Rethinking Reality: The Age Of The Revealing | Dr. Robert Cassar

Rethinking Reality: The Age Of The Revealing | Dr. Robert Cassar
“This is real simple we should all go ahead and see that we’re done with the duality game and we should also really realize that the ancients were right, we are in the transformation stage right now, from what you could say: from caterpillar to butterfly okay remember the caterpillar is the duality it’s fighting with everything it’s eating and destroying everything we since the 1987 to 2012 time that was humanity that has cocooned itself and started the metamorphosis, started the metamorphosis into the butterfly and remember the caterpillar makes a cocoon encapsulates itself and liquifies its DNA. liquifies its DNA to become reborn again in a new genetic code, this is the symbolism of this new constellation the constellation of love and power is one the constellation of of
becoming more of an authentic Earth Stewart because why because you’re connected now to yourself connected to the planet connected to a lot of things, so that means that now you see what you’re supposed to be able to do is protect and serve the planet the creatures the people everybody is supposed to protect and serve, so this is a beautiful thing what a what a new game we’re walking into the only problem is that we’re gonna have to learn how to evolve not only just the way we think the way we act but actually the way our DNA is, there are many programs for you to follow to be able to step up to the next layer of health, wealth and happiness and that’s fine, but once you really see the big picture to become more human, means you have to actually become more conductive to the
three-strand possibility of you becoming 3 strands of DNA from two strands of duality, three strands of DNA would be, maybe, we will be closer to Lord Buddha, Krishna, Orion, or master has ..Jesus
Christ, all of these may be three strands third strand means that maybe were not gods, but maybe were just future humans , humans of the future, look what we can become, this is why I’ve put together the terrain modification protocols these protocols will change your life.”

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