Stewart Swerdlow – CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell


“The wormholes and the vortexes and there is a difference. People misuses the terms. There is a difference between a wormhole and a vortex, a wormhole is a shortcut between point a and b in the same physical environmental space. A vortex is a shortcut between point a and b between 2 different dimensions or parallel universes. … There is a vortex between our sun and the earth… so that technically if you aim a spaceship at a certain point in space towards the Sun and you enter into this magnetic field vortex you will go into another time space and that is how many vehicles travel here from great distances science will tell you now that it’s impossible for alien beings from other universes or galaxies or even other solar systems to come here because of the vast distances, but that’s because they don’t know about the technology or at least they don’t want you to know better technology I’m going to tell you a secret we learned from Montauk Project: every point in time and space has a unique frequency or set of coordinates its unique in all of existence, if you take an object or person place or thing and you vibrate it to a specific frequency of where you want to go and it matches there will be instantaneous connection, no time passes because no two points can have the same frequency and if you match a frequency instantly it goes to that point that is how time travel is created and how vast distances between galaxies is traversed in a matter of seconds.
.. NASA was created as a cover for the real space projects that were being used by United States and Soviet Union. ..behind the scenes the United States and the Soviet Union had a joint space project where they actually used alien technology to go to the moon and to the planet Mars and to this day there are joint american russian bases on the moon and on mars and I will also tell you and some of you noticed already
the moon is an artificial object it is not naturally it was driven into space here eons ago by the Draco Reptilians to colonize the earth and I will tell you that the technology that you see with the space projects, lunar landings, mars landings all of these is for show, the actual technology is 100s if not 1000s years ahead of what is shown to the public and I will also tell you that the Germans in World War Two had extensive help and technology given to them by beings from the star system of Aldebaran and the Aldebaran beings claimed that they were responsible after the destruction of Atlantis to genetically create what became known as the Teutonic races and even the Scandinavian races and give them the information to become very technological. The Germans documented this and if any of you can read German I do recommend a book called “Flugscheiben über dem Schwabenland” which is about the German interaction with this group and how they helped them to create Vril-Kraft and to actually establish a base on the Dark Side of the Moon which is still there and I will also tell you that there is a 4th Reich and it’s interesting to me that recently on CNN I was watching the news and they
called Isis the 4th Reich, now obviously this is kind of ridiculous because the Reich refers to the Teutonic race and Isis is far from that and by the way I’m sure all of you realize by now that Isis is an intelligence operation in order to create a new crusades to establish a new world religion and on and on, but the germans the 4th Reich, the real 4th Reich are located on this planet in Antarctica, in the base in the Schwabenland which is in the Queen Maud area of Antarctica and you can look that up on a map, they are in league, this 4th Reich is in league with the beings in the Kuiper Belt, the objective from my perspective of this collective in the Kuiper belt is to remove the Illuminati and the reason they want to remove the Illuminati is not because of love, light and peace and to help mankind and I’m going to try to explain to you, I know some of you may not want to listen or believe, but there are no alien races here that are trying to help you, each of them has an agenda, the benevolent racess don’t interfere they simply observe and see what happens.
We have approximately over 100 billion stars in this galaxy and there are approximately over 100 billion galaxies in the universe…
Time is backed by infinite universes both physical and nonphysical and you can imagine that we are not alone and they can travel the way described earlier but the government has classified aliens into four basic categories. Insectoid is one of them, the Grey Aliens are another second, Humanoid is the third and Reptoid is the fourth, now there are others, yes, but these four categories are the ones, that are generally accepted by most world governments, as what is interacting with the world, but something to know about: In the Kuiper belt there is also a hierarchy of control and the advance force in the Kuiper belt is insectoid, because these have hive mind and these do create action under jurisdiction of the mind control which is normal to them and they’re also very aggressive, so that they are..the best type of alien being to use as an invasion force.
The Mantids, this has become a rather popular group in the last couple of years, however these beings claimed to be from alternate version of earth. They claim the earth is their planet, well, so many of the other civilizations, but the ones you see here depicted, this one here with the robe, these are hybrids, these are genetic blend between the Mantid Race and Humanoid Race to create more humanistic looking creature, whereas the ones I described in my Blueblood Book book and my Montauk Alien Connection Book look more like what you see here at the bottom right of the screen, they’re very insectoid, they are at least 2 meters high, most of them are either green or white colored and they emit a very high sounding chirping noise, which can become quite irritating very much like my ex-wife. I told you about my humor, yet, hopefully she’ll never see the video. There are other types of beings and the Kuiper Belt many have reported lioness good beings, very many kinds of different animalistic type of beings.
The real invasion will remove the political system of this planet.
the Kuiper belt will remove Illuminati, if they don’t leave before hand but that is just another control system, maybe a little more benevolent, but the perspective that I see and what I have been told is that since the 4th Reich is in league with the beings in the Kuiper belt, they will give the earth to them through the 4th Reich as a control system so that’s something also to be aware.
I will tell you, you may have read this in my work: 1938 to 1944 the Germans built the paradise for the Führer in Antarctica and there are many tunnel systems that go from South Africa and South America and lead-into Antarctica, to what they call Base211 or New Berlin and just was at last week they discovered in the jungles of South America Nazi bases.
When I was in Antarctica a few years ago, I visited several military bases and there was a plaque on the British Base that said: Built to monitor the Enemy and so I asked who is the enemy? …
These are just different type of humanoid type and when I say humanoid that means they look kind of human but maybe not exactly. Now I will tell you that there are Alien Beings on this planet that look just like you, you could be sitting next to one and you don’t know there are from here, that’s how close they are and again I’m not gonna mention my ex-wife, but I had some intuition about that and they have an Agenda as well.
Apparently there is a network of over 17,000 worlds that extends from this galaxy into the Andromeda galaxy and was claimed to be controlled by non- physical beings from alternate reality and that this planet Earth fell into their territory which is why they felt they had every right to do whatever they do here here and also according to them human beings are an artificial race which is considered to be dangerous and volatile and Explosives there are beings who wish to annihilate human beings, because we are dangerous, we are considered the ISIS of galaxies, you know, must be eliminated and so
this is something to consider when you think of who is here and who is coming here. In 1997 no let me backtrack 1979 the US Air force issued a booklet to their special forces naming and showing images of seventy 70 different alien species, that were visiting the earth, alle considered to be hostile and to fire upon sight. In 1997 that number was raised to 117 but even so that’s a minute compared to the number of the possible beings out ther,e there are also amphibious aliens, there are many unknown species of aliens. ..
All Terrorists are created by the Government. .. I have many extensive contacts with physicists and such people they said there’s no such thing, you cannot put nuclear material weapon in a suitcase like this, it’s not possible, so this is just another scare tactic to make you appease to certain rules and regulations.
CERN – Large Hadron collider it is not for the purpose of discovering the so-called god particle but rather it is to create a collapse of alternate
universes into this one where the Illuminati have already gained control, so they are tapping in through those vortexes that I mentioned to you earlier
by knowing the frequencies of those alternate realities and merging them into this one. Now here’s the good news, good news is, that those beings in the
Kuiper belt are sabotaging this and that is why this has shut down more times than it started up, every time they started up there’s a problem, it’s
sabotage because the beings don’t want them to do this. So many of you many of my clients have reported to me dreams where they see themselves in
another reality or different life that is nothing like the one they have now where they see images of possible events that are going on and this is the
result of the residue of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, by the way did you know that the Vatican has a Office in CERN, yes and underneath CERN you can
see here the the range of the collider and there are tunnels, I knew a nurse who works at CERN, near Geneva and she told me that there are two tunnels
deep underneath that no one is allowed to go in, but she knows and has been told they go all the way to France into Italy under the lake and no one
knows what’s under there, but occasionally she look at a patient who has come from one of the tunnels with injuries that she has never seen before in her life and when she asked what happened to them they refused to tell her, so there’s something going on deep underneath CERN which may be is bringing in Beings from alternate realities that maybe not so nice. Now besides the Vatican having an office at CERN, they also have an observatory in Arizona called lucifer you know this yes, yes, why would the Vatican have an observatory called lucifer, very interesting, yes, but I explained to you. I also
in my many travels in the connections met a woman who worked for the Pope in the Vatican, this was Ratzinger and she said he was a very evil, very mean and very nasty and that she was told that Catholicism is for the public, that they themselves in the Vatican do not believe this, that history of the Christ figure was very different than to what they have told you and that they have removed many passages from the Old and New Testament, in order to cover up the truth and of course 8that’s again a whole nother lecture but will result in in the formation of new world religion which will include ritual and sacrifice and abuse as being common. You may not now that in 2010 New Years Eve BBC4 had a show at midnight of a Catholic Chinese person eating the dead baby in the name of Christ and this was on television, this is the type of ritual, that will become commonplace in the new world religion and…look what´s in front of CERN the God, the Deity of Shiva, the Destroyer, what are they going to destroy, they are going to destroy your civilization, which may not be such a bad thing, but it has to be done in the right way.
..all of these people that you see here: Snowden, Assange and Manning..was no longer a man, now he’s womaning, these are saboteurs of the Illuminati, my opinion is that these people have Kuiper Beld programming, yes, Kuiper Belt has programmed people on this Planet to sabotage the Illuminati and the ones you see here are the ones who are responsible for this.
(Stewart Swerdlow – CERN, Blue Beam and the Portal to Hell)
“Dave Wolsty vor 2 Monaten
He just walks into Antarctica and knocks on the door of these bases lol”
“makeit happen vor 2 Monaten
These ALIENS must be DEMONS – because they are ONLY assisting the EVIL empires of the world”
“Hozi vor 2 Monaten: Whether he’s sincere and means well…I have yet to find out…but I wouldn’t be putting too much belief in this man’s theory for 3 reasons.
1. He claims all of these Aliens are real….yet he thinks there will be a fake Alien Invasion.
2. He does not have any proof whatsoever other than his word of Mouth for people living on Mars… (Unless I didn’t see his evidence)
3. The Moon was Created by God according to the Bible. He says it was put there by Aliens.”
“craig nimmo vor 2 Monaten Holy shit I hope I don’t bump into an insectoid”
“BOBBY CHARLSTON vor 2 Monaten:
I could tell from beginning its bull.. Its quite entertaining to pretend about this star wars like stuff. Some stuff true but he doesn’t really know anything he’s trying to show answers were there are none”
“Taint Man vor 2 Monaten:
Almost all of his specific predictions are bunk. I’m familiar with a decent amount of his historical and archaeological references and the evidence for a new ice age or mini ice age.. An interesting speech but I’d caution against anyone taking these predictions seriously.”

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