Anunnaki documentary (2018)-the Full story of their presence in our society throughout History

“Anunnaki documentary (2018)-the Full story of their presence in our society throughout History”
“superapex21: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): In The Book of Me, the Anunnaki are the Sons of Anus, a Powerful Pagan Deity.. where it is said …that the sun never shines.”
Brandon Pennington: vor 4 Wochen: This is the deepest and most amazing documentary I’ve ever watched,,,it’s amazing how all the ancient text are similar,just like the recordings of Jesus in Mathew Mark Luke and John,,I’m estonished.”
“Shady Brady: vor 3 Monaten: Forgive me, but what’s so unusual about this? Polytheism was interesting, sure, however, why all the woowoo about aliens and what not? Gods of the underworld are more like antiheroes.”
“Dorian Wayne: vor 2 Wochen: Maybe Annunaki used different subspecies of apes to genetically engineer humans with. Orangutans have yellowish skin similar to asians and chimps have pale skin similar to whites. While Gorillas have black skinned similar to blacks. And to make matter more Interesting.. Orangutans are the second smartest primates after modern humans while chimps get the third and Gorillas at 5th, beaten by the spider monkey who came In 4th. But Gorillas are the strongest of the subspecies. They are the strongest private’s. Which makes even more sense.”
“JaneTinkerbell: vor 3 Tagen:
Lord Enki is our true father!! He is fighting the last battle with all the Ancient Gods and Goddesses that followed him. You can reach out to our true Gods I certainly have and the love they show is amazing! I can’t believe it as Goddess Shi Sha is teaching me to belly dance! Goddess Shi Sha resides in the same realm as our father Lord Enki x”
“Tony Morse: vor 1 Woche: I think and believe that all the ancients where way smarter and addictive than we give them credit for building writers artists and mathematics astronomy brilliant people and should look more into the messages they gave us as a gift witch we rather fight and rage war than learn from them.”

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