Paul Hellyer Earthshaking Confession 'Four Alien Races are Here on Earth'

“Helen Lawson vor 10 Monaten: Exposing the truth would mean the end of religion – the end of mind control of the population.
vor 7 Monaten L6e200011: It could but I see your point, if Aliens are declared true then these dumb religion freaks will say that they’re demons. 😑
altruistic angel vor 7 Monaten: that’s right helen. that’s why disclosure will only happen if the et’s force it.
Stephanie G vor 7 Monaten: PenDayHo it’s hilarious when religious people say they’re all demons “because the Bible said so”. Ohhh well then it MUST be true🙄 not sure why they believe in a book but refuse to believe in actual evidence and witness testimonies.
redprince1000 vor 6 Monaten: You are imho making a false assumption that everyone who has a faith will not believe in ET’s.
Loretta Derouen vor 6 Monaten: Religion is mind control
redprince1000 vor 6 Monaten: Not necessarily.I doubt the reason for non disclosure has anything to do with religion.That is probably the excuse being used to withold the information.Greed,power and some degree of fear are imo the real reasons.
paul skillman vor 1 Jahr: Why would humans be the only sentient beings in the universe?
Julie Lovestrees vor 7 Monaten: We are not…being in milky way gave Vedic books
Vukan Simic vor 9 Monaten:
“Stev Forster vor 1 Jahr: The worlds official, unofficial and covert leaders should be given until 2020 to come clean. After that, no amnesty. We’re running out of time and our “leaders” have proven time again they have no intention of fixing the planet, releasing repressed technology or being honest with us. Today is the day we say no more.”
“Bryan C vor 6 Monaten: So , a Canadian Defense Minister can come clean on the UFO Phenomena, but it’s only believable if it comes from a U.S. official who continue to keep it under wraps. Sorry, my American friends, but ….. Really???? Just by the American Government officials dancing around the subject when cornered, should be evidence enough that it’s real. Don’t you think other countries such as Russia and China aren’t doing reverse engineering from crashes as well and keeping it just as secret in case they need the technology for defensive ( or offensive ) purposes? I have never seen a UFO, but I can’t see air either, but I know it exists, and there are enough credible, educated and “sane” people out there who have interacted in some way with extraterrestrials, so as far as I’m concerned, disclosure is done. They are real, and they are among us. Now we need to know why and for how long.”
“ZAYLOW vor 11 Monaten: Here’s the thing. America is so greedy until they would rather the planet be destroyed before they would feel any loss of power, money or control.”
“Q FollowThePlan vor 11 Monaten: Who is suppressing the World? Is it the Winsor’s, the Vatican, the Bush’s or Rothschild’s one thing is for SURE they play a BIG part individually and as a collection are TOXIC.”
“Nikki Kelley vor 11 Monaten: Q Universe all the above, all inbred over decades and decades so they keep their royal blood lines…I would almost guess at this point it’s many of our previous leaders as well as Queen of England etc
Lisa Brown vor 10 Monaten: Star Dusting The devil and his demons!”
“Russell Anderson vor 5 Monaten: Vatican is no longer suppressing the Truth of ET life since 2007. Look it up. The Vatican has the best astronomers and scientists on Earth.”
“Pamela Weir vor 5 Monaten: all of the above they are losing out to the light. dark is finally retreating because there is no where for them to hide anymore We are ALL watching Thank You internet.”
“CLÁUDIO RAFAEL: vor 2 Monaten: The so called iluminatti are controling the planet and the truth, they are the ones to blame for keeping so many truths out of our reach. They just continue infecting the world with all their lies in order to keep in control of this planet as if it was theirs to keep…as if this was all just a big market. Sometimes I personally feel sad and outraged for beeing part of such a horrible and trickster race…”
“Darrell May: vor 6 Monaten: The beast is greed!,, Greed controls the World countries and We the People are victims for the Greed of the Wealthy!,,,,
Rosalie Bernard: vor 1 Jahr: Nelson Mandela had it right! We have to forgive past indiscretions to unite and move forward. Can the human race do it? Vengeance and grudge are a heavy burden to carry, but so hard to let go. You would think, we would want a lighter load! We have some work to do!!!”
sparkimoto: vor 7 Monaten: This is true. Because as long as those who have been involved in the secrecy know they would be held accountable if the truth were to come out, they will continue to keep doing what they’ve been doing to assure it all remains classified. In other words, this is only going to perpetuate their evil deeds.
Terry Selzler: vor 1 Monat: We cannot move ahead because basic humanity is infantile, greedy and mistrustful of any change. Maybe, just maybe in another 2000 years we can change for the better.”
“Paul Hellyer Earthshaking Confession ‘Four Alien Races are Here on Earth’
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Paul Hellyer, a former, well-regarded, Canadian defense minister, has claimed that aliens are, in fact, real and walk among us on Earth. He has accused world leaders of concealing vital information about the existence of aliens who have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years.” It’s shocking to hear somebody claim that at least four different species of aliens have visited the Earth, for thousands of years.
He is probably the highest ranking official of a western country to openly state that ETs and alien UFOs are real and are present on Earth. While skeptics dismiss Hellyer’s claims, he is highly regarded among alien and UFO enthusiasts as a primary witness or “insider,” having been a member of Parliament for many years and former defense minister.”

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