July 6, 2017: Dr. Edward Spencer Reports a DEW Attack

July 6, 2017: Dr. Edward Spencer Reports a DEW Attack in California.

“Dr. Ed Spencer checks in from a care center in Marin County, California to report the recent medical crisis he endured, something he attributes to a microwave or directed-energy weapon attack, speculating it could have been caused by a Tesla-technology EMF protection device he recently acquired, or a possible consequence of 5G pulsed milliwaves which may be being covertly rolled out in some cities and counties already.”
“And I think we have all heard of Silicon Valley that the real name is microwave Valley…most
people don’t even know they are microwaved. (Dr. Ed Spencer)”

“Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer”
“Since 1996 I have devoted a lot of time trying to understand why the world is such a total mess and I have followed the
pathway of logic I would have to say and there’s so much false information out there that you just have to keep at it,
you have to be determined to go to go forward.”
“..and I read the dead Buckminster Fuller traveled all over the world and wherever he traveled there was already supposed to be somebody in charge, a high ranking.. and he always answered to someone higher, now you don’t have to push too hard to find Rothschild.. they’re pulling the strings, because money is the leverage on everything and there’s a great pressure..”
“..and others are profiting..they appear to be profiting I don’t think they really are profiting by this secrecy.. I think ..
Bill Gates is supposed to be a rich successful man, but I think he’s a total failure, he doesn’t have a species that
come back to you, the issue here is the survival and the flourishing of the human species and we can see everything has been done to keep this from happening now there’s a there’s a marker here in the terms of the Georgia Guidestones..”
“I think there is a protection out there controlled by others and and this will take us into the UFO realm and UFOs are
always supposed to be the chariot of the extraterrestrials something from out of the solar system but I don’t think this
is the case I think that extraterrestrials are actually cryptoterrestrials, they’ve always been here and they control us, even though they’re not obvious they’re sort of like a foreign body in a new section, they produce an abnormality and we’re run by Psychopaths and … “the science of evil adjusted for political purposes” and if you look at the guys who are running the world: you look at Hitler, you look at the Bushes and Obama I will say that and then the Clintons these people all have psychopathic tendencies and then
you go elsewhere than you find the same thing, so we’re managed by Psychopaths and it seems to me that the psychopaths are
being controlled by somebody, by something, by some form.”
“and this distraction originates or is based essentially on the fact that we are about a hundred and twenty years behind in
physics ..in the application of physics..there are a number of books on the anti-gravity technology..”
“..these gigantic spaceships anti-gravity run by anti-gravity technology exists that they have gone off planet and that they are
actually on Mars..”
“..Genocide of the human species…”
“..there are huge underground cities already in existence under ocean floor cities and in existence and I’m saying
humans if you want to survive if you want to survive as a species and go forward to the brilliance that we can
accomplish you got to wake up and you got to talk to each other and you got to fight you have to pull out
the love and use it ..”

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