Realities of Targeting…

Great Summary and Informations for TIs….Really substantial and motivating. She covers most possibilities…

Published on Jul 8, 2016

Description: Sharing an excerpt from my Conversation and Support Call. Hopefully this will help someone.

Update: 8.5.2017:
“Day Dreamer3 weeks ago (edited):
Well, some advices I can use and will, but some cannot as they killing me with pain or sleep deprivation or V2K when I
try to do something they do not want me to do. And if I proceed they take revenge (“punishment”) on someone from my social circle, and always make it clearly visible to me. I´m under some very very restricted protocol.. targeted heavily. They want my mind and/or me for practice.. They want me completely isolated and worked on that through whole my life. Anyhow, they helped me to find out who I really am! – Video is great and I´m going to use it in my compilation of tactics against them! :)
Sherice Higgs7 months ago: This video really helps. Thank you so much & God bless!
GodIsOurProtector7 months ago: Thank you very much for your comment, I´m glad it helped!God Bless and Stay Strong!
LadyT1 year ago: You are a blessing thank you so much!

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