Archontic-Central: Japan / Reptilian Statues at Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan

“Archontic-Central: Japan / Reptilian Statues at Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan”
Not for nothing one says with “Funny” but “Spooky” Meme-Style at Facebook: “You have been pimped by Japanese Ghosts.”
Monstrous Paranormal Hosts with Telekinetic Reptilian Genetic Bases.
“Claude McGovern: vor 2 Jahren: This makes you think that maybe the myths weren’t just tales but the real deal.”
“vlad9vt: vor 2 Jahren: yes , myths not just tales.”
“Lotus Leila: vor 2 Monaten: They were/are for big big part I believe. Truth is stranger than fiction! ..”
“TruthRingzz808: vor 1 Monat: Yeah the ancient man was not lying about these creatures,they even left detailed drawings and statues of them.
Brian Race: vor 2 Wochen: Meet your gods!”
“howard pervall: vor 2 Jahren: looks like the demons explained in revelation that looked like toads or frogs.”
“jjungleee: vor 2 Jahren: I told you The Ninja Turtles are REAL!”
“Dannunaki: vor 2 Jahren: I’d like to know what the Feudal Era Japanese says about those Xenomorphs. It looks to me like the scroll of a mad scientist studying the results of gene splicing 500 + years ago.”
“joseph Buchan: vor 1 Jahr: In both the Chinese and Japanese mythological accounts, the Emperors descended from Dragons.”
“Lotus Leila: vor 2 Monaten: “Dragons” are the modern version of flying snakes of myths of ancient times.”
“SeekerofTruth29: vor 2 Jahren: Conan the Barbarian’s premise was about reptilians. Funny how these masonic bastards at hollywood throw stuff right in our faces and we think it’s just fantasy.”
“Dannunaki: vor 2 Jahren: Is this from Japan or The Island of Doctor Moreau?”
“StarFox85; vor 2 Jahren: shit vlad, looks scary and awesome
“Abhijit Desai: vor 3 Monaten: Its evident that Hollywood SciFi gets its fuel to run on from suppressed ancient history.”
“Lynwood Reed: vor 1 Jahr: These statues look very much like some that were found in the middle east!”
“MrLotrecht: vor 1 Jahr: The humans with Snakebody-just human head are a monster or demon in history from Japan.”
“Alamega Chris: vor 2 Jahren: wow the first Japaneses statue looks amazing.”
”JOHNNIE: LORD OF THE MungoidHen PEOPLE: vor 1 Jahr
That large brained dinosaur/reptilian Skull at 12:46.. Significant evidence that reptiles evolved large brain capacity. That is a good place to start with reptilians. It is theoretically possible they (have) evolved beyond us. I’m going to check under my bed.”
“vlad9vt: vor 2 Jahren: The legends is very ancient, were first legends from immemorial time … statues appeared later, in medieval period of Japan.”
“ThexBorg: vor 2 Jahren: Thanks again Vlad, all the history of the earth that is kept out of the public eye.”
“St.Germain: vor 2 Jahren: Humans and lizards share many genes, currently scientists try to activate these genes to create humans with much better healing abilities.”
“Kristopher Wood: vor 2 Jahren: I also believe that they live inside mountains.”
“Arizona Sunflowers: vor 2 Jahren: Yea, they look like turtles! Haha!”
“THE SERPENT KING: vor 2 Jahren: X Men movie poster.”
“Kristopher Wood: vor 2 Jahren: I totally believe that they walk amoug us.”
“Cyd Simone: vor 2 Jahren: Or are we repeating history…a radioactive mutant species caused by Fukushima happened before?”
Farming and Gardening in the South Southern View: vor 4 Monaten: Those are some ugly critters.”
“James Harder: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Testimonial from December 22, 2012 Mission City BC Canada — Thanks for ALL your posted videos especially this one. I live in BC Canada just west of Alberta and in 2012 I witnessed , albeit briefly, one of the REPTILIANS who stood about five feet tall and appeared almost exactly like the recreated Reptoid-humanoid based on the skull found in Alberta in the 1970’s. I had walked into my bedroom and saw it appear with greyish sort of skin rather than green. It looked surprised and flashed a hand down to it’s waist area as I wheeled around to confront or face it. The incident lasted about 1 second then before I turned and it vanished; whereupon my mind was filled with the white glowing imagery of a so-called spirit guide I believed was a ghostly friend for several years. Afterwards and still to this day neither the entity or any sort of visions of this spirit guide have ever returned. Principally I surmise this is because I’m a solitary practitioner of White Magic and I continue to hunt down and move out of body to seek more of these so-called ghosts, archons or reptilians. In reality their spirits are weak and they fear anyone who has the courage to face them eye-to-eye…”
“canadiankewldude: vor 1 Jahr: The Nagas of India remind me of the descriptions of the Nachash in ancient Hebrew writings.”
“shar san: vor 2 Jahren: same as Peru.”
“belia1313: vor 1 Jahr: The reptilians have been here since the beginning of time.”
“Candace Scrivner: vor 2 Jahren: Excellent selection wold wide almost.”
“Reedactalycious: vor 1 Jahr: Those are real…theyre mud fossils.”
“Ronaldo B: vor 2 Jahren: hypothetically speaking how long would a human like reptilian live for? what would be their life span ? a thousand years ?”
“Ed Ward: vor 1 Jahr: Those aren’t statues. They’re mudfossils of formerly living creatures. Petrified Reptilians. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction…”
“Anne-Marie Bourassa-Simoneau-Yazbeck: vor 11 Monaten:
Japanese people were not very sexy back then!”
“RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: Maybe Asians are half reptilian & whites?”
“vlad9vt: vor 2 Monaten: Mongoloids – other genes in dna, dna is responsible for everything, for hair color, for eye color, for skeleton shape, etc.”
“RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: @vlad9vt so everyone with Asian eyes are half reptilian. Interesting.”
“vlad9vt: vor 2 Monaten: @RudeBoySes – i not say that they reptilian .. they humans , but other DNA code (check in wikipedia, about Mongoloid and Negroid race)”
“RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: @vlad9vt I also heard whites are genetically created from pre-existing humans found on Earth by Aliens. Which explains why whites are so advanced.”

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