The Anunnakis and longevity of the human species

“The Anunnakis and longevity of the human species”

“A common characteristic of the ancient biblical patriarchs is the incredible longevity. According to the Bible, in fact, Adam lived for 930 years, Set (third son of Adam and Eve) reached 912 years, Methuselah lived for 969 years, dying seven days befor that his nephew Noah (who reached 950 years) saw the beginning of the Great Flood.
If the biblical story could be taken literally, how could it be that in just over 4 thousand years (the year of Great Flood, as well as the death of Methuselah, it is estimated to be 2104 BC) the life of men has reduced by a good 90%, despite the progress made in the field of nutrition, medicine and in general of living conditions?
According to the fan of the “ancient astronauts” theory the cause is linked to an even older myth than the biblical one, that of the Annunakis, the ancient Sumerian Gods whose list is contained in a clay tablet dated around 2400 BC.
Annunakis, term that identifies a “princely descent”, are described for the first time in the cosmogonic poem Enuma Elis, litterally “when at the top”, where they talk about how god Marduk created Babylon ( “fisically” built by Annunakis), that would have been his home on Earth, and given rise to mankind to free the Annunakis from the labors that initially hung over them.
What have the Annunakis got to do with the Jewish Biblical patriarchs? According to the episode dedicated to the Annunakis of the successful television series “Ancient Aliens”, broadcasted by History Channel, also in Italy, they would have been ruled by two leaders, Enlil and Enki, in contrast to each other about the opportunity to save, or not, humanity from a global flood unleashed by Enlil.
In reality, the story is inaccurate, since in Babylonian mythology (in the poem Enuma Elish) Enlin, god of the atmosphere, and Enki, god of waters, both have a role in helping the gods to survive unscathed the universal flood threatened by Abzu and his wife Tiamat.
Overcome this threat while Enlil will rebuild the Garden of Eden, will be Enki to suggest to create the servants of the gods, the men, starting from the first of them, son of the same Enki (from whom he receives the gift of wisdom but not of eternal life), Adapa
It is true that in other Mesopotamian texts it is Enki who speaks to the Sumerian king Ziusudra and advised him to build an ark to save himself from the imminent deluge, while Enlil should have rebuked Enki (but this part, like that relating to the “instruction” given by Enki to Ziusudra on how to build the ark, are lost or heavily damaged).
Ziusudra would therefore be the figure that inspired the biblical Noah, receiving, like him, a divine warning about an imminent catastrophe but also the gift of immortality once the flood is over, thanks to a reconciliation that in the meantime took place between Enlil and Enki.
Several other Annunaki would have opposed or complained of the flood that, according to “Ancient Aliens” could have been overtaken by men (Ziusudra or Noah who have been) only through a spaceship, gone into orbit for the duration of the flood. According to some of the experts interviewed by the broadcast, a further interaction between humanity and the Annunaki would consist of a series of genetic experiments that would lead to the birth of some “hybrids”.
Could be Noah/Ziusudrao, Methuselah or the same Adam some of these “hybrids” endowed with extraordinary longevity? In the Sumerian “Royal List” they talk about kings who have ruled for hundreds or thousands of years: were they also semigods, or extraterrestrials “son” landed in Mesopotamia which then gave rise to humanity mixing hominid genes with Annunakis genes?
There is obviously no evidence, while there are plenty of evidence that the first known species of Homo Habilis appeared on the planet about 2 million years ago, from which about 1-1.5 million years ago the Homo Erectus derived. The Homo Sapiens, from which we descend directly, has instead made its appearance around 200 hundred thousand years ago, after a series of other unlucky evolutionary “attempts”.
AnnunakisOne of the hybridization experiments carried out by the Annunakis
The fact that the human species already inhabited the planet does not prevent us from hypothesizing that its genes may have been manipulated by a race of extraterrestrial “gods” to improve its characteristics, a hypothesis that would be well suited to the theory of ancient astronauts.
To think badly, however, it would seem a way to reintroduce, using the Annunakis “coverage”, the concept of creating men as a desired and driven event from some entity, god or extraterrestrials, instead of as a natural evolution from other animal families as science has already shown. But surely those who believe in the theory of ancient astronauts are not so naive, are they?”

“Annunakis: Sumerian tablets where the history of the Annunakis is engraved.”

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