The War On Masculinity – A Step On The Road To The Submissive Synthetic Human

“The War On Masculinity – A Step On The Road To The Submissive Synthetic Human”

“may slager: vor 17 Stunden: they want to turn all men in to wimps easy to control, do not give them permission to take your child’s biometric fingerprint, say no to the schools education, look pass their usual excuses of improvements, better this and better that and we don’t experience the benefits, say no to biometric fingerprint of your children, set the children free, stay focused don’t be deceived no more.”
“UToobUsername01: vor 17 Stunden: David Icke it’s all about depopulation. There is a growing movement amoung men to go MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) due to the family court system destroying families and robbing people of their wealth. I suggest you research this topic.. It’s rising as more and more men see the injustice in the way or society is functioning. So other than this, feminists have gone hyper-control freak mode out of fear and the elite want females to be more masculine and men to be more feminine. These NWO people are psychopaths. We need to do away with family courts and also raise awareness for the attack on men in all sectors of society. We need to encourage boys to fight the future generations of these people who support the NWO agenda. By weakening the male you make the population a lot easier to control. So to fight back we encourage masculinity to challenge them.”
“the51project: vor 18 Stunden (bearbeitet): If you look at what’s trending on youtube – you will see pathologically narcissistic men doing their own makeup tutorials. There has always been homosexuality, but this is an agenda – and the de-masculinity is paired with blatant pathological narcissism ‘as a good thing’. It also ‘hides’ the extreme exposure to BPA-like chemicals to unborn fetuses and children (there are 4 of them) that are in effect synthetic-oestrogen, the female hormone. This causes hormonal changes in boys and girls, causing puberty at 8 years old in girls (also leads to cancer and early death). Look up the studies of puberty in girls as young as 8 yourself – it is becoming ‘normalised’ And there is lots of scientific research on it. Plastics, chemical exposure in soaps and shampoos, and many other sources.”
“Travis Kraft: vor 18 Stunden: Keep fighting the good fight.”
“Barb Rogers: vor 19 Stunden: The Clone Wars begun they have.”
“Don’t Let Her Speak: vor 18 Stunden:
masculinity = aggressive, assertive, dominant, a threat to the system.
femininity = sheepish, submissive, concerned with fitting in, perfect for domination.
They want everyone to be feminine because they know, like women in general, an effeminate population will just roll over and die instead of standing up and fighting back, which only men will do.”
“Jay33 goodwin: vor 17 Stunden: Undoing gods creation!”

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