Black Goo TToo

“Synthetic programmable Life and nanoparticles, the Black Goo is actually billions of nanoparticles that can run in artificial intelligence program, there are highly advanced nanotechnologies. Now something that you need to understand is that in some cases this black goo has been used to replace the ink that is used to ceate tattoos, so in some cases individuals who even just have a single tattoo on their body, have now got these nanoparticles underneath their skin as a tattoo, so the black goo is in their skin. This black goo can initiate and stimulate the growth of nerve endings which allow it to bond to the nerve ending and then have a direct connection to your brain via your nervous system so it’s important that you understand how advanced technology is, that it can actually create a situation to where it can send messages directly to your brain and in most cases, in every case that I’ve found this black goo pushes people towards negative thinking, negative mindset, towards being hurtful, aggressive violent or just seeing any kind of negative attitude, this black goo is programmed to create a negative attitude in individuals and it’s not necessary to be in a tattoo, it can actually be ingested as some form of Medicine, there’s many ways this programmable nanotechnology or nanoparticles can get into your body but it’s important that people understand that it is being used in the form of tattoos and it actually helps to generate the idea of the thought that you’re different special or better than other people because you have been marked now with this tattoo which is literally a marking to initiate your enslavement, to show that you are truly a slave to the to the nanotechnology and the individuals that are using it to control people, so I understand
that and I’d like to add that the nanoparticles can be used against families can be used to one person and into not wanting to have sexual relations with their partner and actually stimulate them to have low or zero sexual interest in their partner and then push the other person into ..acts of..sleeping with other individuals to you know cheat on them or have sex with somebody outside of the relationship, so this is important that people
understand just what this technology can be used for and how slowly but surely you can generate these situations through nightly dream programming it doesn’t just have to be in your brain by ingesting food or water, it can literally come into your body in anyway and it can actually brow its way in your bloodline and getting into your blood and getting into your brain that way, so it can have direct access to your brain if it turns out that you are a strong-willed individual and that it’s not so easy to push you towards euphoria, depression, anger or lost, so those are the four main emotions that the technology uses to encourage people towards these criminal activities, thank you for watching.”

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