MK-Ultra mindcontrol Brain interception Program

“MK-Ultra mindcontrol Brain interception Program”
“MK-Ultra mindcontrol Brainwave Technologie Twoday the – Brain interseption Program – Humans Computer Control”

“First analog / digital Brainwave MINDCONTROL (MK Ultra) computer systems, with oscilloscope, for displaying the brain waves and analogue tape devices called Streamer, for recording and retrieving Brainwave sequences could be accessed by punched tape, from a computer, were developed in Germany in the 20’s 40’s and further developed by Control Data incorperated USA.. to expand today’s Brainwave Computer Technology mindcontrol Systems! At that time it was already possible to store and retrieve complete memory sequences so-called “brainwave tapes” in which complete persons were stored or certain thoughts, memory or movement sequences of the person connected to the computer via the Brainwave headset memory sequences, (Brainwave Tapes) could be stored and retrieved on the computer with the help of key thoughts or pictures from the life of the person who is connected via the headset. To do so, one has to be able to unwind his memories of the whole life, the Keywords or pictures of them Help ! So it is possible to save complete people and exchange others after a brainwash completely by reprogramming them! Movement patterns (motion sequences) of people with headsets can also be stored or retrieved by computer, converted to the Brainwave’s other, allowing a person to drive a other completely computer-controlled! With the help of neural implants with transmitter and GPS, or with Brainwave technology (satellite systems) equipped with microwaves or magnetic waves as carrier waves for Brainwave’s, and thermal imaging or X-ray function, computer-controlled Humans are already possible today! In addition, today’s MINDCONTROL computer systems via satellite also have the ability to intentionally imply or delete thoughts.. that goes so far as to kill people through Brainwave’s (stroke – coma – epilepsy)! The governments of the world currently have not only mindcontrol computers with Brainwave Satteliyte systems in space but also the HAARP systems and neural implants to control humanity via brainwave’s! The goal is the computer-controlled human and the total control of the governments Mindcontrol …….. stop.”

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