The Richie Allen Show – November 8th 2018 – the yang is basically gone.

The Richie Allen Show – November 8th 2018 – the yang is basically gone.
“This called the usurpation of the yang, the Illuminati usurpation of the yang, so they’re trying to knock out the man and the fire energy, the protector energy, they’re saying you’re not protectors anymore of these…the yang is basically gone and they..we want all this feminine matriarchal celibate, if you’re transgender guy you’re not a threat, you are fine… you could be on TV, you can get in front of people, but the real man, the Alpha men are being sort of discredited, knocked out, … I’m actually attacked physically and then the what’s gonna happen is the man is the Illuminati the the banker he’s gonna say okay I’m the man now and all you girls you can just defend me and you know say yes sir no sir to me and and kick your husband and your brothers and your father and the nuts and destroy him, because I’m gonna take this over and that’s kind of what’s going on, so with the biggest thing I see going on under the surface and nobody wants to talk about this, no man let’s talk about this, most men just …if a woman says don’t they’ll jump, if she’s a mean woman, they’ll jump twice as high anymore…and I’m seeing this
everywhere and so this is a real thing that especially women need to be aware of and take responsibility for what’s going on and it is like they’re trying to wipe out the men, because the men are more disposable , we’re … if there’s a revolution to fight these guys there’s gonna be women yes and in Nicaragua there was a lot of them in the Sandinistas, but most it’s gonna be men ,
remember and remember they don’t … wanna much 18 year old guys hanging around with no work, you’re thinking about revolution, so they’re gonna wipe out the men first, that’s
pretty clear in this depopulation thing, that’s what I’m starting to really see a kind of accelerating on this side of the pond anyway.
..and I think it’s because it’s becoming the Borg, that’s what the Borg want, okay, so if you’re gonna be …just an old-fashioned kind of guy… it’s dangerous, you’re gonna be targeted, these
people are gonna come at you with everything they got to try to you…basically castrate you and shut you up man and don’t ..go up to those guys they’re not so bad and…don’t defend me, I don’t need defending and you’re gonna get a lot of problems, okay, that’s why these guys are going now, because it’s the path of least resistance, but it’s what they want.
CIA put our document 1969 and they said there’s not gonna be any genders by 2030, yet the Grays, the Gray Aliens do not have a sex, so they literally have abducted women to carry the baby Greys
and put them out, so is this, I mean are we already a bunch of Cyborgs, is there cyborgs among us other gray hybrids among us, are they going for this whole asexual thing, is that’s what it looks like?.. and what they definitely don’t, but that well they’re definitely pushing is this feminization, this continuation is sort of this matriarchy underneath of this bigger thing, because it’s the way to keep people when it’s patriarchy they go out and they just get brutal and they just beat people up and they just whatever and that’s bad but matriarchy is just as bad, because it’s kind of like Oh you can’t say that you can’t criticize that person you can’t, oh really I can’t criticize the depopulation of 90% of the people?.. but ya know you can’t you’re not supposed to because the man told me, so the man told me not to let you and so I’m gonna not let you do that honey and this is just like wow, so that’s what’s going on, it scares the hell out of me because if that’s that heavy and especially the girls refuse to see it and I don’t see a lot of them that are really willing to look at it right now because they got it pretty good right now I mean they’re kind of on the gravy train they get patronized they get you know on Facebook oh you’re so cute oh you’re so you’re stuff so great and you hear that all the time and it’s just like wow and
it’s just what they don’t need and it’s trap, but but it’s instant gratification and they’re just eat it up and.. this is part of the thing, part of what’s going on I mean .. where they’re going to knock out there any real defense, look if you’re an invading force what are you gonna knock out first? You knock out the warrior class right? Look you’re gonna get the men. (Dean Henderson)”
“It’s terrible and ..any time you are censor anything, it’s terrible, I mean everybody should have a platform, everybody should be able to talk and the scariest thing right now is that you
don’t even have rights to complain about this…the First Amendment is a government thing, it’s guaranteed by the government, these are private corporations that
decide outside of the First Amendment who can talk and who can´t and so it’s really fascism. I mean it’s not the state deciding, it’s private corporations, deciding and these
private corporations, these Silicon Valley Mafia, they claim to be liberals, but in fact it’s infiltrated Mossad stuff, New World Order stuff, it’s nothing to do with anything liberal or socialist or anything, so there’s another thing is everybody needs to realize that Silicon Valley is an operation of the British Crown and it’s not our friend, okay, now if you want to stand Facebook and all that stuff that’s fine, I think you’re crazy, but if me and Richie got off but if you but at least realize that when you get on the computer and you’re on Google, it’s the
enemy, okay, it’s not you’re liberal …progressive buddy, just because it has a ponytail or whatever it’s fascism under the same old ..face as they marched out the hippies with the
ponytails .. and they are trying to knock out progressives, they’re trying to knock out us. (Dean Henderson)” / “Yeah, I think it’s privatized fascism. (Richie Allen)”
“Well, oh look at America, the minute, there’s all these people who apparently are anti-government and anti-deep state, but are fervent supporters of the President of the United States .. It is a paradox..look at Putin as well, Putin is an absolute autocratic monster, he murdered journalists, he murdered his own civilians, his citizens he’s stolen literally billions, billions of dollars.(Neil Sanders)” / “Well said, he is a Gangster. (Richie Allen)”
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