The Science of Mind Control and Free Masonic Witch Craft Broken Down

“The Science of Mind Control and Free Masonic Witch Craft Broken Down”
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“Am 25.07.2014 veröffentlicht
Hey CIA , NSA MI666 , Darpa ,Tempest ,Echelon Montauk Satanic Free Masonic Psychopaths can you stop stalking and trying to hack into my brain now .This is what you spent obscene amounts of money to know .Well here you go Morons and now it is time to pay me what you ow me…”
“Jim jumbo
for a T.I to stay alive so long is an amazing thing still preaching the truth still exposing the truth but the way they have programmed people with hollywood is why people cant believe you their mind hasnt adapted yet, keep exposing and walking in the light. I listen to your videos a lot like non stop it’s addictive to hear the truth. I wanted to be an actor but found out about everything and was like I need another way to get in touch with the world. Anonymous cia and isis when you research it, it all makes sense …please make more and expose as much as you can I’m in uk , so different to America but rothschild the queen… most I am familiar with hearing about how can a person that doesnt have no way near as much information as you bring or expose the people …
vor 3 Jahren”

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