspective and unfortunately sometimes we have to look at things from like the perspective of
our enemy to understand their psychology and why they do things so anyway so and they also talk about the dragon going after the seed of the woman…the children of the Jezebel spirited you know like it’s multi-generational so
they’re being raised up to even go after like little like satanic baby soldiers after the kids at school who are of God, so the bullying and the gang stalking is starting even younger than then you know ever before ..but from what I’ve seen personally I’ve seen kids that were normal and good all of a sudden in one summer become like ratchet little Psychopaths, like there’s just something wrong with them, it was very weird so and I thought it was maybe isolated but now that I’m seeing the kids you know in the news and reported stories and and how their
families go to administration at the schools and say hey there’s massive bullying going on they have evidence and
proof and nothing is being done because you know who runs the schools I mean basically they’re infiltrated with you
know operatives from the cult, so the rituals are even being done on a mass level within the schools I mean
it’s like everywhere now we’re before it was more it was more isolated and I think between you and I think it has a
lot to do with the all the electronics, I know that now with the MKULTRA and stuff, that they don’t necessarily have to do a lot of hands-on ritual abuse that they used to have to do in the previous generations because technology can just go in and mess up those brain waves and they can do psychic driving much easier now than they could before and..see I’m just seeing things that is a bigger picture because I know how it all works and like even like the older kids 25, 26 year old kids now they don’t know how to cook they call things adulting like what is that oh I can’t I can’t do adulting today, are you kidding me like you just grow up and then you take care of yourself what the fuck you talking about but I realize that that within these called families that there has to be a dependence on each other, so keeping the kids at home till they’re 30 years old, you know and keeping them
dependent on the matriarch of the family is imperative and financially it just kind of like in an arrested state of
development is basically what’s going on but it’s so they can control these kids, so they can use them you know with the mind control operations, they don’t even know that they’re under mind ontrol .. this was put in
place back years and years ago at NORAD and it’s called Alex Janus programming and it’s endtime programming which is
why we’re seeing so many people who are you know again like the left-right paradigm and how everything is chaos and
how they they don’t know really what they’re fighting for.
…but this new crop that’s come up it’s almost like they’re
little like homegrown terrorists in a way, like these little kids they were like raised as kids on this technology
and just had their brainwaves messed with and probably also had their brains altered, the chemistry altered, to turn
them in these violent little Psychopaths. ..I mean it just there’s so many different places that this can go into where like even like when I was in the psychic community and
there’s all these like beautiful like vegan yoga people and they’re like traveling and they’re in the woods all the time and they’re all like happy and joyous and peace and love but if
you’re not one of them if you’re it’s because they’re the nature the the earth gods and goddesses basically if you’re
not one of them they will hunt you and kill you down and turn on you in the vicious ways possible and I also think
that this bad life thing and and living in your van and and and all that I personally think that it has to do with gang stalking because like they can be mobile and they can go anywhere you know and that’s really what I think it has to
do it I think it has to do with ritual abuse training, things like that, because I thought about who the fucking one wants to live in Van…now I mean as cool as it looks it looks like a cool travel option but full-time living in a Van versus like I mean like I could see an RV but what they’re doing is they’re
downsizing everything making homes portable, so they can be basically moved corralled to other other places. I’ve met
gang stalkers who’ve tried to have me … come to their house and stand their property and they always have these like big farm kind of properties and they call it hosting and
they’re like yeah well we host people all the time and I’m like but you’re supposed to be targeted individual, we don’t host anyone.”
“I think women and children are the Trojan horses of gang stalking, I think they’re the ones that look the most
helpless a lot and and they actually can be the most diabolical, because they don’t look like they’re dangerous, but when they’re raised in these families they are.”

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