Europeans Rising Up In Their Millions Against Globalist Ruling Class & Attempt To Block 5G Network Installation

ConspiracyRevelation: MJ12 Pseudo-Power-Rulers said that France is staged…what we need is some entity that can disempower the NWO Root of Evil… People must play outside the script of Zion…Zion can only work when it is in control of every piece of the planet (The classical rigged Mafia Casino / DoD Trojan in all Hardware Devices and all Brains), that was realized by DoD Nanotech Invasion Dispersion via Chemtrails plus Skynet PPAI Global Control Radiation their opinion…

“Thank god the masses are finally waking up and banding together 😁😁😁😁👌
Europeans Rising Up In Their Millions Against Globalist Ruling Class
Kim Omorrow We’ll see.
Jaeme Lee Grosvenor No they are all being manipulated … sorry
Nicola George Jaeme Lee Grosvenor not really”
“European citizens are rising up in their millions against a globalist ruling class determined to take away their rights. There is anarchy on the streets of France, with the revolution spreading to other countries, as mainstream media continues to suppress the scale of events.
France’s fuel protests have turned into anti-globalist protests as well. Under Macron’s leadership, taxes have increased enormously, and the former Rothschild banker has failed to protect the French people and their culture, instead labelling patriotism a “curse” and vowing to open France’s borders.
The protesters in France represent all working class people united, mobilized, and resisting the greed of globalist elites. Police involved are violently fighting against the people, including other first responders, and are protecting the interests of the ruling class.
It’s the same in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Their leaders run these countries like modern fiefdoms; making a profit at the expense of their citizens is seen by them as a success.
Violence in Paris continues: watch how #Police is beating up a protester.#France #Paris #Protest
But in the meantime some much more important issues are being ignored. An increasing number of people are worried about immigration, about poverty and about the future of their children.
Many of these people can’t be classified according to a political direction. They can be left or right, but most share at least one characteristic: They are hard working middle class people.
These people are barely represented in Western Europe. The media calls them xenophobes, the right and far-left anarchists and politicians don’t seem to listen to them as some of their parties are banned from government coalitions.
This democratic deficit leads to a tension that especially globalist politicians don’t see as they are focused on trade, the UN and international relations.
The story is completely different for Eastern or Central Europe. While being called authoritarian regimes by mainstream media and the EU, Hungary and Poland do seem to listen to their people.
A referendum in Hungary showed that 98 per cent of people don’t want migrants and refugees and the government accepted that.
Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said he would go to Brussels with that democratic result “to ensure that we should not be forced to accept in Hungary people we don’t want to live with”.
But in Western European countries dissatisfaction increases by the day. There were never referendums on accepting hundreds of thousand of refugees and it seems like a silent majority is done with having to deal with the horrible side effects.
Just like they are done with higher taxes and with globalist leaders who don’t put their countries’, but the EU’s, interests first.
As long as democracy fails its people the chances for a non-violent revolution are increasing as momentum is building up. It has been a long time since something as promising as the yellow vests protests showed up in Europe.
If Germany and the UK join France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the start of a working class revolution could be there.”
“Portland Officials Attempt To Block 5G Network Installation Over Health Risks”
ConspiracyRevelation: >Cancer is a Rockefeller invention, so are his Universities with outdated medical knowledge (Time Retardated Military-Industral-Exo-Complex-Truman-Show Matrix where 95% of the population are caught in the net of the Oil-Cartel Deception, but we not…we escaped)…and in the Underground Bunkers Level 5 they create their advanced nano bioweapons to keep the Pharma Mafia Pathocrathy in Power…Time to stop the Insanity.
“The city’s proposal also includes concerns over 5G’s relationship to cancer, something many experts claim does not exist.
It states, “radio frequency emissions generated by wireless technologies could contribute to adverse health conditions such as cancer.”
A National Toxicology Program (NTP) study showed evidence of 2G and 3G radiowaves causing cancer in rats. The study presents evidence that the two radio frequency may cause cancer in the heart and brain. You can read that study here.
Critics claim the researchers over-exposed the rats to the radio frequencies that no human would reasonably encounter. But that isn’t stopping Portland’s city officials, as well as numerous other towns and cities, from fighting 5G network installation. Parents in San Joaquin County, California accused 5G network towers of causing cancer in local schoolchildren.”
“Portland, Oregon city officials are setting up to run opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city… The city feels that 5G health risks are not well enough understood to warrant installations. Additionally, the federal government’s issues with telecommunications rules influenced the opposition movement.
“Portland 5g network block”
Wireless companies in the U.S. say they’ll have to install about 300,000 new antennas, close to the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades,” the city’s opposition proposal states. “This substantial increase in cell towers deployed in communities means greater contact with them.”

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