Von Dämonen gequält | Horror nach Reiki-Sitzung | Mensch, Gott!

“Tormented by demons | Horror after Reiki session | man, God!”
Todays Mainstream Reiki is a capitalistic profit business and has nothing to do with Gods primordial light. /
Das heutige Mainstream Reiki ist ein kapitalistisches Profit-Geschäft und hat nichts mit dem Urlicht Gottes zu tun.
Von Dämonen gequält | Horror nach Reiki-Sitzung | Mensch, Gott!

“There are, of course, entirely black forms of magic. There are even more debased and evil forms, things in themselves black. Such is the use of spiritual force to material ends. Christian Scientists, Mental Healers, Professional Diviners,
Psychics and the like, are all ipso facto Black Magicians. They exchange gold for dross. They sell their higher powers for gross and temporary benefit. (Aleister Crowley)”
“Today they call them Angels and Demons, Tomorrow they will call them something else. (Aleister Crowley)”
Update: 7.5.2015 Video-Add.

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