Fukushima’s “Dust of Death” is blanketing the world – Particles found in European countries

“Fukushima’s “Dust of Death” is blanketing the world – Particles found in European countries
In Hawaii, emergency landings of some sort seem to be happening almost every day at local airports and major terminals. Landing gear problems, cracked windshields, defective batteries, electrical problems, the loss of power, and even pilots passing out. Following is a quote from a passenger on Hawaiian Airlines who was expressing her fear about getting on another plane with all of the problems the planes have been having (May 2014).
“Now we’re like, we want to get away from the crew. Away from the pilot. Away from all of the people on this plane. We want it to be completely different. (laughs). It’s just too scary. It’s crazy,” said Mary Chambrella of Ewa Beach.
The increase of commercial as well as small aircraft mishaps in the continental United States (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico excluded) has also increased. It is no coincidence that the number of these aircraft problems started to exponentially increase after March 11, 2011, the date that Fukushima blew and started to emit radioactive particles into the airstream and ocean currents surrounding Japan. We have all read the warnings and seen the pictures, but do you really know the extent of the damage and deadly radiation that was released and continues to be emitted to this day?
Nearly three years after the destruction of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, at least 70 U.S. Navy sailors who participated in relief efforts after the accident have been suffering from radiation sickness and even cancer as the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan was exposed to fallout.
Three years after Fukushima Daiichi, at least 70 U.S. Navy sailors who participated in relief efforts have been suffering from radiation sickness and even cancer as the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier, was exposed to fallout.
Even experts in radiation, nuclear plant safety and the atmospheric and oceanic sciences are not fully aware of the potential for planetary disaster that has already begun. Why is that?
It is being stifled and hidden from public view for good reason. Fukushima was a man-made disaster with specific objectives in mind. The evidence is there and waiting to be discovered, distributed and digested and we’ll get to that later.
Lithuania in northern Europe
Those that do know and are trying to educate the public are a very small group of courageous and expert scientists and some advocates for transparency and truth who are trying to get the word out. That knowledge is the very real possibility that mass exterminations are facing the world’s populations no matter the place or distance from Fukushima’s ongoing fountain of death. The latest reports of the deadly plutonium nanoparticles or “Dust of Death,” include Lithuania bordered by Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic Sea.
What I am about to share with you is eerily possible yet too horrific to contemplate. We have read that the Japanese authorities, the government and the managers of the Fukushima plant (Tepco), have not been forthcoming with regard to the severity and extent of the damage. After all who wants to admit to have started the world’s largest fire?
Eugene Paul “E. P.” Wigner (Hungarian: Wigner Jenő Pál; November 17, 1902 – January 1, 1995), was a Hungarian American theoretical physicist and mathematician
There are two scientific and very real theories that describe what is currently happening. The first is Wigner’s Effect (named for its discoverer, E. P. Wigner), which describes the process of creating uranium and plutonium nanoparticles which interact with metals, glass, water and practically every other substance known to man to include the human body itself; and the second, is an atmospheric dynamic which allows certain technologies, specifically, the control of weather patterns (HAARP) through seeding and the creation of artificial high and low pressure systems to redistribute air and water currents and even to cause earthquakes.
Fukushima tsunami
O.K., let’s take on the Wigner Effect first. Radiation of the type and quality produced by Fukushima (many don’t know the type of nuclear fuel used in that plant was the most dangerous and “hottest” in existence – known as MOX plutonium fuel, two million times more deadly than enriched uranium) is so deadly and long lasting that it was banned and was illegal at the time of the Fukushima disaster. However, it was not Japan’s doing, but rather the plant’s contracted security, an Israeli company by the name of Magna BSP. They used Stuxnet, an Israeli developed software to control the meltdown. In actually the “earthquakes” were nukes planted off shore that also created the tsunami that killed 18,000 people. Mini-nukes were planted in the reactors by Mossad agents and, in fact, they were at the plant the morning before the disaster occurred. Double jeopardy!
Conjoined whales found off the coast of Baja California
Conjoined whales found off the coast of Baja California
These nanoparticles have the capability of decomposing the molecules of hard metals like stainless steel and iron and it certainly has the capability of eroding glass, crystals and practically the whole range of manufactured materials.
Celebrities are in a high risk group not only because of where they live (L.A. and Hollywood are within the plume’s path) but also because they fly frequently. While direct links between celebrities and the Fukushima meltdown can only be determined on a case by case basis, the incidence of miscarriages, premature babies, skin cancers, thyroid problems, hair loss and bald spots among celebrities seem to be on the rise as noticed by those that frequent Facebook and other social networks. (Summary of comments by Christina Consolo who has compiled a rather extensive list of potentially affected celebrities. See first video for the names on this list)
It can obviously kill people who are not protected, but here’s the kicker, it can rearrange your DNA and cause mutations if you are exposed. You have all probably heard about the frogs and fish in the Pacific Ocean that have shown mutations, but are unaware of its extent (here again is a media blackout). Do not, I repeat, do not eat fish, especially fish from the Pacific Ocean. Eating fish from rivers and lakes is a no-no. Although there are no scientific studies on human mutations since Fukushima (it would be interesting), there are indicators that conjoined twins are increasing. You may have seen on the Internet pictures of conjoined whales and large fish, a new phenomena, directly attributable to Fukushima.
Plume of death
To add fuel to the fire, we are finding young people dying from old people’s diseases, i.e., heart attacks, strokes, cancer and the list goes on and on. Our internal organs are beginning to deteriorate at an alarming rate, much more rapidly than normal. An argument can be made that since the advent of nuclear testing underground and in the ocean and atmosphere after World War II, we have seen the growth of diseases and cancers to the point that every family now has at least one member who suffers from cancerous growths or autistic children. And yet our leaders and politicians insist that nuclear energy is needed and safe (said the wolf to the sheeple).
It has been alluded by many that the global elite want to reduce the world’s population as a means of better controlling the people in a new world order. They call us the “Useless Eaters.” The estimates are that these fanatics see a world population reduction of 90%, leaving just enough to work in service industries, mostly in service to them. It is my opinion, no, my fervent belief that Obama is an agent for this new world order. Some may call him the Anti-Christ, but I call him a severely disturbed psychopath who was recruited even as a young boy to implement the Globalist’s plan for world domination. The rising sun (used by the Japanese during WWII) on Obama’s campaign logo is an occult symbol of great significance just as the swastika was to the German Nazis. Hitler had a fascination with the occult and ancient technologies and, similarly, Obama’s family history is riddled with liaisons to an Indonesian secret society (SUBUD), the Communist Socialist Party and a fascination with exotic weapons of mass destruction.
The targeting of specific populations in countries that are not on the Globalist’s favored list is being accomplished by the HAARP program which drops barium and aluminum, among other toxic metals in heavily populated areas. If you live near a large city you may have seen their jets streaming lines of chemicals that crisscross the skies. These do not dissipate, instead they dissolve slowly forming clouds that cover the area. I could show you videos of people who have barium congestion, but there is not enough room.
One last statement, then I follow with some videos that go into greater detail. There is one note of hope, however. It is possible to neutralize the effects of these nanoparticles through proper water filtration (reverse osmosis), proper foods and tips that minimize your exposure, simple things like not being outside when the winds are blowing, wearing hats, and avoiding burning wood which may have been compromised. A Geiger counter can tell you not only the amount of radiation in your community but the level of radiation in foods you find in your local grocery store.
Good luck, friend. Share this with others.”
Source: Fukushima’s “Dust of Death” is blanketing the world

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