Statue of a Reptilian Humanoid in Peru

“Statue of a Reptilian Humanoid in Peru”
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The Mochicas considered the Iguana Man as a powerful character who helped to descend the dead and be the mediator between the world of the living and the dead.
​The Paseo Yortuque located in the province of Chiclayo in Peru, offers various representations dedicated to the ancient Mochica, among which stands out a statue of Morrop or the Iguana Man, former deity moche, related to death. Although the sculpture of Morrop has been represented using concepts of sculptors of the present time, its construction was based on the descriptions of the old Moche.”
Kurma Kundalini Tortoise Style:

Peru Retro-Saurioids & Snake-Humans & Naga-Dracs:

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