Smart Meters Targeted Individuals the NEO Cortex Reptile Brain

“They are picking on people that think with the Neo Cortex, this is the higher brain and no question in my mind that my daughter that passed away, she was a genius, I call her an indigo child, that´s how the government call them. …
and you’ll see that people who live in hate and fear and revenge and guilt and shame, they vibrate a different frequency and these people are not being affected as much by the smart meters, so this is a deliberate attack, I assure you, on people who think with the Neo brain and that’s where they got the name Neo in the movie the matrix, the neocortex, I assure you, so these are people who think with the neocortex, they vibrate these frequencies of green ..light baby blue, like the sky, dark blue and purple and of course pure white light. …So God is 7. They always try to confuse you on what 7 really means…Why are there are 5 extra days and when you read the Mayans the 5 extra days where considered bad luck, evil.. so it doesn’t make the extra 5 days, somebody is lying to us about our days and that’s why you have to adjust your clocks and of course when you adjust your clocks remember Kronos, Saturn EL in the word Isis Ra in EL Satan was called Kronos, he messed with time.., but what is time? Time is Radiation, I mean it´s radio waves… Star Trek, what are they doing with radio or radio frequencies.. they are warping..warp they are cutting through time, which is cutting through frequencies, everything is a frequency, even Time…so this is warp speed and this is how you get to faster than the speed of light, if
you cut through the light… Everything is a frequency..even your dna.. When you look at the medical industry you will see the two serpents they will be facing each other..That in the ancients was called Helios, this is where they get the Helix…so what they are doing..with this radiation they can literally manipulate or corrupt your DNA of people that think with the Neo Cortex… they’re picking on smart people…when when Hitler killed the jews, jews in the ancient language meant wiseman and then profit.
It wasn´t a race and it wasn’t a religion. .. Intelligence.. the governing of the mental, the
government…New Testament, test a mental, well, God is testing your mental also, but what happens with the neocortex is you have risen to higher God so guys they’re attacking God. .. Here’s the ones who could see here’s the ones that are free from the matrix and they are picking on the people with the neocortex…  now what these people that think with the reptilian brain and by the way when you look at the brain you do have a reptilian brain it looks like the tree of life actually… You are now Neo and what is that Mister Smith you know…men in black…and this is why they’re doing chemtrails because they’re turning your Sky from a baby blue to a dark blue and soon its gonna be gray and soon its gonna be black…I believe that chemtrails is not new technology, it´s old and this is why I showed that picture where Jesus Christ being crucified and they were Chemtrails in the photo…
What is old is new, listen, our ancestors were smarter than us.. Remember God is the Alpha and the Omega. Alpha is the Alphabet, so it´s sound, it´s frequency, it sounds the same…the corporate world profits from the reptile brain….Remember a phone is a cell and that´s a prison for the mind..because they want you in a prison..The religions, the hospitals, the corporations, the government, govern the mental prison, the vatican, vat is a tax collecting can. This is mental prison warfare…Chemtrails and radiation weapons is spiritual warfare, people who reach the higher cognitive.
Like melatonin levels are just so low… I know that I am that my brain and I’m not bragging I’m not in the ego …you now I’m telling you
that I have I think with the higher cortex there’s no question my mind because I know that smart meters I am super sensitive, … Rh negative..because I am a Rh negative. …
.There is something about the first born, they want to kill the first born. This is where Neo got his name and this is the message the Illuminati where trying to send to you. Neo has always to fight the Man in Black and the Men in Black are your Rabbies, that´s your Religion, that´s your Colleges, they wear black robes with the cube of Saturn, this is the man who worship the church of Saturn. EL, in the word Israel, El, that´s who you are battling, you’re battling Satan, Lucifer, El. This is a war of the fallen ones using radiation x-ray gamma-ray radiation weapons to kill Neo, the neocortex, and this is why I´m trying to tell you the Christian means Christ in. If Jesus were to come down today in the flesh like all these people believe I don’t personally believe it I think he comes to our minds and I think that’s where Neo come from. Neo is the Jesus Christ in my personal opinion, he is the one with the cognitive brain function that always knew that the world that he lived in just like I did was just there was something wrong. I’m trying to solve the problem of the people who vibrate at the higher frequencies which means they have the higher brain function versus the people who vibrate the lower frequencies that live their lives just like sheep an they are slaves and how do we break these people how do we get these
people hear us, when they’re killing us with the radiation, every sense the cell phone came out I noticed people’s minds were in a prison I’ve noticed that immediately and this is goes back to when I was in my eye 20s… and its spiritual warfare .. it’s like a synchronicity…it synchronizes the reason why the government’s doing what they’re doing why the religions are putting us in a ward, why the Vatican is throwing us in a can, why…all the
religions are literally United. I mean it tells you why in college they do nothing but left brain….that good will be evil, evil will be good so the United States is here to divide and conquer. United Nations is here to divide and conquer they’re doing the opposite up what their name its…and it’s so easy to see that look at doctor, doctor spelled backwards is rot code doctor the DNA code that’s there there what is the DNA well that’s the Helios
that’s the thing that gets the energy from the Sun and from the stars.
I’m telling you neo was about saving Mother Earth and humanity, the neocortex this is Jesus Christ, this the same story they just changed it and associated with computers and robots because the people that are reptilian are like robots they’re wondering generalities. You can show them something: “look at those chemtrails” and that they still can’t see it. Remember Jesus was the opening the eyes of the people, they don’t want the
neocortex people to open the eyes of the sheeple and they’re trying to stop you with radiation weapons. No wonder the whales beach themselves… when the Navy ships were doing sonar or radiation training exercises, now because how do sharks and whales hunt by sonar radar radiation, they are able to shoot out frequencies, just like a dog, a dog does the same thing. I mean I’m noticing a change in my dogs and the dogs are very sensitive to
radiation, just like we are it’s almost like the dogs have higher cognitive function than humans because they think most of their brain is controlled by the vibrational frequencies. Now the scientists say smell bullshit it’s not smell they’re lying to you, their sensing frequencies people vibrations and their very very good at it. The dog is picking up vibrations, frequencies, everything in this world is a frequency….”

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