Targeted Individuals in Division Mode..check the comments…most important infos are found here in the comments @ YT.

Targeted Individuals in Division Mode..check the comments…most important infos are found in the comments @ YT.
Sylvia Frank: vor 3 Tagen: Prayers sent up for all TI´s.. The enemies of humanity are subtle and insidious but with God´s protection and strengthening we shall withstand.. and in the Lord´s time prevail.
Freewoman: vor 4 Tagen: Don´t know if she is an agent, but I was VERY suspicious when she informed staff of the implant etc at the hospital where Melanie´s baby was born. I thought at the time that Katherine is either a very naive intellectual, or something else…
Autumn: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): Yes Ramola, great idea, move on, continue fighting! Victims around the world need help, this program want us hopeless and negative, stay safe and stronger.
Rick M: vor 4 Tagen: Yes, Ramola…. you are pretty much forced to continually defend yourself which has cut in to the important work you do. You have always provided professional, insightful journalism (interviews), and are handling this matter likewise.
Melanie V: For the dermatologist appointment there was something that I did in fact the truth is said um she knew that I told her that for my court case whenever I had non-consensual surgical scars I had indeed made him went to the apologists who to note them down .. to have medical evidence for that and she wanted to have to say medical
evidence for her court case and she wanted to use the same dermatologists,,she just could have easily done this in
Switzerland, she could have seen a dermatologist there to note down her scars but she wanted to use my doctors…
Ramola D Reports
Am 15.12.2018 veröffentlicht
Katherine Horton´s intensified and expanded slander campaigns against hardworking activists with her new sections slamming Melanie, Frederic and myself prompt this response. Clearly Katherine is running a nonstop campaign with feedback-loop intentions, which we do not plan to stay caught up in, but for now we are putting paid to the constructed narratives and pithy fictions she has attached to our names. My impending articles will address her written slander in greater detail. Please note: unsupportive and hostile comments here will be removed.
Karen Romero: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): Ramola so glad you mentioned one of the recommendations from the CIA guidebook is to lie about others and refer to them as agents. I refer to their guidebook as nothing more than a playbook. They think everything is a play on a world stage with a lot of actors. The thing is, the way they have written their play is the way in which Lucifer would write a play…
a play filled with lies
a play filled with fake wars
a play where some human beings don´t even realize they are in fact being influenced and controlled
a play where real agents are bad actors,
a play where the bad actors are sadistic
a play where the bad actors harm others with technology,
a play where non consensual experiments are being done on people
a play where the bad actors stalk others
a play where they think it is okay to murder anyone who would expose this filth
a play where they manipulate many people into being minions of Lucifer without their knowledge of doing so
a play where some people do not even know they have been included in this play
a play where money is their God
a play where some people will be shocked and dismayed to discover they were included in this cruel,
heinous play
a play where some of those people will be even more shocked and dismayed that they were included
without their consent
a play where some of the CIA do not even realize that the CIA wrote this play for Lucifer
a play where Lucifer is happy and quite pleased in the way in which the CIA has written their playbook.
Lucifer gives them an A+.
True source who many refer to as God gives them a big fat F!
There will be no evil in the world that True Source desires for humanity.
There will be Ramola, Melanie, Millicent Black, Karen Stewart, Bill Binney
and so many others that have been brave, good hearted, and cared enough about humanity in
the world that True Source is going to provide for each of us.
I opt out of their poorly written, dastardly, evil play that was written by bunch of Lucifer Worshipers.
I opt into the play True Source wants for humanity which is a thousand years of peace and love.
How about each of you?
“I appear to be sort of a criminal mastermind at the center of this narrative here where I have
apparently according to her engaged in conversation with various people for some kind of sabotage story
(Ramolas Sabotage of European projects) that she’s constructed and some kind of, God knows what else, a defamation campaign against construction … on and on and on so …are you able to see this? (Ramola D)”
“Melanie V: Yes and honestly Ramola when I look at it, it seems to be some advanced form of paranoia here.
…we need to accurately address it and ..then correct..”
“absolutely we need to get on with our work and with our lives and it appears that what’s going on over here is some kind of artificial feedback loop as you said earlier the Katherine appears to have constructed and seems to wish to keep us all incessantly caught up in like little… guinea pigs or a hamster wheel in a lab, so so I’m afraid this is ridiculous and this is why I created my standing notice. (Ramola D)”
Dallas Beus:vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet): The gang stalking perps have worked out a very effective plan to deflect focus from their targeting and harassment to fighting each other with a ‘she said and then I said’ routine.
I personally found Katherine Horton to be on the bizarre side when she began her “machine gunning” routine. And I believe now, as I suspected then, that she set Melanie up and caused her child to be taken from her at a very vulnerable time for both Melanie and the baby.
But this ‘she said and then I said’ routine may be the perps at work when your time and energy would be more productive if directed at the perps. It appears to me that Katherine has been side-lined and would be better ignored.
This all leaves me wondering who the real person is in this kabuki theater.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Ephesians 6:12
Olga Loaiza: vor 2 Tagen: Dallas Beus Hi Dallas, they are getting so side tracked, and I feel that that’s exactly where K wants them… They are about to get to Katherine’ a level. Sad! We should never want to become like our enemy!
Dallas Beus: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): @Olga Loaiza Hi Olga, I knew Katherine was either unstable or a perp when she caused Melanie to lose her baby and be institutionalized. What makes me suspicious AGAIN is the kabuki theater that never seems to end. Katherine should be ignored and energy spent on something positive and productive.
Bad Gargoyle: vor 3 Tagen: The difference is, your side is being handled with rationality, clarity, sanity & grace. Katherine’s side is endless paranoia and finger pointing with a further exacerbation of all the kinds of things that we as T.I’s hate seeing and should not be doing to one another. A question that I ask myself about this is.. why is Katherine needing to go to such lengths to discredit other people with facts and snippets of information to twist the narrative in her favour? It makes me very suspicious. She is discrediting herself, and all I see is Katherine trying to poison other people against those whom she has deemed are agents with no believable or factual definitive proof. Do I think she is an agent herself? No, but her actions do most definitely support those types of people who are probably looking at this and more than likely laughing at watching her do their job for them. To the two ladies, keep your current poise. You are right to challenge her attempt to poison others against you. Do not feel ashamed of fighting your own corner against her crazy paranoia and toxic behavior.
Lobster Gate: vor 1 Tag : it’s so petty and gossipy and small minded. do you women have nothing better to do than tear a woman apart who was working with you ? and it’s all of you women against ONE WOMAN Katherine who dares to stick up for herself against you. Grow up you lot. The pettiness of this conversation is worse than a tupperware party.
Alive Forever: vor 4 Stunden: Are you saying that the stealing of one’s child is pettiness?
st33p d8: vor 4 Tagen: Somewhat reminiscent of ‘Horton hears a Who!’ I’m sure ‘Dr.’ Horton has read it, being so learned. Poor Katherine, so alone in her fight – or is she?!? :/
Gary Lines: vor 4 Tagen: I tried to warn you about horton but was attacked and called all kinds of names and threatened .
Lazarus Issass: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): One of the difficulties of proving someone is an agent is simply dealing with the dominating power of the Secret State. Katherine has waved a document around in one of her videos supporting her claimed academic and work record as if it’s some kind of proof of it.There is no way to verify any of this though, as privacy is regulated by various legislations in different countries and jurisdictions; notably in the UK. the Data Protection Act.
However it must also be borne in mind, if Katherine’s academic pedigree is correct, that Oxford and Cambridge have long been a prime recruiting ground for MI5/6 and GCHQ. The security services are the backbone, along with other establishment institutions of the British shadow government. Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge universities) are an embedded institution in this shadow government, as are the Civil Service, Royal Family, closed/secret hostorical societies and more. It would be nothing for the security services to produce a seemingly genuine document from any source for the purpose of cover for an agent. It would also be quite possible, as there is almost no limit to their powers of deception, for the security services to produce and ‘run’ a seemingly genuine court case.
Finally for me Katherine does not come across as a doctor of anything. Her attempts to teach and lecture us in psychopathology and societal institutions are rather primitive and simplistic.
So we’ve been left with the fact that she can’t prove she isn’t an agent, and we can’t prove she is. We can only form our best judgement based on available facts.
From this position I personally am leaning toward the opinion that she is an agent and has high level logistic support. Her task is to create disruption, division, confusion and strife across the TI Community and to discredit it’s prominent leaders and activists. My view is that she does not act alone but is part of a team.
victrola13: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): Methinks targeting is meant to drive the victim mad. Katherine seems to be very paranoid and increasingly so. I ask Mother/Father God that all TI’s find their grounding and peace and not to be diverted from the issues that are affecting TI’s. Keep your focus. United we stand, divided we fall. It is so hard to create something that lasts and so easy to destroy it. Mind control is a very dangerous thing and like matches in the hands of toddlers. I suspect that Dr. Horton has pulled a Robert David Steele on you.
Bryan Tew: To isolate you, which is necessary in order for them to prevent any external interference from interfering with their technology so that you are forced to internalize are internally focused on the neuro programming, the CIA/DIA Contractors (Cognitive Researchers) hiding behind and using Law Enforcement Agencies, Community Based Agents; Swarmers; Surveillance Teams; Government Informants turned provocateurs: Organized Stalkers, etc., to do their dirty work are using ‘INFLUENCE MAPPING’ & ‘NEGATIVE ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING’ against you, like they do all Targeted Individuals chosen for training research and development in Mind Control technologies. By the time you realize that the Organized Stalking is part of that paradigm it will probably be too late for you to effectively counter the technology. It generally takes a while before reality sinks in that you are a Mind Control victim. The Government Perpetrators use ‘INFLUENCE MAPPING’ (data mining your cell phone calls, emails, etc.) to map out those in your social circle who have the most influence over you or with you and then they begin to covertly target those people (family, friends, pastor, deacons, etc) with ‘NEGATIVE ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING’ to turn those people against you. So every time you come around those people something NEGATIVE happens (negative thoughts: remote neural attacks; headache or nausea: directed energy attacks; dog dies; car breaks down; etc.) in their life until those family, friends, etc., begin to correlate those NEGATIVE events or topics to your presence and ASSOCIATE you to those negative events and topics and so begin to avoid you like the plague. It’s called ‘INFLUENCE MAPPING’ & ‘NEGATIVE ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING’. Your fellow Christian friends and family would have no idea they are even targeted until it’s too late.
Olga Loaiza: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): You ladies, Katherine has you exactly where she wants. Time is precious!!!!
Targeted in Ireland: vor 4 Tagen :Follow the money. Fake victims always ask for money. I’m not talking about a charity I’m talking about how they make money off genuine targets, etc why is Katherine charging 150 Euro an hour to talk to victim’s via Skype. How is this legal she is not a trained counselor.
Jon Rock: vor 4 Tagen: Targeted In Ireland On the one hand the price is 60% too high for TI’s that are on the verge of being homeless. On the other hand I took my handler & two of his gangsttalkers to court in 2015 and that was years before I knew about the program. Walking into court suing a handler is like a handicap person getting in the ring with Mike Tyson. I didn’t know these monsters (Handler’s & gangstalkers) all have alibi’s BEFORE they leave to do their dirt. So with all due respect you have to come up with a better one. I probably would have paid the $200 if I knew what would happen in advance. You have to remember when you walk in court your David’s little brother and your taking on many Goliaths in court. The only person that’s surprised is the TI. We’re all alone and finding an attorney that actually believes you and will take the case believing there’s a sliver of a chance of winning is a long shot. So for most of us walking into court we are on our own.
Dallas Beus: vor 3 Tagen: I concur. That should be an immediate red flag. The “machine gun” routine set off the warning in my sub-conscious and it escalated from there.
Elena Grigoryeva: vor 3 Tagen: To get scanned you also must pay ..membership icator, and if not they not answere anymore. I wonder if they scanned already someone and was it successful, what for university it is maybe I should go and do it self ? Why is a secret? I know I don’t like after more than a year working in JIT starting now accuse and she said this … I think everyone get own interest of this theme …
Lazarus Issass: vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet): I had no idea Katherine charged for a Skype call – and €150 an hour !? She has certainly set herself up as an expert on everything!
Is charging for direct contact via Skype or similar common amongst prominent TIs?
Lazarus Issass: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): Frankly I wonder how Katherine can be so productive without help? Given how ‘machine-gunned’ to death she is, her productivity is amazing for one so seriously and repeatedly wounded inbetween various ‘assassination’ attempts! Well to me this is another indication of something not being quite right.
As you ladies make clear, K. will tie you down with allegations and counter allegations eating into your time and creating distraction after distraction from your real work.
In my view Katherine is being used. By whom or what, I can only form an opinion, but her presence here online is very negative. She is in short, a toxic person, and to a serious sober minded thinker lacks credibility on a number of levels, creating grave doubts as to who she is and what she’s doing. .

Report # 103: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Intensified & Expanded Defamation Campaign
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Len Rom: vor 5 Tagen: ..we are definitely in the Matrix, twilight zone/alfred Hitchcock Movie!!
Ramonalisa: vor 4 Tagen: I’m curious as to whether Trump has been any help in this situation, as I’ve heard he’s a Jesuit and an honorary 33rd degree Freemason?
Lion and the Lamb: vor 5 Tagen: 1990’s predictive programming of Trump as President and him putting up a wall. Don’t put all your eggs in the Trump basket. My thought is they are all shape shifting demons.

“Report # 104: December 2018 ICATOR Update with Melanie Vritschan
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Cyber-hacking did not stop this recording; please share widely!”

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