Assimilation is critical to maintain Reptilian Agenda

“Assimilation is critical to maintain Reptilian Agenda”
“I wouldn´t say the most frightening thing I have seen but It is the most disconcerting feeling to witness that type of being showing himself from a humanoid to a crocodilian, the one I saw worked for NASA, it was during a meeting with the Andromedans and Draconians. The way they treat each other is heinous.”
“Creating Birthing systems that allows humans being born into a
more clinically or scientific way, cause remember, a lot of these reptilians are master eugenicists… They are hybrid masters, they hybridize everything from spiders, to people, birds, everything underneath the Sun.”
“Some of the Reptilians are asexual, some mate with females only at needed…they want to hybridize with humanoids, ..but still want to keep their reptilian qualities or their practices..kinda like nazis.”
“Draconians or Crocodilians have a very cold, non-emotional, very detached, they have very strong concentration… like they can concentrate for a very long time, have you ever seen alligators/crocodiles in the water, in Florida, they can stay there for hours, for days.. They have to have a lot of patience…so our educational system is very draconian.
..biobot-like..obtain information that is very biobot reptilian like quality..required to sit for 8 or 10 obtain information with a computer, which is very unnatural…Insectilian.”
“It switches your perception of what is reality…cause the simulation goes even further… We are living in an environment that has always being altered, based on the necessities of Reptilian dominating group on this Planet. They require for cooler air, they require for your complicity… we are all basically living in a simulated reality with these beings and blissfully unaware that they even coexist and that they are ruling over you via your government, your corporations, your family members, your head of households, your basic environmentalists, these are all draconians…we are at the end of their cycle, so there is a switch, it takes a while first, that´s why you see the burning of these big places, like churches and cathedrals and mosques and all that, that´s all agenda-based, that´s the fall of a old system and the uplifting of a new system, more mature-based…Draconians are more patriarchy…Religions are all forcing humanity to the practices of crocodilianism.
They are 4D..we are living out of 3D, we are living in 4D, we are on their plane-field, that´s why everything is being revealed, before we were underneath them, it was hard, only a few us were able to aspects of what was going on on 4D, 4D was another Dimension, that overlapped our 3D, so that´s why they dominated us from a position, without us really realizing they did, now that we have jumped up to the same plane level, they can´t superseed 4D, they have to stay there, once you rise to 5D and above, they aren´t even there, you are basically overriding their system at that point…Even though the Earth is female.. so we have had to assimilate to a male dominating system, that had disease…they considered the female to be a disease, dis-ease, based on females are more spiritually-based, they are more harmonic with nature…”
“They have a different requirement in oxygen, that´s why they have breathing issues, their hybrids have more issues, some of you have issues breathing the Air, because you are mixed with a lof of reptilian. You think it´s asthma that you have, but really you have crocodilianism or reptile qualities, because the air you are breathing is not what is you, it is not what you are breathe on your native need a different type of Air component, no shame, no shame, cause 99% of you are reptilians, incl myself. I have never denied…but you should come to terms with your species that many of you are mixed with, the majority of humanoids on this planet are mixed with reptilian, it doesn´t have to be draconian…So When you take a picture of them, they always have the red eyes..It´s the Draconians.. the Tall whites don´t have the red lace.”
“You think China is coming to fun..and they are technological advanced..all these different hightened forms of technology..because we are about to be assimiliated into a technologically controled system that will disallow you to human behavior..oh if you are too emotional, that is not workable in our system, you can´t be a droid, you can´t be robotic in our system, we either have to lock you up, which they do with all the indigenous men here, All the Alphas, All the Alphas, I love you. I think you Alphas are the most beautiful mating material on this Planet and it´s a shame that they take you out. I look forward to the shift, after the pole shift to see all Alphas come online, beautiful..They have locked up all the Alphas, because they can´t have that kind of emotional soldier, who is a human..protecting his females and his offsprings, they have to lock him up from childhood…any aggressive behavior, those are indigenous, they are aggressive.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 19.4.2019: Genius talk…I didn´t expect that.

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