Reptilians & Other Aliens Avoid Detection While Living On Earth.

“Reptilians & Other Aliens Avoid Detection While Living On Earth.
Perhaps no other alien species inspires as much dread as the Reptilian. These beings, with scaly snake-like skin are the stuff of nightmares. Is it possible that Reptilian humanoids are the source of the devils, demonic entities, mythological beings who have visited and tormented humanity in the Bible and beyond? Are these lizard creatures living among us avoiding day-today-detection?Many alien researchers and contractees postulate that is exactly the case, and since the Universe is so vast, it’s unlikely that we are alone.
Since the beginning of history, people have claimed to see visitors from other planets. We’ve heard a variety of motives for these visits too, ranging from intergalactic war to gods attempting to save our planet. So how do they avoid detection? Is it possible?
The common signs (according to one source):
“predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes” “piercing eyes”
“true red or reddish hair” “a sense of not belonging to the human race”
“low blood pressure” “deep compassion for fate of mankind”
“keen sight or hearing” “physic abilities” (probably meant “psychic”)
“ESP” “unexplained scars on body”
“UFO connections” “capability to disrupt electrical appliances”
“love of space and science” “alien contacts”
Does that checklist resonate with you? The existence of the reptilian form of aliens has long been questioned by the skeptics, and rightfully so. Reptilian aliens ar thought to be six to eight feet tall, have scaly skin which is mostly green in color, are bipeds, have large yellow or black eyes and emit bad body odor in most cases. To believers, however, they cite some of the following as proof positive.
Maybe there are right under our noses. To some the European dragon is obvious proof that the Europeans had encounters with reptilian aliens who were hostile by nature. And the the Toltec Mayan god or Quetzalcoatl, or Aztec god was described as serpents of wisdom that enlightened mankind with the knowledge before civilizations were built. These gods are described having reptilian figures and large yellow eyes, proving that reptilian aliens existed in ancient times as well. And in India, there are epic stories about reptilian demons that come out of water and destroy villages and cities. As there is no such earthly being that matches the description of the demons, it is evident that the mythical texts spoke about reptilian aliens only. status and artifacts from ancient Sumerian civilization that looks like reptilian humanoids. These statues have large bulging eyes and reptilian features which prove that reptilian aliens were being encounter by ancient Sumerians as like people from other parts of the world.
Interestingly, there appear to be a series of “races” of aliens that visit us regularly. Here are five alien species that seem to be the most popular “visitors.”
The Anunnaki – The Anunnaki go back to the days of ancient Mesopotamia, when they allegedly came to Earth to mine our gold. They were revered as gods by Sumerian civilizations and most believed them to be royalty.
The Reptilians – These humanoid reptile hybrids were first documented in an Augusts 1929 issue of WEIRD TALES. The first recorded abduction took place in 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska, when Officer Herbert Schirmer of the Ashland Police Department claimed to have been taken aboard a ship inhabited by reptilian creatures.
The Andromedans- These aliens come from the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.2 million light years away. They are reportedly far more advanced than humans are and live to be 2,000 years old. Unlike most aliens, the Andromedans have compassion for humans and are concerned about our well being.
The Nordics – Nordic aliens get their name from their strong resemblance to stereotypical Scandinavian peoples. They average six to seven feet tall and have strong telepathic abilities. Nordics care more about the Earth’s environment than they do the human race.
The Greys – The Greys are perhaps the most famous of our alien visitors, making up 43% of all reported alien interactions. These short beings are naked, with big heads and large black eyes. They were first documented in H.G. Wells 1893 article “Man of the Year Million.”

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