3 UFO's fly by the international space station

“This footage was recently filmed from the International Space Station viewport, on 21 February 2019.
An astronaut on board of the ISS recorded 3 triangle UFOs flying in straight line.
What’s very interesting is that these triangle UFOs flew by the ISS in matter of seconds, which mathematical show us that it can’t be space debris.
We start to see these object recorded by ISS and not only more often, could it be part of UFO disclosure?”
“3 UFO’s fly by the international space station”
“UFO Today
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On the 21nd of February 2019 an astronaut on board of the international space station filmed 3 UFO’s from the spacestation viewport. These 3 mysterious objects passed the international space station in a straight line. When we zoom in on these objects they seem to triangular in form. One seem to change into a butterfly formation. What’s important is that these object flew by the international space station in matter of seconds. The mathematical possibility that 3 pieces of space debris fly by the ISS in a straight line and appear very similar is close to ZERO. We don’t know what these objects are but we know that astronauts are capturing these UFO’s on film all the time. Could it be that this is part of UFO disclosure?

“Allan Peter Barker TR-3B.
Ben Guillen Space force.
Trevor Irish American UFO ‘s.
Suzi Comeau: Why does everybody say the tr3b??? I’m not refuting the fact that a tr3b exists. I do however have a question. If these craft are based on reverse technology then isn’t it plausible that there are triangle crafts that are from Alien Origins??? Triangle craft have been reported since at least the 1800s! Yet only the tr3b exists??? I’m sick and tired of people saying that it’s just the tr3b. You don’t know you weren’t there and unless you’re involved with the black projects, then how do you know? Are you part of the know or are you just part of the sheeple? A wannabe know-it-all??!
Suzi Comeau: ..I can’t deny it I’m a little passionate about this subject. Specifically the triangle craft. I saw a triangle craft in 2013. If I was Michael Jordan I could have jumped and touched it it was so close it was like 3 to 4 stories above my Neighbors house and my house. Long short of it no I could not get a photo. With all the technology in the world and yet I couldn’t get a damn picture. I would have been a millionaire I’m sure of it. But it was seamless there were no lights underneath it like you see and other images with the three lights and then the center light. There were no sockets where the lights would go. I was pretty much directly underneath it. It had a scalloped Edge on one side of straight edge on the other. And it was completely silent. No sound whatsoever. It was broad daylight summer Blue Sky sunny day not a cloud in the sky. Both 4:30 in the afternoon in August. It was flat black . It was so black it was like it absorbed light. It’s so hard to describe but, it was just slowly very very slowly gliding across the sky straight as an arrow not wobbling in any way it’s hard to describe in text. I don’t believe that this is man-made I just don’t. I truly believe that these things are like bio organisms or entities of some sort. I don’t want to sound two out there but almost like Transformers idea. They are alive. If there are tr3b s that have been man-made, I believe their reversed technology based on the alien original. Like I said these craft have been seen and reported since the early 1800s. So why is it not plausible to be the real thing? ..I live in a house, in the city, in Edmonton Alberta Canada! I can’t imagine why a top secret Black Project craft would be hovering over my house broad daylight middle of summer everyone to see. However I do feel like I was the only one who saw it, no reports were ever made… I just want to add one more note my husband believes that the reason why I saw it and maybe nobody else is because I was apart of its cloaking system is the best way I can put it. Because I was so close to it. If that makes sense to you or anyone reading this. The other thing I experienced burns on my face, my forehead, my cheeks, nose area. I didn’t realize what they were until much much later. I’ve Been Told bet it’s possible they were radiation Burns.
Tamara Arnold: Suzi Comeau ……Amazing! The same thing happened to me one early evening in 2012, 2 crafts, black as black can be, what looked like portholes on the sides, they were triangular in shape…..Just above my house, headed toward BISHOP AIRPORT, FLINT MI….HUGE! They were soo big, and so silent, just gliding along. If I were on the roof of my house I could have touched it, they were that low. I couldn’t move……Not even to go grab a camera. Reported it to M.U.F.O.N , back then I was a member, now I question their validity. I think they are working with our good ole government. Thanks for sharing your story!
Marie Stevenson How come this isn’t on the news 😂
Caroline Seely Wake up folks!!You’ll never hear about this on the “news”
Michael Coddington I really believe they belong to us.

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