Global Gestapo 8: The Planned Takeover of Society & What We Can Do About It

“Global Gestapo 8: The Planned Takeover of Society & What We Can Do About It”
I can assure you God is watching….and this one Triggers the highest one with a direct spirit reaction. They will have to pay for their “unsustainable” – most cruel – evil deeds.
“Eric Karlstrom: Yes, they especially hate Christ.. they crucified him… actually they got the Romans to crucify him for them I mean that’s how they do it that that Prime Minister of Malaysia
said the Jews rule the world by proxy they get others to do their killing and dying for them so you know always this hidden power that they’ve got the hidden hand.. the deep state the hidden
hand you know but it’s very complex because it’s it’s got its tentacles in so many mainstream organizations like FBI CIA a DoD DHS you know your local police department neighborhood watch
and the suckers .. the perpetrators who wind up getting pulled into this system thinking they’re going to make a little bit of money you know they’re I would add to your comments about
religion I would add that most of the world’s people believe in an afterlife you know and then not that that proves that are not proves it but I think there is I think there is heaven I
think there is hell and these people are going to hell I mean you you can’t be a professional harasser, torturer, a murderer on any scale and not go to hell. I mean if there’s a just God in Heaven.
Ramola D: but do you see the US Navy is trying to command all dimensions as well you know Heaven and Hell included, the astral realms included, well if you look at Project Star Gate, if you look at some of the documents actually you know and if you look at some if you read some of the documentation you will see there is experimentation and intention at least of traversing the boundaries
between life and death as we know it’s they are interested in breaking the boundaries between this dimension that we all live in this planet that we all live in that we understand is life and
going beyond that to.. breaking through to other dimensions you see and understanding for instance the astral realm .. this comes from Eastern cultures as well as from what I think they’ve come to understand that we all have an energy body or a Lightbody and an astral body that actually moves out of our physical being during dreams, so people who are psychic in particular will speak in terms of an astral body and will speak in terms of an astral realms, and say that part of what these guys are doing the DoD, the U.S. DoD in particular has been and by the way dr. Rauni Kilde talks about
this in her books as well they are there too they have been trying over time to break through into that realm and … work in astral realms as well so as you know many people report
electronic dreams now we have dreams bumped into our brains at night and according to the traditional theory of dreams it’s that your astral being actually travels out of your physical body into into into a different dimension now whether you believe there’s an order understand it or not in those terms I think it’s okay if you do it down because when we look at what’s
going on if if if the military if the U.S. Navy is indeed so interested in corralling the whole of life reality the universe as we know it then .. that’s interesting in itself to
find that out, I think, and that’s the kind of information that comes to us when you look at some of these documents, they have an interest you know and they’ve been working in that realm
and as you know project Stargate talks about all the paranormal phenomenon you know they’ve been doing things like remote viewing working with Uri Geller you know the bending of spoons, telekinesis, clairvoyance, all of these different things that are sort of in the realm of you know psychic awareness or parapsychology phenomena which the Russians actually have been studying for
a very long time.. so both the Russians and the Americans have been studying it the CIA and also through the DOD.
Eric Karlstrom: they were actually hiring psychics and offering courses in these kinds of things at the one university you know to to make it a legitimate academic field which of course they
always kind of try to do.”
Ramola D Reports:
Livestream vor 7 Stunden:
Dr. Eric Karlstrom discusses further the planned takeover of society over time by various factions including banksters, Globalists, Satanists and Babylonian Zionists, and we relate present circumstances of targeting and social oppression in our communist USSA to historic situations and extensions via Tavistock, the Nazis, Paperclip, the CIA, MK ULTRA, and so on.
We also discuss briefly what any of us can do about all of this, and encourage people to take action and speak out and register disagreement on large issues locally at the level of city councils and county governments.
“Ramola D: They don’t have the manpower to actually on the ground effect this kind of control but they have done it through proxy by taking over communities societies cities and states.
Eric Karlstrom: They have weaponized Society, they have weaponized society at a level where it’s hard to imagine that it could be restored to decency, civility too, because now the rule is you know “nastiness goes” yeah them nasty what we need to do is understand this more and and we have weaponized society and that has been the intent of the people the Illuminati you know puppet masters at the top.
Ramola D: The Satanizing of society, society is being Satanized… each against the other.
Eric Karlstrom: It’s being weaponized, criminalized and satanized and you can see it, you can feel it and it’s horrendous and again I have doing a lot of research on this. I have five websites now, they are gang stalking mind-control cults dot com… it’s always infiltrate, contaminate, appropriate, eliminate.

Infiltrate, contaminate..just make it as ugly ans messy and yucky as you can… so you want to get from it and then take it over now it’s yours… and Trump here’s the swamp. I mean Trump’s being led by the Zionist Neocons What the Preston James called the International Zionist criminal syndicate: IZCS. I called it the Judeo Masonic Satanists, there’s another guy who wrote a book name’s Marcus Raybock, it’s called the cult, because of the cult of Judah, you can trace it back 3,000 years. This is a three thousand year program to take over the world and they’re very close and you know so we can’t be pussyfooting around oh you can’t say that James.
There is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations says…Paris 1917… okay I say that, I’m an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, but here’s a Jew saying it he says it occupies almost everywhere the avenues of power, a double assault of Jewish Revolution and Jewish finance, revolution and finance, pressure from above from the width of Finance, pressure from below with the street revolutionaries…and the Jews will be the Masters of the world.. in the program June 1921…
Eric Karlstrom: very interesting dynamic very complex a serious spell a racial delusion of superiority has been cast on many judaics no matter where they live but especially so among those living in Greater Israel or the Luciferian hex flag flies that’s this quote-unquote Star of David it’s actually the start of remphan which is the most occult symbol whether true or not top zionists leaders believe this hex flag signifies the merger of demonic fallen angel beast bloodlines from above bred with human female bloodlines below they believe this makes them the chosen ones okay now we’re talking about genetic hybrids we’re talking about Nephilim which are mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis when supposedly the fallen angels came down and they found some of the daughters of men to be fair and they bred with them and they produced this race, this hybrid race and supposedly the whole story is that God sent the flood .. the Biblical Flood to remove all this bad DNA but they persisted the Nephilim persisted and of course you can make interesting speculations that the Nazis with all of their you know mind control and just savage brutal medical experimentation in the concentration camps that they were actually they were looking for this this this DNA hybrid this Superman Übermensch they talked about it and Hitler thought this was that this was the most important part about world war two is developing the ubermensch well the ubermensch then you could look at as these programmed fragmented MKULTRA type people who are you know programmed by robot slaves or you could also look at it from the point of view yes they’re programmed by a robot slaves fragmented personalities from all the trauma-based mind control torture that was done to them but they’re also genetically different they are now hybrid they’ve got some you know whatever demonic fallen angel beast bloodlines from above in them, okay so this is the meaning of according to it to this Preston James I’m sure he is not a Jew… this sounds nuts ..ten years ago I wouldn’t have given it much thought to it ….whether we want to be part of this process
or not Ramola you and I may be part of this and since they may be trying to do to us electromagnetically what they did in the 50s and 40s and 60s with MKULTRA with trauma-based mind control torture rape.
Ramola D: Karl Clark…he’s one whistleblower who has stated that the CIA mossad all of these intelligence agencies are very interested in genetics in the genetics of everybody in the DNA of everybody that’s the first thing they go after they go after your blood to try to find out what your DNA is and what your genetic ancestry is and I’ve always wondered why why on earth would they be so worried about the the ancestry and can the DNA indeed reveal all that but apparently well now I’ve learned that yes the DNA can reveal a great deal and you know can reveal the ways in which over time humans have come together yeah and with our with our bioengineering you know genetic engineering we can now insert the gene from from a shrimp into a strawberry and make it redder unless you know lasts longer-..
China’s doing it now.. that the DoD did it 20-50 years ago you know I mean
Eric Karlstrom: It´s an outpost, it´s an illuminati outpost, it was Nixon and Kissinger went there in
1973 or whatever to open up China well they took control of it, the American corporate sector took control of it and that is their their demonstration of a slave Society..
Ramola D: Literally, they could model humans for compliance, passivity low brainpower ,right, low empathy low compassion everything..but they could create the virtual slave with the human body.
Eric Karlstrom: absolutely and immortality for themselves and that’s what they’re after…
Ramola D: It falls very perfectly into that little DSM category persecution you know delusions of
persecution etc..which is how they’ve set it up you see they’ve got the dastardly evil program set up on this side and on the other side they’ve got the DSM and the psychiatrist’s all set up ready to call anybody who reports these crimes a delusive paranoid person who is suffering from delusions of persecution.
Eric Karlstrom: okay so now let me take it back before back to the 1930s when a Jew by the name of L.B..who was the Soviet secret police chief of the Cheka or whatever.. whose supposedly killed millions he said use the courts use the judges use the Constitution of the country use the medical societies and its laws to further our ends do not stint in your labor in this direction and when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now affect your own legislation at will and you can by careful organization by constant campaigns about the terrors of society by pretense as to your effectiveness against those
terrorists make the capitalist himself by his own appropriation financed a large portion of the quiet communist conquest of that nation that has happened.
Ramola D: and that is exactly what has happened it has absolutely happened you’re absolutely right it seems like when we look at the number of laws the legislation the way the mental health system has been set up currently it seems like we have come to a kind of communist state in this country with this kind of setup already.
Eric Karlstrom: but just to talk about the CIA again as a very important you know feature of all of this okay you’ve got mi6 you know CIA comes out of OSS Office of Strategic Services in World War two trained by mi6 then the Nazis come in in 1947 and immediately in 1947 the CIA is making deals with the the Mafia
including .. the Jewish mafia which is the top docks you know there’s a guy camera his name will come
to me in a minute very short guy “yeah we mostly hear about the Italian mafia in this country, we don’t hear so much about the Jewish mafia” that’s another cover story you know we all thought the Godfather was great and and you know but the Italian mafia is subsidiary to the Jewish mob..
Ramola D: and we got to manufacture money out of thin air and pretend they are associated with the federal government…
Eric Karlstrom: and since they have controlled America for over 100 years, America itself has taken on that persona that aspects. America is a criminal syndicate, but we need to understand it it wasn’t always controlled by these factions, these are the Fifth Column enemy Trojan horses that have come into America and taken it over and use it as a playset and just like dr. Rauni Kilde said you know the elite used the nation states, they used the Britain the British Empire was was the front for the Jewish bankers before that for the previous three or four hundred years destroyed your country or at least went a long way towards that India you know establishing the Raj and and just you know just stealing all of the resources it did the same with China you know in the opium wars, so America and Britain are one in the same at the top levels I mean it’s the anglo-american Empire it has, its death squads..Operation Condor…”

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