Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans – Alien UFO Sightings

“Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans – Alien UFO Sightings”
“She says very candidly that …the Western society is literally spiritually dumb yeah that perhaps not of their own accord but have been made to be so … so what I think we’re talking about is a broader genetic modification or a DNA modification..”
they’re an upgraded biological container and they’re operating much faster their frequency is much faster..they have to be slowed down..
. they’re exceedingly intelligent versus everybody
else so is there is there an additional modification going on with them and if so how is that happening? Well, I talked
about this in the book in the sense that those that have had experiences today we’re going we’re actually going to be
operating at a faster speed it’s like a difference of the old computer compared to the the modern fiber-optic computers
it means it’s that kind of difference right and so that’s
you know why we’re seeing them as dysfunctional, because they just can’t operate in this slow system because they’re geared to that other higher frequency and whatever and and that’s where we’re all going..they’re showing us how what we’re evolving into they’re part of the new wave of showing
the new human but we also have the capacity to join them all we need to do is get activated because we’ve still
we’ve got all got same DNA we’ve all got the ability to access all of that it’s just for us we’re more switched off.”
“Hold on a minute that’s that person that’s not me because that’s the biggest difficulty with an empath is knowing the difference between their own energy and feelings and understand what they’re tuning into so it’s like us we all have to learn how to walk a certain way so we don’t fall over you know they’re having to manage energies and understand you know whoever yes they
struggle and yeah they’ll get frustrated so we’ve got to understand there we’re showing them this much of reality in this and they’re yeah they’re retrofitting themselves into a backward.
.. they are human they may be new human but they’re human than the last and I know that for those of us who are seeing a very broken world and I was saying to someone yesterday at the event it seems that many of us have one foot on one planet one on another just in our mindset and how we operate .. how on earth on earth do they reconcile about a schism or cognitive dissonance yeah .. dealing with the majority on the planet who are so switched off yes still and yet they know so much more they’re being misunderstood that frustration they may be having for that reason they’re getting fed drugs because of the misunderstanding in how are they dealing with that psychologically Mary?
Well.. some don’t…were saying oh for goodness sake you get into the you know the real world and forget all of that stuff it’s just your imagination you know stop being so silly and whatever so he said to me Mary I tried I tried to be 3d he said and I got to the point where it made me so depressed just thinking this was all there was that I wanted to end it I wanted to die and he said
and I thought to myself well if being in 3d is gonna make me want to die if I want to hang around I’m gonna have to go back to my greater reality even if it’s difficult I need I’d rather do that because at least it gives me a reason to live…ten-year-old said I don’t want to be on this planet, it’s too hard..cases that this rise may be coming from these new children that just can’t
bear to stay on this planet and they succeed in leaving.. I think it’s that but I also think that they all bullied because other children oh yeah I will see them differently when they sense
their Energy’s different so they’re are very good at in Tooting somebody who’s a bit different and I think they do pick on them as well…give the child the space to be who they are to tell us what they need, so they can be all they can be so we’re doing we’re being taught by them we can help them manage the 3d world which is what they gonna need…3d but they’re going to teach us what we need to know about their reality so that we can also then be taken along with them, so the school is a reverse of everything we know about education, it literally is a reverse.”
“According to her, there’s an increase in the number of young children who claim to be aliens, and this is independent of contact with the media. In fact, this new human race derives from abductions and alien experiments, something that Rodwell could indirectly witness through the regression therapy sessions she had held with many patients that had been abducted by aliens. The experiences they shared were good enough evidence for the researcher to believe that a new species of humans is living among us.
According to Rodwell, “They are upgraded. They have the ability to think and reason way above the curve. The children had a lot more conscious awareness of multi-dimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the experiences relayed by the children, the children spoke naturally of their experiences.”
One thing that distinguishes these people from the rest of us is the different perception they have of the world. Rodwell believes that a number of conditions including Asperger’s and ADHD these children are diagnosed with are in fact a sign of hidden abilities directly resulting from genetic manipulation by a technologically-advanced alien race.
Should this prove true, the so-called ‘junk DNA’ in our genome could provide a range of cognitive functions that have never been studied by science. Unlike past decades, today we have much more information relative to these syndromes. However, we have a lot more to learn as we still have no evidence how one gene influences another and how deep the roots go. Generally speaking, modern science hasn’t yet reached the level where it can fully understand and explain the subtle mechanism through which life constantly upgrades.
The Human Genome Project’s Prof. Sam Chang, one of the first specialists to promote the idea that junk DNA is of extraterrestrial origin, is of the same opinion.
According to him, “These alien sequences have their own systems and resist certain drugs.”
Although evolution largely depends on adaptation, these processes take thousands of years to become a standard. Taken that there is such a wide gap between two successive generations, the only reasonable explanation is that there must be an external factor accountable for this manipulation of the human genome.
What we are still wondering about is whether all of humanity will eventually become activated to a ‘higher intelligence’ when the aliens arrive. Or we’ll become museum exhibits alongside the Neanderthals we made extinct with our bigger brains and appetites. And most importantly, are we driving ourselves towards the end of us as a result of our desires?
The video below provides the answers to some of these questions.”
“Sabrina Davie: vor 1 Woche: I´m 46 I´ve always been empath …intuitive…my past has been blank slated …I´ve felt lost till I got into Q and learned deepstate had us at a low frequency to keep us dumb down ..ive been listening to higher frequencies now ive been seeing stuff in sky I feel my place on earth now.
Celé Gleeson: vor 1 Jahr: one of the best interviews i have ever heard. Thank you.
San JABBOUR: vor 4 Wochen: Brilliant.. And just the way it is: creating a brand new reality.
David Wenbert: vor 2 Monaten: At the juncture of Mary Rodwell’s work and David Jacobs’ is the information we need to know for humanity to survive the coming recognition of the ET presence among us.
Carolyn: vor 10 Monaten: This is very true. Starseeds are not only a spiritual phenomena but its also a genetic one. My younger sister whom i suspected was a starseed, told me recently that she was not native to this planet with no prompting from me. That she knew she was an ET here to help and that she knows i am one too.. Totally blew me away. We both agreed that our parents were not though. Both are Star Terrans which makes relating to them very difficult. They are about as 3D as you can get.
Regine Lee: vor 6 Monaten: I also hate this world. But have ever people ask the soul – Why we need to be here at first? The soul had been cheated saying this world is fine and good. Only evil here since ancient. Do the soul have choice in freewill or being force to be born here…..
D.MYST: vor 1 Jahr: Hmm I was one of those children classified as strange..I haven’t changed much as an adult and during my entire life I’ve always felt pressure to slow down and conform. My parents had me in immense therapy and I felt no one ever listened.
J k: vor 1 Jahr: Jesus christ! I srongly believe this. aliens had cloned and implanted their genes in us….
Troy Taylor: vor 1 Jahr: I’ve written extensively what has been shared with me in my own experiences which have been quite psychic, quite spiritual, touching, informative including multiple escort trips out of my body, both flying and being on ships! I am 57 , worked in dentistry all my life, so I don’t know about this new human!! I’ve seemed to manage my life better than those around me to the point I have few friends because none of them can keep up and get resentful, jealous even! My IQ is staggering compared to others. I didn’t know! that I was as surprised as everyone. But not everyone can quit work at 38 because they wanted to, and not everyone can be debt free like me because I know few others that express the freedom we have in my family. I just thought everyone saw, I mean really see but you’d have to see to know what I mean and it’s not just high match and physics it’s explained to me that all of this is one, one organism, one singular being, and this universe and the space before you is alive, it’s mental!!. If anyone is interested find the Magnificent Framework and read it. It was shared with me outside this normal paradigm we live in on the everyday plane! Once you see it that is my blog.
Sir Adonai: vor 7 Monaten: The Golden Race is a possibility within all life forms. Consciousness is the “source field” that created matter, time, and everything we see and experience — as well as circumstances. It is inherent in every metaphysical and supernatural phenomena that we have witnessed. These are simply aspects of reality that have always been there and always will be there. It is only that humans (and other species) which are returning to source, traveling many different paths — that is “The Way” or Tao.
Languages of Lights: vor 2 Jahren: Harmony ~ Synchronicity.
Johnny Little: vor 1 Jahr: Surreal to have two ladies who are professionals working through unprofessional and fringe world.
It’s so refreshing and feels like I’ve come back to reality,….the real new one.
Oom2Move: vor 2 Jahren: All of this will be common knowledge one day, and then what…? Existence is just one big classroom? No more struggles, battles, mysteries? Once we are all like little Buddhas, sitting in bliss on mountain tops, then what?
cantcomprehend1: vor 2 Jahren: If these things are so bloody fantastic and helpful and friendly, why then do they chose to scare the shit out of people when they take them out of their beds at night ???… you lot are completely lost in your own bullshit !!.. But in the end you will know the truth.”

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