Vladimir Terziski – Secret Nazi Technology & Secret Societies

“Vladimir Terziski – Secret Nazi Technology & Secret Societies”
“Vladimir Terziski: The film on that’s called account national socialism or magic national shamanism is a panel discussion with Chan Johnson and Al Bielek on the extraterrestrial and celestial roots of Nazism. I mean the real roots for everything that happened in Germany, all the atrocities perpetrated by the SS and the NAZIs were actually much much higher beyond, beyond our planet, beyond the shallow course is given to us by the political, economic, financial explanations for the origin of the Second World War, through banking and political conspiracies and so on, the secret societies in Germany, the Thule, the Vril, the Fugen and many others, were at the forefront of the ideological, or how should we say indoctrination and preparation of the Nazi Party in the Elite of the SS and it’s a lot more important to know what these societies were standing for then to know what was decided on this or that Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, on top of that..I mean these secret societies were the main ideology of the Nazi philosophers, however these secret societies were only the agents or the fifth columns the manipulator on the level of our planet for the interests of half a dozen alien races: the Pleiades, the Orions, the Greys that had been stationed permanently here on earth and that have been fighting with other alien races for supremacy on the planet, according to Al Bielek, half a dozen alien races were involved with the Germans and the Nazis. Pleiadians joined into help, because they were worried their Aryan seed on the planet would be wiped, if the Germans get too much beaten during the war, so that’s why they join in with their technology, so did the Orions, so did the Greys and so on…that will produce a very interesting new film the Hollow Earth or a Nazi in brackets Illuminati to be exact
underground the south polar city of 2 million people called the New Berlin, free energy … 1942.”
“The Aliens was subcontracted for the Agartian faction of the Fallen Angelic presence on our Planet. The Agartian faction was fighting with the Shambalah faction of possibly the same Fallen Angelic presence on the Planet. Hitler himself was a channel for one of the members of the Gizah Intelligence, this is the Alien Race that lives under the Gizah Pyramid. The Gizah Intelligence…The Pleiadians from Billy Meiers that came on the Planet in the 20s and activated a long abandoned complex under the Gizah Pyramid.”

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