Breaking ITCCS Global News: Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity – June, 7,2019

“Breaking ITCCS Global News: Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity – See attached youtube and Documents. Friday June, 7,2019”
“A Breaking Global News Communique from The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)Friday, June 7, 2019
Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity”
“New York and Vancouver:
Twenty one high officials of Church, State and Business in Canada were issued a Public Indictment and Summons today that charges them with Crimes against Humanity. The twenty one individuals are required to appear before a Public Tribunal of Inquiry in Vancouver on September 16.
The Tribunal is sponsored by a coalition of human rights groups and international observers under the auspices of the ITCCS. (Copies of the Summons and Indictment are attached).
Named in the Indictment and Summons issued today are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Governor General Julie Payette, the Vatican and Chinese Ambassadors to Canada, the heads of the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the CEO of PetroChina Ltd. and the top clerics and officials of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.
The Indictment charges that the persons named “have willfully planned, committed, concealed and aided and abetted intentional genocide including the imprisoning, harming, trafficking, exploiting, torturing and ritual killing of indigenous men, women and children, the violent occupying and exploiting of indigenous lands and resources, the active defrauding of the Canadian people and the obstructing of justice”.
The Tribunal has the mandate and authority to convene a follow up Common Law Court to actually prosecute and sentence the persons named in the Indictment, depending on the Tribunal’s findings.
The convening of this Public Tribunal of Inquiry was prompted this past week by the Canadian government’s public admission that it perpetrated genocide on indigenous people within its own borders. Under international law and specifically the United Nations Convention on Genocide, to which Canada is a signatory, once that crime has been admitted and proven, Canada and guilty individuals must now be prosecuted and punished for genocide, regardless of their rank or office.
“Mounting evidence indicates that genocide in Canada is not a thing of the past but continues to target indigenous populations, especially on the west coast” said the North American ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett today.
“Our investigations reveal an active complicity between the Trudeau government and Chinese corporate interests that are wiping out aboriginal families across British Columbia to secure their lands and resources. This assault includes child trafficking and murder through a network known as the Twelve Mile Club which involves senior church, business, government and military officials. We believe that the recent media posturing by the Trudeau government and its so-called Missing Women’ Inquiry is an attempt to conceal the true genocide going on and the extent of its own complicity in that crime.”
The Tribunal has requested that United Nations Peacekeepers and Observers be present at the September 16 Inquiry to ensure the safety of the proceedings and its personnel, including Kevin Annett, who was illegally detained by Canadian government operatives on May 15. International forensic specialists will work with the Tribunal to exhume alleged mass graves of children identified by eyewitnesses.
Regular reports of the work of the Public Tribunal of Inquiry will be issued at (“ITCCS Updates”) and live every Sunday at 6 pm eastern on .
Issued 7 June, 2019by The Directorate of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its affiliates /
Summons and Indictment PDF”
“Vatican To Be Removed from UN (Stop 007)”
“Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007: Live übertragen am 11.06.2019
Kevin Annett reports about the process to remove the Vatican from its seat at the United Nations.”
brillbilly: ​but will they ever get them to Court?
iabd: ​many court are part of this crap too and infested…
iabd: ​UN is also corrupt…
MacsHeadroom Show: ​UN needs investigations…
brillbilly: ​UN address 666 united nations plaza…says so much as to who’s behind it.
Everything Truth: ​​The Vatican must return all the gold and silver they stole from native Americans in the last 500 years.
Maureen Callahan: ​Burn the Vatican to the ground.
kali koka: ​west coast is home of the rainbow warrior?
Alan Stordal: ​the lunatics are running the asylum…
Serene Christine: ​United nations adopted blasphemy laws last november please be careful.
iabd: ​when UN and governments talk about PEACE the meaning behind that word is PEACE for their criminal asses to do anything they want.
Leandro De Sousa: ​nanobots in water,air,food and everything.
“I keep measuring more and more people if you really want to drill into the heads of these police officers why they
have to first of all stand down second of all you know put down what’s most likely Masonic uniform and eventually
switch sides if you know for $10 you can buy an ultraviolet torch they can just and take a little you know makeup mirror and if they can with this ultraviolet torch when it’s shown on their face if their pupils light up
bright green they have an eye implant they have already been sold into human trafficking and weapons development by
the Crownn, they are crown property and I have found independent journalists and Germany for one is a crown
colony and many people don’t know that but in Germany the the the journalists have Eye implants and they didn’t know
it.. so there are certain professions that are high-risk and .. people don’t believe when I’m saying this but … in the middle of your eye there’s a hole and it should be a hole it should not be a fluorescent surface that’s bright green, so I think the people have been implanted are typically police officers, of course agents and pilots anyways, since the 60s, but all police officers, all judges and all lawyers, because these are professions that are kind of very crucial for the front professions for the cartel, so it’s in the interest of the cartel and what they I think starts doing because you will see that the police in England has a camera on their vest is that they’re slowly read leading the police onto you know Eye implants and non-stop monitoring, but the big fat truth is that this
camera toy, big toy thing, on the police vest, it’s just a show and the real camera is in their eyes, but it means
that the Lockheed Martin software pools what they are seeing 24/7 salsa at home in the bedroom and at first when you tell people they don’t believe you but eventually… I think things will start working and I’m absolutely serious, I am really convinced, my base assumption is that all the police officers we would be meeting in the streets , will already have been implanted, because they are Crown property, they are crown slaves without knowing.
(Katherine Horton)(2019)(11.6.)
One of the things we found in the course of our work is that native people were used very early on in the Indian hospitals for these experimental devices, they could do it first to Indians under the law, because their wards of the state they are children under the law, they have no independent legal status, that’s still the case under
the Indian Act of Canada and so native people when we’re talking about their their crimes that we’re gonna be
documenting and have documented a murder by decree already murder by decree calm is in the Indian hospitals these
techniques of implants were being perfected as far back as the 50s and 60s and so you would be a priceless witness
and presence at this tribunal to give solid scientific evidence about this and we’d like to invite you to do that for sure. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)
Well, I would love to do that yeah… I mean I have testified in several court cases on here in Europe and I continue to do so but the other thing I would like to stress at this point is ..from Dr. Raunie Kilde and was sadly murdered by…Norwegian Intelligence but.. what she said she brought presented a paper and I think the 33rd conference of military medicine and Helsinki which I think happened in the year 2000 and in the paper the write-up, she also mentioned that the very first implant, which was actually a brain implant put into a woman, was put in in the year 1874, not 1974, but 1874, so in..the middle of the Victorian age in Ohio, so you already had in the 19th century in the Victorian age experimentation with this and we always have to remember that really advanced active the Vatican Intel, the super organization above all our Intel agencies as Vatican Intel or the Jesuits and this
conglomerate and they have a secrecy are a classification period of 75 to 100 years so if they thought you know talking officially about brain implants in the 1970s you can be sure they already started researching them in
the 1870s, so I am surprised to come over there. (Katherine Horton)(2019)(11.6.)
Well, this is also very relevant to another aspect we’re gonna talk about which is the whole move now to expel the Vatican and it’s naturally gonna take great impetus from what’s going on in Canada because of course the Vatican was the prime force behind the establishment of genocide in Canada and they’re still profiting off it in a big
way and including with the human trafficking the organ trafficking heavily invested in Big Pharma and they
and the interests that are traditionally used native people experimentally in these hospitals that kind of thing but
what’s happened most recently is some of these NGOs that we’ve been working with for a few years have been very loathed to take on the Vatican, because the extent of its power, for example, even though it’s not a nation, as defined by the Montevideo convention of 1933, which is what they use as the the yardstick for determining ..whether
a state is actually a state, the Vatican doesn’t qualify for any of the four conditions, but it’s in there anyway,
it was never invited in, it was never elected, it was never voted to bring it in, it sits on all sorts of committees and it blocks legislation all the time, it stopped for example human rights legislation which would protect certain minorities, homosexuals..they made sure that the International Criminal Court is not extending its mandate to ..
cover those kinds of groups, make sure that the history of the genocide for example they the wiping out of a million
Serbs by the Vatican in the 1940s in Croatia all of that is they’re making sure none of that’s ever raised with you
and well there’s no other group at the UN who’s able to openly flaunt the UN Charter and violate conventions over and over, besides the Vatican and there’s no reason for it to be there and it’s also a criminal body, operating within the UN, it’s violating the Convention on torture, by trafficking and raping ..because of their’s continually violating the charter and the rights.. and yet no one ever takes them on on this well that’s not true anymore there’s now a movement foot to say on this basis not only should the Vatican what they call the Holy See that’s their diplomatic arm not only should they be expelled and the papal nuncios in every country expelled, but all of the money the Vatican has earned off genocide has to be repaid to the people of the world, including by the seizure of Vatican property, banks, whatever and the richest corporations in the world. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)”
“On that basis alone there’s no compensation necessary, we have not only the financial, but the moral obligation and under law the right to cease any Catholic Church property and Anglican United, the ones who are in Canada who were involved in this as well Church of England Church of Rome and their subsidiaries seize their property and assets arrest our officers and it’s got to come from We the People, because governments will only go so far, even dissident elements in government and NGOs will only go so far we have to continually be the force we ourselves and so that’s why we emphasize so much about the common law training the training of common law sheriffs and that kind of things, so we’re really going to be ramping that up over the next three months leading in September. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)”
“In common law don’t forget it as universal jurisdiction and it’s especially important and useful when you’re taking on an entire system of power which in effect is a corporation but to be in a relationship with the corporation and enter into a commercial lien with them you have to be in some kind of contractual relationship, right? That’s part of our power, because we never signed on with any of these two Corporations that are posing as governments or churches, therefore they have no power over us, so their entire relationship with us is fraudulent in the first place and one of the basis of natural law, and this goes back to the Justinian code.. in the 6th century, it says fraud vitiates, which means nullifies, all agreements, so once we prove fraud there’s not even a
need for a commercial lien under common law you can then leak lawfully go and seize it all yourself you don’t have to go through any court you can do that as a flesh-and-blood man or woman and the
what the common law court does give you sanction publicly to do that and if enough people do it you become that power that’s the point, so it’s not it’s not about pieces of paper it’s
about people awakening to their power and acting on it. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)”
“The stand on order being issued to the police of politicians the judges military and the civil servants
in Canada they are presently protecting convicted criminal society called the Crown of England and they’re themselves engaged in a crime for that reason they required to immediately stand down from that from their oath of office of allegiance same thing applies to Catholic priests they have to nullify the religions the Pope otherwise the full weight of the law can fall on them as well and people are beginning to waken up to that fact and so what we’re finding is… it you reach a critical mass and then the whole thing falls apart and I feel these days we’re almost kind of right on the the cusp of that but right on the Tippie and it just takes a little bit more effort and that’s why I say to people watching this don’t get the impression that did you’re one person that one person Cabot can have a tremendous impact if you’re at the right moment and the right place with the right ammunition and you know like a match dropping into a gunpowder barrel right it it will ignite and we can judge when or where that’ll be we just have to keep persistent, because one day that’ll happen and we’ve seen that happen over the last 25 years in our work has happen again and again and it’s happening now as we speak, so we can take hope from this and be even more determined, based on all of this we’re talking about today. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)“
“Kevin but, I’m sorry, this is my radioactivity monitor, what I’m saying is that um…what many
people misunderstand is that they think that systems are linear so it means that the past thinking we’ve or the five past five years or the past yeah as a predictor of what’s gonna happen the next year in the next five years because
they assumed that the rate of changes is linear so it’s constant you know but it’s not constant what we’re doing um so the physics that applies to the laws of physics are those four phase transition which is highly nonlinear and it’s when a system flips…networks are the most nonlinear things we have on the planet right they are like nuclear
explosions in a sense, so things go viral and things like that..We have past the point of no return, we are now past the point and now things are starting to accelerate massively. (Katherine Horton)(2019)(11.6.)”
“Well, you know it got me thinking when you were talking as well that it’s often observed that in the last stages of any system that’s dying whether it be an empire a political regime whatever the
leaders the people at the top make decisions that are increasingly self-destructive Barbara Tuchman the historian talked about that in looking at the policies of the European powers
just before World War one and that led to revolutions and everything collapses of kingdoms all over the world World War one well it’s true now we’re seeing the same thing when we talked about Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, saying yes, the quote he said: it was genocide, genocide happened here, it was genocide! Now why would a ruler ever admit that, it isn’t just because he’s he’s doing something in a political panic although that might have been a factor it’s also because his own thinking is shifting it’s coming around it’s because so many of those of us didn’t say child abuse we said: genocide, genocide, genocide, it’s true, it’s permeated even the minds of the elites and now they realize that yeah they can’t deny it anymore but then their whole legitimacy falls apart, because under their own laws Trudeau should now be in jail, so we’ll do the job for the system we’re happy to do that put him away, but the point is that that’s a sign of a system coming
down and that’s true not just in Canada, but all over the world. (Kevin Annett)(2019)(11.6.)“
“When you comprehend that you have been loaded in with all your implants into a giant, absolutely massive ginormous artificial intelligence computer simulation that will decides the point
of your death, right, that’s when most people say: hang on, I’ve never signed up to that, when it’s about their own ass, so to speak and unfortunately, fortunately the technology put into people is very easy to find at this point and so many people have very kind of old technology that is blindingly obvious to find, so you just have to get these people to realize that they are screwed already to get them on board..and it’s this ..I think is going to benefit you massively. (Katherine Horton)(2019)(11.6.)”
“Roland Pfeffinger: vor 3 Tagen: The UN is Jesuits controlled anyway, just like The EU, Nato etc.. so Leuren Moret.
Mykie S: vor 2 Tagen: This Marxist “pope” is NOT a man of GOD.
Gentile Defence Initiative: vor 2 Tagen: Meanwhile the ethnic cleansing of white european territories continues to this day.
The take down of an entire system(s) of power.
Jeannette Street vor 2 Tagen: Fraudulent power, where Roads Lead To Rome. Octopus. Fraud Vitiates All Agreements.
(vitiate: destroy or impair the legal validity of) – We The People sanction The Arising of the Common Law court(s).
And The take down of legal court(s) system – Evil legal Fraudulent power. So Help Us The Lord.
#PopeFrancis #Fraud #Vatican #UN The weight of the People is coming to you.”
“Елена Михеева: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): If it comes to seizing the Vatican proprties, its library has all sorts of docs and patents hidden from public knowledge, that should be taken care of. Chances are its treasures of practical knowledge will be hidden again in some other vaults belonging to the Rockefellers etc. Most likely its library is being cleared at this very moment.”
“Karen Dickson: vor 3 Tagen: Would love to attend the public tribunal in Vancouver!!”
“warmsunny today: vor 4 Tagen: Vatican also hid the Nazis in North and South America by having the Nazis become priests, with new surnames to hide the Nazis priests identities.”
“warmsunny today: vor 4 Tagen: Here is an example of a Nazi hidden as a priest, and then the priest sexually abuses over 30 girls. This man was a Nazi Scientist in Concentration Camps.”
“A Ahr: vor 4 Tagen: Why the pains? Why do they attack private areas? Why the noises? Why do they insult, talk about traumas etc?”
“Edward Hinds: vor 4 Tagen: This is probably what they are doing to those who are incarcerated in the us industrialized prison complex.”

203580cookie-checkBreaking ITCCS Global News: Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity – June, 7,2019
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