2014 ET-Cabal special news and Alien Agenda 2029 NWO

2014 ET-Cabal special news and Alien Agenda 2029 NWO :
It´s mostly an artificial intelligence that is attacking us and it´s cruel, it´s vicious and it has no empathy whatsoever, so we need to be strong as possible, try to create space of love, stay strong.
Even the so-called benevolent ETs, as I said, they see us as extremely primitive, extremely inferior, but this something that you are not being told. Focus on the removal of all of these beings.
This a total assault on huge portions of population. These beings are extremely evil and they are extremely negative. None of them should even be here. I hope you take it to heart and I hope you believe what I am saying because it is absolutely the truth. The whole planet is currently unter attack.
Alien Agenda2029 / Reptilian / Grey Energy Parasites:
“I don´t think many people are aware of what´s happening right now and how sadistic and dangerous it is. This is the truth, whether you choose to believe it or not, it is the truth.
What´s happening right now is a coordinated and sophisticated attack on huge portions of the population using advanced microwave technology. Primarily the greys and the reptilians are driving masses of people to suicide, murder and in some cases insanity.
They are trying to delay the process by which humanity reaches a certain level of technological advancement, because at some point humans will start detecting what they are doing to us and they will no longer able to continue the process of that point in secrecy and as you can imagine secrecy a huge part of their agenda… What they do to people with these technologies they can download the totality of what makes up a person. So they can download your memories, they can download your personality type, they can download even aspects of your soul essence, your spirit essence, if you believe in that, so they can download all of this and they jumble it into a complex computer program, which they use to attack you with. …They want to colonize earth with hybrids…
The benevolent ET movement is a lie, because the same ETs that are attacking people with this microwave attack are also spreading the love and light message with an optimistic future, these are the same ETs doing this. They want to create confusion and they want to create inner debate among the masses. They attempting to create misdirection.. the channelers are being attacked by the same type of technologies..
If they were benevolent ETs, they would be warning contactees down here,  that ETs would doings this. Because if they were to warn the public the public might have some protective strategies, some coping strategies to deal with this and also the people would know that the ETs themselves are not allowed to kill them. ETs are bound by a code, they are not allowed to kill people by themselves.  So the ETs aren´t even telling the people that, because it´s not in their Agenda to do so, because if people were to know that they´re not going to be outright killed by these, then the ETs wouldn´t be able to drive them to suicide. The same people who are attacking people and torturing them with these technologies are the same ETs who are spreading the positive messages, okay. So, this is common sense, this is not rocket science. This is why there are no benevolent ETs, because if they were they would be warning people… Please think about what I said here carefully and research it yourself. The hybrid program is in full works and run in a negative timeline. People are very strong and wake up, that´s what´s going to happen, maybe in a decade or 15 years, that´s a possibility.”
“Most do not know it is alien in origin, and may never know.
Humanity is currently under attack by the most sadistic and sophisticated organized assault you could possibly imagine.”

Veröffentlicht am 06.10.2013
This is the TRUTH. Google or youtube search “Electromagnetic Harassment”, “Targeted Individuals”, or “Microwave Torture”. Almost ALL of these microwave attacks are being conducted by what are referred to as grey and reptilian and grey/human hybrids. They are torturing children. Please listen to my ENTIRE testimony and research it yourself. It holds up. People who spread “space brothers” messages are being used as vectors for misdirection and duplicity tactics. People who are used to spread these positive messages, are not typically tortured. if they are tortured, it is removed from their conscious memory. ETs are using the SAME technology on them.
Humanity is currently under attack by the most sadistic and sophisticated organized assault you could possibly imagine. In addition to the more overt physical abductions intended to cause terror in the victim, they are using remote Microwave/electromagnetic attacks to drive people to murder,insanity, or suicide. Most victims do not know it is alien
in origin, and may never know. The similarities between Targeted individuals/microwave
torture victims and aliens abduction victims should be very obvious. The majority of ETs are of an extremely sadistic orientation and are extremely dangerous, manipulative, and evil. Most people who are “channeling” or spreading “space brothers” messages are under some form of mind control and are used as vector to spread lies and alien
propaganda. These people are not typically tortured as they are used by aliens to further their agenda.
_ if you want to, can you please focus on telling these negative ETs to stop their assault
– if you want to, can you please pray for everyone who is being tortured by these assaults
-if you want to, please post your own youtube videos if you are being tortured with microwaves and you believe or know it is ETs who are doing it
– if you want to post a youtube video in support of me and others, please consider titling
it “End the Darkness” so we a title a name people can reference when searching for
Thank you.

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