Interview: Eve Lorgen and The Love Bite | Alien Orchestrated Bonding Dramas

“Interview: Eve Lorgen and The Love Bite | Alien Orchestrated Bonding Dramas
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“Eve Lorgen brings information on the background happenings of the Matrix we inhabit, and reveals information on alien agendas and psychic vampirism, especially in relationships. She comes with extensive experience, deep profound insights, and knowledge that just may rock your world.”
“So I believe that for the ones involved in let’s say the energy vampirism which is a good detector of you know are they good or evil basically and I know I hate to quote demonize this but if somebody is stealing energy from someone else without permission and from a manipulative predatory way I would say that falls into the not-so-good category to put it bluntly… but they are hyper dimensional they may have many appearances and it’s sometimes it’s hard to tell because they can create something that appears good and feels really good like a love drug or it can activate all this bliss and a true connection and your you know psychic abilities can go through the roof and you can actually share other life memories that spontaneously arise just when you meet this person or dream about them and it’s not that those that’s not true, a lot of times it is true and it’s really activating real memories so but it’s much more than just saying oh I met my soul mate I mean this this is profound and this is so profound and sometimes so painfully, it can kill you literally, it can kill the body and so people that have come to me after the facts sometimes they were very ill or were nearly died…it feels like a twin flame …it feels like you met the one…I want to distinguish the difference between let’s say meeting someone who’s a physical person on earth that you have a very strong attraction to who’s like in the 3d with us but there are other quote love-bite types of things where somebody in the astral only or a being who’s just functioning in the spirit realm that can have a a connection with your physical body as well which is a whole other thing..there is actually cases in my dark side a Cupid. (Eve Lorgen)”
“You could have dreams of the partner before meeting them, suggesting something precognitive and very well might be true, okay, and sometimes the aliens are doing this on purpose, but I won’t get involved in that until later.. physical sensations in the solar plexus, sometimes the root genital chakra even in your gut, solar plexus or other areas, such as the neck, heart or between the shoulders and it’s really where there’s some kind of energetic plugging in that’s going on, really in the chakras—and you may have physical sensations with that, you can have astral sex visitations and/or Telestasia, this is huge, this is one of the markers, I think and Telestasia is very interesting it’s a word that I got from Ingo Swan who’s a famous remote viewer who wrote a book called psychic energy something anyway it means I’m sensing the energy body in a very sexual way sometimes and very physically as if another being were present but invisible and that definitely happens, okay, so that’s really amazing, that’s like bizarre, okay, a strong psychic connection even though… you have a profound psychic connection… I never like really even met them.. a powerful sexual passion and obsessive need to have sex even though you don’t really love the partner or they didn’t love you … think about them or you think about cutting off a connection and they keep reconnecting and it’s like a psychic knowing like something knows and just all the synchronistic stuff starts happening psychic synchronicities through the roof okay a sense of through the roof okay a sense of emotional or physical draining can happen energetically one partner becoming suddenly switched off emotionally or what we call psychically unplugged after a time is …so you could be bond of it first and then there might be unplugging or a unswitching off thing and that’s part of the dynamic with the weird aliens stuff, feelings of being watched.. being played like puppets and some drama myths and that’s actually common with some of the channeling things that the drama myth archetype thing may play out in a big way paranormal activity third party entity visits or attacks sudden dreams visions or thoughts as if they’re being implanted or like intrusive stuff, like wait a minute that´s not me…obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner, synchronicities almost a feeling of being in a magical reality so that’s some of the markers and the red flags which is really above and beyond you know just a regular love affair or even falling in love I mean these are definitely the paranormal stuff is really some of the markers in the synchronicities and the astral visits.. and the astral visits and the way you feel really and so a lot of times people think they met their twin flame and it certainly feels like it, especially if you have memories of being with them before or you know or even more than that it can activate things sometimes they are and I’ve had cases where like a super-soldier case where they were actually being manipulated by let’s say what I call mind control handlers using high-level black magic sorcery or what we call black meta technology which may involve a kind of frequency technology where they could literally implant things and that does happen. (Eve Lorgen)”
“There are certain kinds of let’s say sorcerers what we call the new predators who have the ability through maybe a high level sorcery or technology or whatever it is it’s almost as if they can go into your essence whether it’s the Akashic or your soul body memory and literally retrieve and procure the essence of your own memory beingness and then play it back to you as if they were there and so this is part of the confusion that takes place when you think well I’ll remember them but they’re glite they’re like activating it and mimicking it back and then playing it back to you..and I know that this has happened to me too I’ve had you know the quote alien love bite many times so I mean you know so you think I know enough by now and it it can happen more than once so anybody can have this happen and so I don’t blame anybody now if this happens to them because we’re all human and we all need love we want love we want it to be magical wonderful and sometimes it really is and it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a twin flame or a very very profound connection that will activate like an archetypal magical oneness and
connectedness because that’s something that actually can and does happen with real love and part of this whole thing I believe is a targeting can be at our let’s say if there is true love and I know that there is and there is a true twin flame or a partner that can activate what I call, maybe a the third force or a transmutation a kind of alchemical thing then let’s say the dark side doesn’t want that but they want to feed on it if it and then control it so I think that there’s some people who believe that they actually they’ve been stopped as if let’s say there were time travelers… it´sd like we give off a frequency and then it’s like moths to a flame in this predatory world which I believe we’re in a predatory universe here, otherwise these things wouldn’t happen and so they see this and they want to feed on the loosh.. you may let’s say actually have a connection sometimes that connection is broken and then they reconnect you with one of theirs and one of theirs is like an instrument or a puppet that’s being manipulated by one of these quote hyperdimensional beings that’s part of this big octopus feeding energy vampirism operation that’s on all these higher what we call hyper dimensional levels. (Eve Lorgen)”
“Let’s say monks who have been meditating in caves for 20 years and they did it the safe way and they became realized and had these like powerful energy bodies and abilities where they transmuted their humaneness .. but you have to do it in secret in a way that you’re not identified by the Predators who are actually running this operation here and it has to do with our reality and where we’re at at this point in time that makes it unsafe because we’re in a predatory reality, so because people take the time right to… but what I found you know, this is my opinion okay it may not be true for everyone but in some of the are um I want to I say Eastern religions but let’s say those that will activate the Kundalini in a process and if supposedly if you do it safely and you’re able to move the energy up through the what do they call sushumna between the Ida and Pingala through certain meditative and yogic practices.. and some of these other Eastern practices supposedly supposedly if you do this the correct way you can attain a kind a kind of enlightenment and realization when these root Kundalini but the coiled serpent goes up and you get a lightened or whatever but I found that that’s actually quite dangerous because it was even people who tried to do this safely and then they they get predicated upon and so what I think now is that this energy system that we’re in even in our bodies and on our soul bodies which goes into metaphysical spiritual dynamics is part of the predatory virus system that we’ve been plunged into in this what we call double inversion mirror reality which is totally complex so what I think that the safe way is that I think the safe way is through compassion and I don’t know how to say it sometimes there’s a reverse Kundalini that can happen and actually that this happened to me but I’m not saying I’m an expert because I’m not but some do it from the root up and through the crown there’s also a way where it goes the crown down into the root into the earth that’s actually safer so that you have the highest connect down to the lowest, so that it’s a safer way but it I don’t think that necessarily is the way that it has to be, it’s just that I think it might be safer because you have to work out all the lower nature’s so the energy doesn’t get rerouted and then you get stuck in all these like weird psychological issues and things that happen and it’s it’s really hard to know because what we’ve realized over time I mean after the fact right hindsight gives us more wisdom, but we can have programs in embedded beliefs that’s that are distorted and false based on actually a lot of it is based on what I call the Archontic Mind Parasite which some of the ancient Gnostics talked about ..but basically we call it the counterfeit spirit has a corrupted distorted view and belief and entrapped beingness that has to do with the mind thinking aspect of being which gets distorted and then that’s the focus of its program and then it multiplies its program and that actually entraps us in a soul body that we can’t get out of and so there is a pure essence that knows, kind of like a non-dual joyous, spacious, love compassion wisdom, which is like the essence of who we are and that’s what we really want to connect into let’s say even in a twin flame thing where we connect in through the heart through the portal of the heart and connect in with that that’s what we want, but it’s almost as if our soul body and these pattern mind belief systems that are actually in the soul body and as opposed to the pure essence of the spirit and then that gets replayed and played out as a reality outside of us which entraps us and all these schemes and all this crap and you know I don’t think it’s always our fault in terms of quote “bad karma” and so I think some of these religious traditions or whatever you want to call them actually, part of that as a trap itself and throws us into a guilt trip: oh it’s all my bad karma, but some of these hyperdimensional beings can actually impose this pattern and then you play out a bad karma energetic virus that’s actually been inserted in your field through a predator and then it gets very very complex and I don’t want to like as if it’s blaming on someone else, because we always have to take self-responsibility where we can and that’s where the the good work comes in, we always have to work on ourselves, but as a woman and I find out through my own quote programming and the way that I was raised as a woman a lot of times we take the blame … we’ve got bitten in a bad neighborhood because we’re a fucking in a bad neighborhood…how do we recognize this, so that we don’t fall into this trap again and that how can we keep our heart open, so that we do find true love and we can really enjoy it and that is really ..and you know setting boundaries. (Eve Lorgen)”
“And a lot of psychics or people who are really really aware, sometimes they’re targeted, just because they’re shining with such spiritual light, as sometimes the love bite, the reason why it happens, sometimes is, because they’re targeted, so that’s another aspect of this whole dark side a Cupid love bite. (Eve Lorgen)”
“That I didn’t know, let’s say I really didn’t know what true love was in this life, because there was so much trauma and conditioning and programming that threw me away from my true essence of
being through trauma, that I wasn’t able to recognize it, so when the counterfeit came by, I didn’t recognize it, I fell for the counterfeit, although I can’t say that I didn’t learn from the process and grow as a result … so I’m always grateful for the experiences I’ve had that, I don’t want any more of those bad love-bites..something healthy..oh yeah targeting, targeting, targeting in many ways, I mean this does happen it’s a reality and sometimes people go overboard and whining about it..not that I’m cold about it or anything but targeting happenings in
many ways like if you do whistle blowing or public speaking of something that is a an ugly truth that may be a large group that’s in power doesn’t want the
public to know then you can become vulnerable to different kinds of targeting and that can include black magic could include government spying agencies of known agencies you know black op kinds of things it could be you know it could be many things but more often it’s a combination of those things like are they what we call directed-energy weapons they used to call it non-lethal weapons harassment but really there are weapons that use frequencies and radionics or electromagnetics … but there’s many very advanced technologies now that can affect us on many levels that has been used actually for quite some time to target people and now you know I’m more aware of these and yes it’s happened to people I work with so that’s the unfortunate part of coming out and being on the front lines this is a frontline whistleblowing kind of thing on a more of a spiritual level and so I would say a lot of it was more spiritual for example , let’s say I’m the new what
we call the new predator or the sorcerers would be the type that I would get targeted by and .. I was thrown through the loop and it almost killed me, almost killed me in a very very bad way
which took me years to come out from under it and this was not too long ago okay so this is something I’m learning all the time that there’s more and more levels of this so I have to be careful
but I don’t want to shut my heart off either. (Eve Lorgen)”
“At least some aliens, if not all of them and then there’s the what I call the MKULTRA military super soldier milab or secret space program element where there’s definitely some dark elements of mind control and trauma and aliens. (Eve Lorgen)”
“Yıldız Gözlemcisi: vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet): Wow I have to watch this again. I am not new to this topic because we know and believe that there are entities who can fall in love with you and manipulate you in our culture. Love is such a sacred feeling but it can be really dangerous. We all have to be careful.
Yıldız Gözlemcisi: vor 7 Monaten: Gypsy RoSes yes they are called jin. I think in hindu culture it is the same.
We don’t believe that they are ailiens. They are just entities from different realms who are very fast and can transform themselves in every form, so that they can also appear like aliens. You especially have to be careful in specific places or during dreams or astral projection. To be clean in every aspect is important that’s the reason why muslims have to clean themselves at least five times a day before the call to prayer begins. With cleaning we also mean mental and emotional cleansing not just specific body parts.
Gypsy R: vor 7 Monaten: I love the last 25 minutes of this! To all who watch this make sure you watch the whole interview to find the resolution 💚
Kim Wildwoods: vor 7 Monaten: I have been talking about this for almost 20 years and have had very similar experiences this lady is right on, thank you for the video.
Anthony Hunt: vor 4 Monaten: This is a phenomenal video!! I got bitten and I almost died.. I have been under attack from this inter-dimensional threat my whole life and quite severely in the last six years. When you are asleep (unaware of these beings and their agenda) you are an asset to them. When you are awake (aware of them, their motives and methods) you are a threat to them. This cannot be over stated..!! Thank you Eve.
Jeri Hurley: vor 3 Monaten: Karleen Love..your response seemed very cavalier to me, but perhaps I did overact as I am trying to recover from a 2nd love bite, 12 yrs after the 1st. But to say someone has been inoculated, to me, sends the message it can only happen once. So there is no further confusion on my part…
Shaishannah Bennett: vor 1 Woche: Thank you for this brilliant interview…
B W: vor 5 Monaten: I’m so upset that my divine partner has gone back to men only to be sullied by male sexual energy. She is my divine partner who has succumbed to the dark, and I’m heartbroken by this possession. I pray for her and am doing everything I can to speak on her behalf to undo do you spell’s curses and contracts that have been foisted upon her unwittingly. I have remained chased and pure knowing the energy that comes with the action of Lovemaking, and thought she understood that love and sex go together before she ran away again. I’m beside myself wondering if I have lost her forever now.
EyesOpen ToTruth: vor 7 Monaten: Just went through a very difficult relationship with one controlled by Govt CIA faction who fed on my essence and my history with Narcissistic relationships from my past and was a very unstable BPD, Dissociative Dysregulation Disorder and very threatened and Genius Psychopath drug addict Narcissist. His Genius in Truth was the heaven and hell love bite who was utilized by interdimensional beings, who I had a very deep intimate relationship with this person for over two years, however, we split on more than 7 occasions due to his temper, anger and physical and verbal abusive tendencies. Testimony…”

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