UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Wendelle Stevens and Billy Meier

“UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Wendelle Stevens and Billy Meier Chapter 1 Asket and the DALs”

“UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 2 Asket Influences Meier’s Preparation”

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 3 Aboard the DAL Spacecraft

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 4 Part 1

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 4 Part 2

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 4 Part 3

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 4 Part 4

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5 Part 1
Link: https://archive.org/details/UfoContactFromThePleiades-WendelleStevensAndBillyMeier
“LCOL Stevens served in the US Army Air Corps & US Air Force from 1942 to 1963. During his career he was a flight test pilot, amongst other things. He saw UFOs while on active duty, and after his military service. After retiring from active duty he became a Ufologist, had a personal collection of over 3000 alien space crafts, and wrote 18 UFO investigative books. Wendell died on Sep. 7, 2010. His death was stated to be from a massive hearth attack at 86 years of age. This book is taken from notes & interviews with “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier from Switzerland. Billy Meier has had nearly 300 contacts with Pleiadians from the time he was a young man until now. Billy has kept meticulous notes of each and every contact along with photos, videos, drawings, and eye witness testimony. Billy has time traveled with the Pleiadians, flew to other worlds, was given several prophecies in which many have already come true, and much more. I don’t want to give away all of the surprises, but you will be pleasantly surprised.
This linked playlist is essentially a free e-book consisting of 13 videos that make up a total of 11 hours of playtime. The entire book is read to you aloud while the text appears on the screen. Extra pictures and commentary are inserted to further explain and illustrate points. This is the real & actual account of the numerous interactions that Billy Meier had with the Pleiadians and the DALS. The amount of information in these videos are mind-boggling and certified true. I know that government lies 100% of the time, and …( A LOT) WE HAVE EVER LEARNED IS A LIE BY DESIGN, so you have a much better chance of getting at the TRUTH by starting to believe those that have no reason or track record of lying to you. This is a MUST VIEW video to anyone that can understand English. … enjoy the wealth of information presented to you in the proper order. You can also visit the second link and read chapter information. Once you listen to the entire book, I encourage you to go back and listen to the most interesting chapters as many times as it takes for this massive amount of information to sink in.”
Published on May 19, 2012
Wendelle Stevens lived at the Billy Meier compound in the 1980s and was present when the Pope was murdered in the Vatican. He was told by Billy that Samjase showed Billy the murder on a video screen and Wendelle didn’t believe him. Billy said the next Pope will survive only 33 days and he will also be killed. That Pope lasted just 33 days and he was as dead as a corpse, just as predicted. Samjase told Billy many things that would come and most of them have. Some are still in our future, like Russia will take Iran and Turkey, so if Russia takes Iran and Turkey, you can thank Billy Meier and Samjase, Asket, Ptaah and all the Pleiadians who told us, in advance.
Chapter 1 gets you familiar with the concept of antimatter and parallel universes which are needed to balance out our own. It’s an inverse universe! I know that sounds perverse, but it’s the reverse of our own. It’s not weird stuff, any more than ours is. The aliens who came here were very surprised to find us. They thought all life was on their side and here we are, having fun on the other side! If they are antimatter, then what are we? Matter!!!! Ooohhhh! How weird?! … I wouldn’t live in a world that didn’t have banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, unless it was the DAL Universe!”
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mysteries,aliens, space, Pleadians,Billy,Meier,Asket,Samjase,Ptaah,Sfath,Quetzal”
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We have come to a point we had long sought to avoid. Our simple farmer, with only a 6th grade formal education must now be revealed as a carefully selected and uniquely trained student of religious philosophy, and trained through actual experience by those who say they are responsible for the origin of the various world belief systems; extraterrestrials, who say that their ancestors introduced and fostered these belief systems to establish and maintain control over primitive and uninformed Earth humanity.
This man was, according to the extraterrestrials themselves, selected before birth, and was guided in his early development and educated by them in their own way, and was led on a personal guided tour for 12 years, through all the great religions and many others, learning them from the inside out by becoming an active participant in each in turn. His extensive special training possibly qualifies him as well as anyone to criticize, at least more so than any student of only one, two or four of these major religions. Not biased by any theological methodology or by training or profession, he was uniquely able to study them without beclouding commitment and was shown their failings, and where the different beliefs came from and why, in order to evaluate to his own satisfaction.
He was then reduced to a state of non-dependency on any belief system for his own survival and forced to live by his own wits (åndfullhet), and strength alone to show him where his help really came from. Then he was reduced a state of having nothing, and nothing to lose; and was thus given the tool with which to start his mission in the form of the UFO contacts and some evidence difficult, if not impossible to refute (motbevise), but not overwhelmingly persuasive to the point of removing freedom of choice for each individual person.
There are facts and there are “plans” in this case, forcing each to discriminate for himself every step of the way, thereby achieving the desired objective of his mission itself; that of freeing man from the bondage of dogma and urging him to know what he believes and why.
He seeks to persuade Earthman to take a new look at his belief system and know why he chooses to believe a certain way, and to seek alternatives if he does not like what he sees. This is the thrust of evolution itself, which is the sum of all the individual paths through growth, knowledge, and acceptance of and by each individual in his personal and separate “Universe”.
This mission has been frequently mentioned, and is often referred to in the dialogues. Meier knows what it is and has been very thoroughly briefed on it, but is not allowed to divulge it completely to any other Earth humans. We see it’s highly polarizing effects, because it arouses emotional responses both ways. Some see it as a final revelation of the long beclouded truths of secular beliefs, which really are binding to its adherents, threatening to transgressors, and punitive to disbelievers. They see the ideas advocated here as the first step in releasing them from fundamentalist dogmas that require belief on faith alone and discourage legitimate questioning on the whys and wherefores of the belief.
Others see it as the very work of the threatened Anti-Christ to tempt believers away from the security of their religions, no matter how demanding they are. Those are often held in fear, fear of the consequences of their not toeing the mark. Those are rabid in their efforts to destroy any free thinking in this respect, and they are a danger to themselves and to others as we have personally seen in examining this case.
From what we have discovered in the extensive investigations we have carried out, we deduce at least the following important elements of the MISSION:
1. To break the bondage over Earth humans by the self-proclaimed “Gods” and “Sons of God” (The Pleiadian IHWH’s) in all mythologies and religions of the last some 70,000 years of our ancient past.
2. To expose Politics as an outgrowth of early religions, and to show that it should be recognized for the tool of enslavement that it really is. He is to expose this wherever possible. This of course now, in addition to anti-Religionist, makes him too anti-Capitalist, anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, anti-Fascist and anti-political… No lack of enemies indeed.
3. To show religions as the father of politics, and fundamentalism as the greater tool of enslavement by the ancient visitors to this planet. To show religions as the institution for preserving this enslavement, primarily through fear, ignorance and intimidation (trusler), all strong motive forces indeed. Those are to be exposed for what they are.
With the benefit of hindsight, it is now possible to see more clearly what Meier’s mission was supposed to be. It, like several other contacts by various human ETs from the Pleiades star group, was characterized by references to our common heritage with them, references to our and their ancient history, and references to the evolution of Earth’s religions and politics, outgrowths of the same intent.
It appears that these several contacts, in different places around the world, began their most recent phase in the mid-70s, with rapidly developing contact events and trips aboard the extraterrestrial spacecraft by the Earth contactees. Those contacts went on for years and each involved scores of witnesses and hundreds of pages of notes and dialogue in each, and each mutually unknown to each other. This is strong testimony for origin outside of either of the known groups involved.
The basic message was that it is time for Earthman to change — to break his bondage to his religious and political institutions and dogma, and the ever proliferating creation of more and more laws, all of which serve to further hold him in even greater slavery than he has ever known. He has imprisoned himself in his institutionalized fears of confinement, death, everlasting hell, and of his own fellow man, and in this fear he has the wealth and beauty of his world, deliberately planning his own suicide and the destruction of his entire world!
The message is,
“We don’t have to do this. It is all our own choice. We can change it any time WE want… And nobody is ever coming from anywhere to relieve us of this responsibility.”
A most enlightening message indeed!
Then in the beginning of the 80s, another self-professed entity from the Pleiades came to attention in Washington State, dictating the most profound and moving messages to crowds of hundreds of people. This one also described our ancient and Biblical histories, and proclaimed Earth man’ s relationship to All. The message here is for Earth man to wake up and see what he is doing to himself; to be aware that he, and only he, can change his destiny, and that he can do overnight.
On page 90 of VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD this communicator is quoted as saying,
You have brothers, Entity, in your Pleiades, a most divine constellation. You are a divine creature. Your knowingness was absolute when you were a babe. It has been limited to the point of struggling to survive in this life without the virtue of knowingness.”
He simply advocates knowing what we have forgotten.
This is not a welcome message to world fundamentalist and bureaucratic systems, which exist to bind and control the masses of people for the benefit of those few controllers. The danger is that the masses realize the truth of the message and refuse to accept the bondage any longer — and find that they are really free after all…
We have now served our purpose in this plan, for which we also, in a way, were selected. The other side of the coin is the wave of religious fundamentalism sweeping the lands. It is paradoxical that the religious fundamentalists, each preaching peace and brotherhood, and each blessing their great armies marching off to kill in the name of “their God”, are the ones destined, now as always, to bring great bloodshed upon this world, and even its ultimate destruction!
Salvation is not in unison, but in the unity of each individual doing what he knows is right from within.”
Sandra Hunter
6 months ago
cia is dirty, they are full of shit.
Greg Dougall
6 months ago
IHWH is pronounced “ishwish” and means, “king of wisdom”.
2 years ago (edited)
IHWH is Yahweh. He’s transcribing the Semitic root as the background for presenting his own re-interpretation of the old testament abomination / nephelim story prior to the flood.
Shabby Pink
2 years ago
… hahahaha …… sleep? what’s that ? ” sleep when you’re dead “
Peter Flynn
4 years ago
I’m Canadian, we are an open-minded people. I enjoy listening to you. You are an excellent narrator. In Canada we can have open discussions without interference from groups such as the C.I.A. There seems to be a lot of secrets and conspiracies in the states. I always find it puzzling how I read about a football stadium full of people down in the states , see a large u.f,o, pass overhead and the people in power says it never happened. … WOW
4 years ago
This is so great to listen to, thank you so much for your great work :)
Kovelli 47
10 months ago
It’s hard to inform people when they’re so caught up in life. I try to wake as many people up as i can everyday about this and I will not give up.
10 months ago
Make friends on over 200 social networks, (see Wikipedia for the list) and send links to web sites and videos, every day
Your friends don’t want your information, so stop informing them! Inform strangers and tell them to pass it on!
Kovelli 47
10 months ago (edited)
I do tell them to pass it on, I even have some of them look at videos and i also always share links but i guess that’s all i can do if they don’t want listen i can’t make them. Your videos are great and give alot of insight. Peace and Love.
eugene Morrill
2 months ago
Kovelli 47; You can’t wake up a stone. I find that people are dulled down to the very concept of space travel, time travel, man/god creativity, universal energy [free energy]. I think that todays human is running on “overload” and can’t or won’t grasp these concepts. BRAIN WASHED? MIND CONTROLLED?
3 years ago
This is a fascinating chapter, because the Pleiadians travel 428 light years in about 10 minutes!
3 years ago
It’s surprising how many religious people still think that aliens are demons. Grow up! Stop being such a nut case!
Ken Baker
3 years ago
Yes, a beamship (Cigar Shaped) takes 7 hours to travel between Earth and Taygeta Star System.
2 years ago
Right. The older tech needed to be a great distance from a solar system before attaining near light speed where increased mass transforms them and any nearby objects to fine matter (creational energy) for the ride through hyperspace and can cause disruptions in planets orbits. The 7 hours was getting away from objects, speeding up and slowing down. Hyperspace was near instant.
I think the Great Spacer (mother ship) has the Timer (Dal Aliens, Asket) tech and need not exit solar systems. If I recall right. Some use inter-galactic energy only and the older ones use light bundles (beamship) tech. Some newer small craft have the Timer tech to traverse space and time and entry to the Dal universe is by Timer made gates at various remote spots between the universes.
The playlist,..”Billy Meier – 4th Contact – Travel through hyperspace” goes into some detail and clues are in other contact reports.
They make for great bed time stories.
Russell Anderson
2 years ago
+Stuart Miller Thought is nearly instantaneous, like the Speed of Gravitation. Thought is a scalar wave!
3 years ago
So earth is the center of the universes. Nice.
4 years ago
That girl, Asket is very nice. I don’t know her age, but Samjase is 130 years old, so watch out for those older women!
Mark White
4 years ago
Wow I feel extreme interest in some of this material. Fascinating!!
4 years ago
Peter, Europeans own and control America, not the American people.
We are the slave labor force for the bankers of the Federal Reserve and few of them are America.
Peter Flynn
4 years ago
Canada is a nuclear weapons free zone. But it doesn’t matter much as if there is a nuclear war, our country is geographically right in the middle. I hope “MAN” realizes that nothing good will come of using these weapons, The U.S.A. may win but our world will be made unfit for life.
4 years ago
We can heal, if the cancer is removed
4 years ago
Thanks Brian, I was born to work, not watch TV
Brian Barrott
4 years ago
thanks for all your info! I appreciate your hard work.
jo black
4 years ago
Life is all we have, loving, caring, giving, sharing, is what we have to do to heal are world.
4 years ago
You need to set up your own channel, because leaving four long messages here and talking about the Bible isn’t going to cut it with me. People who read the comments here don’t want to read your book. If you have a book to write, set up a channel and speak into a mic and maybe God will bless you or whatever you crazy religious people think God’s going to do for you! Maybe he will save you if your building catches on fire. Maybe God will run through the flames and carry your ass out!
4 years ago
You need to find another channel, if you intend to bring religious dogma here…
These religious ideas are your private business and I won’t tolerate you trying to brainwash my viewers with nonsense, like this. The Bible is bullshit and it was written over a period of 200 years and was not written by God. Teaching kids this is wrong and someone has to stand up and take the risk of being struck by lightening for saying the truth and I’m the guy!
5 years ago
This artist’s sketch show her to be about 17. Of course she’s pretty. She hasn’t had time to get fat.
5 years ago: Slow down, Cowboy! She’s 130 years old! … I have removed comments that are not useful to the viewers.
5 years ago
My parents are completely not getting it either. I feel really bad for them.
5 years ago
Yes, James, it takes about 12 hours for each 15 min of video. The audio editing is time-consuming and then setting the images to the sound and then getting the timing right, then there are the transitions from one image to the next.
EBook: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/meier/esp_meier6.htm#menu
“Semjase – This is a further question; but I know nothing of that event. It might well be possible, someone having observed the departure of my ship and having announced this to the authorities or to the Army, which now and then happens, unfortunately, after which a search is performed. This happens when we are not careful enough or when less careful strange ships appear and even land. As you know, we do take precautions in every respect to prevent such occurrences.
Though all caution is not enough, because often there are observing eyes where we do not assume them to be, even at so late a time of the night. This may unfortunately then lead to unpleasant incidents, especially when we fly several times to the concerned place or have to touch down there, especially authorities and the Army feel themselves menaced in their power, when they are informed of sightings and landings of beamships (which are beyond their ability to control), although we are not interested in upsetting or menacing their primitive force, as this mission is obligated alone to Earth human beings.
Though they are very much interested in our ships, and carry out research and examinations, the authorities and the Army deny these facts very strongly. All in-formation in this respect, concerning spaceships, sightings, touchdowns, etc., are much denied by them, as well as their highly secret researches and examinations of beamship landing places, etc.
So do not worry about the military you have met at Ravensbuhl, because their investigations are secret anyway, and they hide themselves behind untruths about what they do. They will contest in every respect, your observations, even if you demonstrated with photographs, which matter could be dangerous for you, as you know already from your own experience. So do not worry about the machinations of the Army, as this could otherwise become dangerous for our matter…
The fourteenth contact at 14:00 on 29 April 1975, was called by Meier, where the crystals were discussed, and a criticism of some archaic laws still on the books took place, with an observation that most man made laws were outside of human dignity and beyond reason. The discussion then turned to group members until Semjase interrupted with a warning that a vehicle was approaching, a tractor, and that she must leave immediately to avoid arousing suspicion. She departed immediately…”
“Semjase explained some events observed and sought to redress some misjudgment on her part.
Semjase – I have to confess to having made some mistakes, which have brought me to wrong conclusions. Yet I don’t want to exclude that you can came in the same way to wrong decisions, as I. At all ends we are human beings, even when come from different stars and spiritual positions, being fundamentally like-minded creatures who have to go the way of their own evolution. This then does not exclude my making mistakes, which I ask your friends and acquaintances to understand. me really are not creatures of perfection as some would like to label us. If such things happen under me, then I do call than, because it would make no sense for me to hide or contest them. Such would only work to me own disadvantage. Now I want to explain about the help which I promised to your group, in which I will have to ask you to evaluate such assistance as well as other…”
“BackToConstitution: she knew very well that he was meeting with aliens, she saw the ships come in, she saw all the photographs, she heard all the conversations and so for a woman that turn on her husband at a time of divorce is what so many women do, they get really nasty and they want to hurt you any way they can and so she said it was all a hoax and when you read this story and
you see these details about their marriage and his activities and his struggle to survive you have to give him credit for what he went through and what he achieved and his mission and the purpose of all of this to bring this truth to us and to spare this planet the war that’s going to blow it up like Madeck and you have to look at his wife as someone who did a disservice to mankind
just because she wanted to injure her husband at time of divorce and I’d like to ask her a question: which is more important to you human survival or revenge?.. because if you chose revenge as it appears that you have and you sold out humanity just for the pleasure of revenge.”
“BackToConstitution: ..life fills your mind with clutter and confusion and panic and desperation, especially living under a Nazi system, continuing now :”he can overcome obstacles and achieve his objectives and suddenly has no more need for purely material things.” I disagree, as long as we have a money system we’re all going to need to make money and that’s going to bring out the worst in people, they’re not doing their labor for love, they’re doing their labor so that someone else can tax them and take part
of it and be rich from our labor, back to the script: “one must learn a spiritual intellectual manner of thinking and recognize its validity until the first successes are achieved, but the way does not stop here because further exploration research and development and further recognition leads to the limitless endurance of time, everything may happen in the course of time to
prevent one from achieving his or her objectives, but the spiritualize person knows no limits and does not allow himself or herself to be stopped short of his or her goals by any events of the future for him the future always exists in the present where from he becomes determined to do everything here and now to obtain the highest spiritual state of consciousness and he does not fear the
future for the future is now just as present as the present itself.”
No, I disagree I don’t think the future is now the future is the future how can you say the future is now you can affect the
future now by doing things now and the only time you have is now and you don’t have the past that’s just a memory and you don’t have the future is not here yet you have the now and you must act now in order to affect the future and create a pleasant past, so
this is mumbo jumbo garbage coming from an alien and the last sentence: when the spiritual eyes being sees others before him he sees the creational in them.” No what I see in the Illuminati and those who control us the committee of 300 who want to murder us, I see evil, I don’t see them as any part of creation, I see them as pure evil and the power corrupted them and we need to break down that power, so they don’t have nearly as much of it and then they’ll be much less corrupt the job to do is to reverse the
concentration of power and disperse it and when the number of governments in the world equals the number of people in the world we’re going to have peace because each person will be his own president and he will decide what the future will be, not someone on a
committee of 300… sometimes these Pleidadians are weird, they don’t think straight, they’re inconsistent, like us , yet they travel the galaxies. I’d love to catch up with them.” /(Realismus) /(Objektivismus) /(Kritik) /(Relativierung) /(Wahrheit) /(Pleiadian) /(Mental) /Nonsens /(Idealismus) /(Konter) /(Root of Evil) /(ShadowGov) /(NWO) /(Genozid) /(Ökozid) /(CrimeSyndicate) /(Anti-Illuzionatas) /(Anti-Faschismus) /(Anti-Zionismus) /(Exopolitik)
“Semjase: Our High Council has considered you mature enough for contact with a higher form of spirit which has passed beyond the rebirth and reincarnation cycles.. whoo 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimenson, because of this we have informed the creature of that spiritual dimension and sphere who has started communication with you… thus strife for higher concentration and a Faculty of acceptance to fulfill the task..it will be difficult and time consuming.”
“BackToConstitution: because from where shall I take all this time to dedicate myself to still more such kind of things. I do also have to care for the livelihood of my family, how shall I do this then you would think that the lady could create a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables that he could sell to get money they have devices that can heal a rib doesn’t she have a device that can turn energy into a bushel of apples so he can sell them… do they understand the concept of money?..I don´t understand these Pleiadians…I won’t be able to survive that long how else shall I live and still be able to take care of my family his wife is
going to leave him.. everything is consuming too much time, the contacts with you then the contact reports which you later transmit
to me again and the tasks and demands which I perform for you and now still the writing of the messages.. I live here on the material earth and not simply some place in heaven, you evidently imagine it all too easy in respect to our life which depends
on financial means still, it seems to me if you cross the galaxy in order to undertake an endeavor that it should be
carefully planned…”
“and there are other things coming together creating each month new problems, these are running costs for the house
telephone, electricity, insurance etc..Semjase says I hadn’t considered all this. I hadn’t considered all this, because
such problems are some strange to us, you came all the way across the galaxy to help us get through this problem and you
forgot that we are a money society? Then she says under these conditions it is better if we defer at least some things
for a while and continue them in later years so that is the end apparently Meyer says that is well and
fine Sanyasi but you are not considering that I grow older and will not live eternally as a miserable little earth
human the discussion then turned to the possibility of the Pleiadians bringing Meyer crystals to sell to raise money..”
Published on Jun 5, 2012
If you think that aliens are infallible, you’re wrong! They make mistakes, just as we do. They are ignorant, just as we are. They are sometimes wrong and they quarrel also, as evidenced by this segment of Chapter 4. The Pleiadians travel all the way across the galaxy to help us and they forget that we are a money planet and that Billy has to support his family. Whatever you thought about aliens before today, forget it all. This chapter will set you straight and these aliens are very much like us, because we have a common ancestor. All humans got their start in the Lyra star system, so if any have two eyes a mouth and two ears, they’re from Lyra and were likely chased out of there in a war. Now, there are millions of ships, traveling around the universe, settling planets and building new ships, as needed. The bring their technology with them and they advance, while out in space. When they leave settlers behind, the settlers can go either way. Advance or revert back to the wild. Don’t ever assume anything about aliens, because there are plenty around to give you the truth about them, if you are open to receive. In spite of all the photos, some think that these events didn’t happen. Don’t believe these naysayers. They operate with no data. They will not look, objectively at the facts and the concrete evidence. I will not mislead you. If I think it’s bunk, I’ll say it. I do not let the secret government do my thinking for me. I have the faculties to do it all, myself. “

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