Shocking Bible Revelation – Christ Was Krishna!

Kundalini Trigger…. Ramakrishna said this too and H.P. Blavatsky hybridized the word into Christna.
“Shocking Bible Revelation – Christ Was Krishna!”
“(Baptism is a sort of rebirth, cleansing, new beginning).
“Over the past seven years, we have supplied absolute proof of this claim, providing documentation of our Lord’s continuing fulfillment of prophecy,
from major media sources, as well as ancient scripture.”

“It was just discovered …AN AMAZING Revelation found within the Torah code!
..Top Torah code Researcher… Released This Amazing Discovery On 01 22 2019
The Hindu God Krishna in the Torah Codes.
The Nation/People and El Krishna.
He is Ra-El, Ra-El The Man-God Who Comes!

We suspected this years ago. The Lord himself already knew, but the timing was not right then. But a recent conversation took place that changed all of that.

Rama Dasa a member of the Public Congregation of Lord RayEL The Returned Messiah.

Who is Krishna to this group? To Lord Rayel?
Krishna teaches that he is the Supreme God, the father, the creator, destroyer, all-powerful… and so on. He says he comes many times throughout history in different forms, incarnations, or through a representative (son, empowered man, etc…) to save the servants of God and punish the wicked. Also in his teachings are nonviolence (vegetarian if possible), doing one’s duties to please God (him), renouncing from materialistic pleasure, a meditation on him (God), praising him, glorifying him, seeing him in every living being, developing a loving relationship with him (his creatures included). Serving his representatives (a spiritual master representing his teachings) and much more. They go back 5,000 plus years. So you are saying there is no value? I saw in the Gospel of Angelus Domini that every major religion was mentioned but Hinduism but more importantly monotheistic Hinduism like Gaudiya Vaisnavism (worship of Krishna). Why is this?
The answer to WHY is in the lower section of this article because I want to first focus on the AMAZING DISCOVERY!
“Rama, we will make an official statement soon on the subject of Krishna, and how he relates to Lord Ra-El.”
“I will say that the ancient Gods have re-incarnated numerous times on Earth throughout the ages to teach and guide mankind.”
“This prompted Richard Ruff to investigate further to confirm what the Lord already knew but was keeping tight-lipped about as he did not want to distract or confuse the masses with what they were not ready to hear that news in that time. Most assuredly many Christians will detract from this still, but the truth cannot be covered.
We are releasing it so that his people may be guided once again.”
“I had always been curious about the possibility that Krishna was among Christ’s many lifetimes. Think about this. Christ and Krishna have the same philosophies… He has had the same message since he was here as …Yeshua.. and others. Now it is publically disclosed!”
“Let first start by reviewing those similarities Similarities in their names —
‘Christ’ and ‘Krishna’ – similar pronunciation.
Krishna means “of darker color” and Christ means “covered in dark/olive oil”
Both were called Savior, and the second person of the Trinity —
Hindus believe that Krishna is the 8th incarnate of Lord Vishnu – the protector and the second personality of the Hindu Trinity of deities. Most Christians believe that Christ (Yeshua ) is the Son of God, the second personality in the Trinity.
Both were sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man — Both were god-men: being considered both human and divine.
They were divinely conceived. Krishna’s and Yeshua’s mothers were holy virgins —
The virginal state of Devaki is a matter of debate. The divine Vishnu (one of the three deities in the Hindu Trinity) himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as her son Krishna.
The virginal state of Mary when she conceived Yeshua is also a matter of debate. The Holy Spirit (one of the three persons in the Christian Holy Trinity) was responsible for Mary’s pregnancy.
Both were born at unusual places —
Krishna was born in a prison cell. Christ was also born in a cave, although some say a manger in a barn.
Both appeared at a critical time when their respective countries were in a torpid (asleep) state.
Rays of light illuminated the area after they had taken birth.
Angels in both cases issued a warning.
Both Christ and Krishna were known to be threatened by the local ruler when they were young —
Kansa wanted to kill Krishna. For this purpose, he sent demons and animals. Christ has a very similar story as well in which the evil king Herod actually issued a royal decree to warrant Christ’s death.
Innocent children were killed to ensure that Lord would also die — Kansa killed all offsprings of Devaki trying to ensure that Lord Krishna would also die as one of the children; this same story also shows up in Bible as the story of the Massacre of Innocents in Matthew where King Herod ordered that all young children in Bethlehem be killed to ensure Yeshua’s death.
The similarity in places where their parents stayed —
Krishna’s parents stayed in Mathura. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; (similar names again)
Both Krishna and Christ were of royal descent but lived their childhood as an ordinary boy —
Krishna was a cowherd. Christ is often depicted as a shepherd.
Both grew somewhere else hiding from ruler —
Lord Krishna grew up in Vrindavan hidden away from Kansa, while Yeshua grew up in Egypt in hiding from Herod.
Their foster-parents had to go to pay taxes —
Krishna’s foster-father Nanda had to journey to Mathura to pay his taxes, just as Yeshua foster-father Joseph is recorded in the Gospel of Luke as having to go to Bethlehem to pay taxes.
Krishna was Mischevious Boy. Similar to Yeshua leaving his parents to go to the temple.
Connection with mountain —
Krishna is reported as having uprooted a small mountain. Christ is recorded as saying: “if you had faith as a mustard seed you would say to the mountain uproot yourself and be cast into the ocean”.
Connection with huge Giant Serpent —
One day, wrestling and playing by the river, children saw that the Yamuna river was poisoned, so Krishna jumped in to kill the Giant Serpent that was poisoning the river. He danced on the serpents head and set if free, cleaning up the river making the river Holy once again.
Similar to this story, Yahweh slayed Leviathan. (The prophet called Leviathan a serpent that has many Heads, a sea-creature, a hideous demonic creature who is apparently under the direct leadership of Satan himself) Yeshua gone into the river to be Baptized (Baptism is a sort of rebirth, cleansing, new beginning).
“In that day Jehovah with His great and fierce and strong sword shall punish the sea-monster, the darting serpent, the sea-monster, that twisting serpent; and He shall kill the monster in the sea.” Isaiah 27:1
Both performed many miracles, including the healing of disease —
They were both considered omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (everpresent).
The missions of Krishna and Yeshua were the same — the salvation of humanity.
“Sermon on the Mount” and month of December —
December 25 is celebrated as Christmas. December is also the time of year when the celebration takes place of Lord Krishna speaking the Bhagavad-gita at Kuruksetra (Gita Jayanti). This could mean that Christ’s “Sermon on the Mount” is none other than a similarity to Krishna’s sermon (lecture) delivered to Arjuna while Krishna was mounted (riding) on His chariot. The Bhagavad-gita is a sermon, given 5,000 years ago, that provides indispensable spiritual guidance to all people, which is also said about Christ’s sermon, said to have taken place on the Mount of Olives.
The similarity in teachings —”

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