Return of Zeus, Vatican "Holy" Roman Nazion Crime Syndicate

Return of Zeus, Vatican “Holy” Roman Nazion Crime Syndicate.
“JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res (edited)
satanic illuminati ROTSchilds patented HEROIN 1874… The leader in Heroin Harvesting and Trafficking to this day.
Their Real last name is BAYER previously IG FARBEN Pharmaceutical who built all HITLERS Death Concentration Camps. Where JOSEF MENGELE and KARL KLAUBERG Gutted Humans. specialized in frozen sperm, sterilization fertilization abortion, artificial insemination & Genetics.
MERKEL is spawned from HITLER’S frozen Sperm, By Dr Karl Klauberg… of HOLOCAUST AUSCHWITZ. HITLERY is MERKEL’S 1/2 sister. Paternal Resemblance
Return of Zeus8
The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is in Rome at the Palazzo Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy. Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different than all other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. Members include King Juan Carlos of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy Prince of Naples, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, and Prince Jaime Count of Bardi. Prince Carlo Massimo is President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein who is the current Grandmaster of the SMOM. The Massimo family are controlling the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like monarchs. Other members include influential individuals in business, banking, and politics like Geoffrey T. Boisi who has been a top executive for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, member of the Trilateral Commission, and Trustee for the Papal Foundation. Another SMOM member is Joseph E. Schmitz who was Inspector General for the Department of Defense and an executive for the private military company Blackwater Worldwide now renamed Academi. Other Knights of Malta include the former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby.
Return of Zeus
The Pope of Rome claims temporal or physical ownership over the Earth under “Papal Primacy” and Canon Law. The Pope claims to reign over the air or specifically rule over the spiritual realm as the “Vicar of Christ”. The Pope claims to hold the “keys to the kingdom of heaven” and this is why the Vatican City flag uses a silver key and a gold key for its image. The Pope claims to own all souls under the doctrine of “Papal Supremacy”. The word Catholic by definition means universal or all encompassing. The Pope claims to be infallible from error under the doctrine of “Papal Infallibility”. Pope Francis replaced Joseph Ratzinger because of his training in multi tasking and connections with various groups and secret societies. Pope Francis is a Freemason from Argentina where many Nazis escaped too as well as a Jesuit Cardinal with close ties with the Zionists. I am not promoting the modern version of the Bible however in the Old Testament a chief prince and enemy of the Israelites is called Gog and Pope Francis’ real name is Jorge Mario Ber-gog-lio. Canon Law is really Canaan Law. The Canaanites were enemies of the original Israelites.
Pope Francis with the hand hidden under the coat and this is a masonic symbol known as the “master of the second veil” This refers to the hidden hand of power. From the Holy See Pope Francis is overseeing the secret societies and distributes payments to initiated members and cults as they carry out the Vatican’s agenda. The Holy See is the brain controlling the secret societies which are as arms creeping into society. The Vatican system is like a masonic Hydra or octopus machine reaching its tentacles into society and squeezing humanity into submission while it has one tentacle in the Bank for International Settlements using its wealth to oil this machine. The House of Saud are deeply involved in financing this agenda and funnel their wealth into Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements. The top princes of the Black Nobility manage the Holy See and have authority over the different secret societies which operate like serpentine arms. The European kingdoms are branches of Rome and the next stage of power with the British Crown as their top military and financial stronghold. The Black Nobility is the most ruthless organization on the planet and they are seeking complete human enslavement and global domination. They work closely with the other royal families and they are all unified in their plot for take over while they use the tactic of divide and conquer and the illusion of compartmentalization. They are not all powerful and they must be dealt with. When they are exposed and resisted without fear they are the ones that tremble in fear.
The word Holy derives from the Greek word Holos which means all. The Holy See is their All Seeing Eye. They have developed all modern electronics with microphones and cameras in them. Roman-Jesuit and British-Masonic agents are running the intelligence agencies in the United States and the Vatican and royal families are hacked into this intelligence network. From my understanding the Black Nobility and royal families have rooms with television screens in the basements of their palaces and can hack into any modern television, smart phone, and computer as well as other electronics and watch and listen in on anyone. I believe the German House of Hesse have been given full oversight through this network and operate as a back up for Rome. The Church of Scientology is also hacked into the electronic grid. Not only are the electronics spying on society but also radiating electromagnetic frequencies which can target minds and hack into a persons physiology. The electronic grid is an intelligence gathering system that is also weaponized.
Through the Human Brain Project based in Geneva Switzerland and owned and funded by the European Union they have developed neuro-robotics and neuro interface with the electronics. The European Union is based on the Treaty of Rome and was signed in Rome at Capitoline Hill. They can basically plug their minds into HAARP, computers, and other electronics which are radiating weaponized electromagnetic frequencies. Royal families with harps on their coat of arms specialize in this. The royal and noble families have access to this technology. So they can watch and listen to a person in the privacy of their own home and then also control the frequencies emitted from the electronics and target a person’s nervous system with electronic attacks on their minds and body. It is like a synthetic telepathy. The royal families and fully initiated members of secret societies have extreme God complexes. The monarchs believe it is their divine right to rule over others. Zionists think they are God’s chosen people. They call human beings cattle and sheep and have absolutely no respect for the life of others. The electronic weaponized grid is all based on Kabbalah and Hermeticism. Their electronic torture weapons are a subtle and unseen threat and one of the most destructive weapons that they have. They are enabled to do this because society has been progressively structured as fascist pyramidic institutions with the top pyramid in Rome.”
“Rothschild and Freemasons versus Medici and Jesuits”
Paula Coker: I don’t think Zionists think they are Gods chosen, I believe and from what I have read, they created the bible and this chosen race for the very purpose of domination. As they say, religions and cultures were created for governmental power and brainwashing. As there is no historical proof of the OT fables, one has projected that it could well be a blueprint for the future.
Ursula Camburn: I’m sure it’s not coincidence that Hitler went to Argentina & the Pope ma gog from Bonas aries , has something to do with the zodiac aries.
“Zeusian Revelations
Rome’s Criminal Network
September 10, 2017
Ahuwah Zeus
The Black Nobility own and run the Vatican, SMOM, Jesuits, KOC, and La Cosa Nostra. The European Monarchies like the British Crown are branches of Rome and they manage secret societies like the Freemasons which infiltrate government agencies and run corporations for the monarchs. The SMOM is the top military council and it works closely with the Orders of St John ran by Protestant monarchs. The Knights of Malta are the engineers of war. The royal and noble bloodlines are all working together as a global crime syndicate and part of the modernized Roman Empire. The Greek royal House of Glucksburg run the Greek fraternities and sororities and use initiates as their agents. The British Crown controls universities like Yale and Harvard and use them for recruiting Crown agents. Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators and use their universities for recruiting and training Vatican agents. Many Knights of Columbus are police officers, mayors, lawyers, and judges and they protect the Italian Mafia.
The Italian Mafia are enforcers for Rome involved in extortion, money laundering, murder, and drug trafficking; and they pay their dues back to the Sicilian Mafia which pay dues back to the Black Nobility. Court Jews like the Rothschild, Walton, Wallenberg, Warburg, and Dreyfus families serve the Roman Curia and royal courtrooms like Buckingham Palace and Stockholm Palace. The Holy See is the All Seeing Eye and operates as an intelligence network. The Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum means New Order of the Ages and is on the US dollar bill and US Great Seal. The Vatican uses Latin as an official language and for documents. The Black Nobility and other royal families have been concealing trillions in private banks in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican. The Swiss Cantons have been in contract with the Vatican for centuries and Switzerland is basically a papal state. Some top families in the Black Nobility include the Pallavicini, Colonna, Ruspoli, Aldobrandini, Odescalchi, Torlonia, Gaetani, and Massimo families.
Prince Carlo Massimo and Duke Leopoldo Torlonia are running the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Prince Carlo Massimo is the President of the Italian Association for the Order of Malta and is the one giving the orders. Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a top manager of the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators serving the Black Nobility authorized by the Farnese family’s Pope Paul III. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies family are the continuation of the Farnese family and Farnesis is engraved on the Jesuit’s headquarters called the Gesu Church of Rome. The Colonna family are running the Knights of Columbus and Colombo crime family. Colonna means column like Colombo and Columbus. The Massimo and Gaetani families own and run the Gambino crime family and Philadelphia crime family. The Massimo family also own and run the Casamonica mafia clan or Roman Mafia and the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari which still exists.
The Boncompagni-Ludovisi family run the Casalesi mafia clan which operates in their former dukedoms and also control the Bonanno crime family. The Adragna family of Sicily run many of the N’Drangheta factions along with the Gaetani family and the House of Adragna are part owners of Los Angeles crime family which was built up by the Dragna crime bosses like Jack Dragna. The House of Savoy own and run the Genovese crime family. Don Vito Genovese was from Naples and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the Prince of Naples. The Chigi-Albani family run most of the Albanian mafia like the Rudaj Organization. The Corsini, Medici, and Bonaparte families are the owners of the Union Corse or Corsican Mafia. The House of Windsor and German noble families run and finance various Neo-Nazi cults and Nazi propaganda while they also control many of the Jewish banking families. The WIndsor and Bush families control covert paramilitary organizations branched off from the military. The House of Bourbon and Spanish noble families run most of the Mexican and South American drug cartels.
Zee Researcha:
The Committee of 300: A Brief History of World Power…
Venetian Black Nobility,
Roots of Today’s Ruling Oligarchy
by Dr. John Coleman”

“Knight of Malta, Tom Cruise donates to the Optimum Population Trust of Manchester, England. He and his father are major depopulationists. Both are tied to the Papal bloodline Orsini family a most powerful family in complete control of the conspiracy. Pepe Orsini is the grey Pope working with his Black Pope in his Society Of Jesus. The Orsini(Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierachy of the Jesuit Order.
The “Illuminati” is only one of the six current heads that make up “the Beast” and there is a head to that beast…a woman who rides that beast, the evil Queen Hephzibah. You will never read any article about her, nor will you find any links to any web information about her, she is a Nephilim hybrid.”
Comment: “It’s hard for people to comprehend that the royals are not concerned with legitimate children. Many are illegitimate and believe it or not that line is important to them. They care not, because the most important aspect of maintaining this royal facade is all about wealth, corruption, drugs and power. They are not the top of the pyramid, the Queen is under the Vatican, Jesuits and Black Pope. She is connected to house of Guelph financiers. So Kate Middleton being instructed to act out being pregnant is a very small deception as far as they are concerned. William and Kate are merely pawns in the game. If they step out of line they would simply be disposed of. “The British Queen is a Princess of the new Holy Roman Empire just as King George III (Elector) was a Prince of this Empire. What you are not made aware of is that this Dame of Malta is a very high Priestess in witchcraft with her own powerful covens. Please study her Order of the Garter and its occult connection to witchcraft and witches. Ask yourself why two of the three real Necronomicon books exist in Britain, one in Scotland and the other in England with the Rothschild family. The third exists in Russia! The world you thought you knew is a very different place to the hidden world which surrounds you and controls you. The Earth is dominated by the fallen angel of Lucifer and not by God.” Lucifer is their God.”

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Black Nobility, Manufactured Counterculture of 60’s and 70’s and NWO
80.821 Aufrufe”
“Well, Mass Media has been indoctrinating people since world war 2, before the Nazis became a world phenomenon
in WW2, that was setup.. illegaly and bogusly..I know 100% that the Nazis were setup deliberately as bad guys, so that they could pursuit black science, where in the western hemisphere the pursuit of that kind of black science would have caused a world outcry and so they had a manufactured bad guy who could go as deep as it goes in technology, in indoctrination, mind control, trauma, torture and get away for a while and then they could be fought against, defeated and all their knowledge intercepted and taken from them and all and be kept away among by the Allies by Project Paperclip, sending Nazis in High Places to U.S. ..makes his way to America and Canada as Dr. Green…SS community, the OSS became the CIA in 1947, really, really deep.”
“>They< essentially continue the Nazi Agenda just under a different Name..." "The Nazis in the 30s to indoctrinate their Nation into a bunch of Psychopaths with no conscience used Television, that was something that was not widespread...and the Nazis, when they intercepted that, saw the potential of how it could indoctrinate people...and in the year 1948, following the founding of the the western hemisphere..everybody ..could afford a TV set to indoctrinate them and so it began and the year was also noticeable because the transistor was developed and a lot of funny science came out of the Nazis that we could intercept.. These Project Paperclip refugees got out on Vatican passports under pope Pious 12..who was a Nazi supporter..Red Line to the South Pole and Antarctica. Neu Schwabenland. They made their way to Argentina and Brazil..for Mk Ultra ..1953.."

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